LaCrosse Men’s 18” Grange Hunting Boot-Review (2019)

Boots are the key to every hunting experience; they can destroy or make it fun. With wet, cold and sore feet, a good hunter is bound to let go and call it quits even if they have not been any successful.

Important Features To Consider When Buying Boots


  • Ensure they are waterproof and do not leak anywhere
  • Ensure they are lightweight and can walk for long distance
  • Ensure they are well insulated to provide comfort for your feet
  • Ensure they have ankle support

With the online market now readily open all the time, we can still shop right by making sure we learn about the boots in the market, well enough to make the right choice.

We should ask appropriate questions and ensure we buy the right size to allow us wear them comfortably.

Check for return policy before you shop to ensure you can change your boots if they don’t fit perfectly.

A very friendly comfortable boot in stock today is the Lacrosse Men’s 18” Grange Hunting Boot .

It has friendly features that make your feet smile all through your hiking or hunting sprees.

Special Features

  • Have Chevron-cleated outsole
  • Are waterproofed with removable EVA foam
  • Come in rubber soles
  • They have a narrow ankle pocket
  • Come in adjustable buckle on shank
  • The outsole does not track dirt or mud
  • They come in OD green color

Benefits Of Using The Lacrosse Men’s 18” Grange Hunting Boot

It is true that quality and comfort ability go hand in hand, do not ever compromise on these two aspects as it will cost you dearly.

  • They have the highest quality that you can find around the market.
  • They are extremely tough and durable
  • They are 100% Ozone-Resistant and contains a scent free rubber
  • Come with EVA removable insole cushion fiberglass shank with great arch support
  • Provide good traction
  • The mud does not stick on them leaving them as clean as possible
  • They can be used for various activities besides hunting including fishing, farming or even camping
  • They have a nice comfortable heel
  • They are nice and high and have the ability to clinch up at the top
  • Though tight around the ankle, they stay put without having mud pull them of your feet

Pros And Cons Of The Lacrosse Men’s 18” Grange Hunting Boot


  • They are not wobbly but very firm
  • They are light weight and can last over 8 hours on your feet without sore or tired feet
  • One can tuck their pants inside these boots without difficulty
  • The rubber is good quality and does not smell
  • They can go into water and not leak


  • They do not come in the ladies sizes
  • They are tight at the ankle and not easily pulled off

These Boots Help You In

The Lacrosse Men’s 18” Grange Hunting Boot are available in various sizes and used for various uses.

Hunting being the key reason why we purchase them, farming, fishing, camping, hiking among many other activities are good to go using these boots.

They help keep your feet warm during extreme winter and cool during hot weather.

Taking Care Of The Lacrosse Men’s 18” Grange Hunting Boots

Boots come with the manufacturer’s instructions on how to take care of them, ensure you follow them to the letter to make sure they are properly taken care of.

Taking good care of your boots ensures durability. Give your boots a test walk to warm up and get your feet comfortable before you embark on a long trail.


1. When you say it’s tight at the calf area, what’s the correct measurement?

Its circumference is about 18”

2. Can women wear these boots, though they are made for men?

Yes, most women have found them to be comfortable and lightweight.

3. Are they tall enough to keep me off water?

Yes, they are long enough to keep your feet away from water but ensure you avoid deep swampy areas


Lacrosse brand has existed for a good amount of time always giving the best outstanding boot in the market.

Though we all are of a different opinion over 80% have agreed that this brand stands out among many others and it is worth the investment.

Do not lag behind trying to look elsewhere, invest in their hunting boots and learn the secret of comfortable boots that feel like sports shoes!

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