How to Bleach a Deer Skull: All Steps You Need To Know

In case you have hunted recently, I am certain you have ever had an encounter with a dear, either through seeing it by far or hunted it.

So, in case you have never thought of something better to do with the skull, he is the idea. You may have thought of taking it as a trophy or as a good gift to someone dear to you.

However, it will not be pleasant to simply remove the meat from the skull, dry it and give it over.

Because of this displeasure, I will present to you the best way to bleach the skull, so as to make it beautiful and attractive for the work.

​Fortunately, the whole process you can do on your own rather than paying someone to do it for you. Simply, all the tools that you would require are just available in your house.

I don’t know what might be stopping you from doing it. After this post, you will whether you can do it alone or still need someone’s help by paying him the dollar.

Just to divert your attention a bit, remember that trophy based on the deer skull has two results: the European mount and the simple skull.

​The European mount now means that the antlers of the skulls are all intact while the latter outcome means that all the antlers are removed.

You will find that many people prefer the European mount because it looks elegant and more magnificent than the simply plain and old skull.

​In this article, I will simply show you how to bleach a deer skull, so as to make it appear as white as you can.

You can be proud of the work previously, which might have been removing the meat and cleaning the skulls which are surely a tedious work.

In case you don’t have an idea on how to clean the skulls, be at peace because I am showing you this technique in a short while.

By the end of the post, you will be able to:

  • Know the materials needing for cleaning and bleaching a deer skull
  • Remove the meat from a deer skull
  • Do what is called Cold maceration
  • Cleaning the skull through cooking it
  • Eventually, bleach the skull

Notice that

Bleaching the skull is the last in the list. I would want to give you a clear outline of the whole process until you reach the exact bleaching process which is simple and direct. Enjoy the post!

1.Collect The Tools For The Start!

First, you will have to provide all the materials that will be required for this process. It will not be a simple task that takes a day, but cleaning the deer skull which is from the range will take months.

But, I assure you that it will be worth it. For the start, the things which you would require include:

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  • Apron and boots – since cleaning the skulls can be dirty and messy, you cannot go with your normal attire.You need proper attire so that remain clean even after removing the attire.The best advice is to put on a plastic apron over the old clothes that you have chosen for the work. The boots will cover the feet from any blood spillage.
  • Latex gloves if possible – I am sure you will not wish to skin the bagged buck with your bare hands. The latex gloves protect your hands from any blood spillage and some of the tissues that might come from the buck itself.
  • Tongs – the tongs must be old, note that. The tongs must also be of different sizes so as to help in removing the tissues and muscles from the skull.
  • Huge container – either a pot or any large container would do it better. So long as the container can hold the skull when submerged in it, it will be fine. The container should be made of metal and this is where you will do maceration and simmering which I will discuss later.
  • Dish wash – dish wash will help in degreasing the skull for good cleaning. So do not ignore it.
  • Bleach – this is a must. The bleach can be hydrogen peroxide because it will not damage the bone structure. So in this post, hydrogen peroxide will do it better for us.

2. Removing The Meat From The Skull

You can choose to do this method by yourself or you can let nature to help you. In case you want to do it by yourself, follow the procedure below:


Get a large knife then start separating the head from the body. Enjoy the meat that will come from it.


Sever the head from the neck carefully with the knife. Cut the nerves, veins, and tissues that connect the head with the main body of the deer. Do not forget the latex gloves in this process!


Once all are removed, you have to deal with a brain, eyeballs, and tongue. The brain might be tiresome, but you can remove through simmering later.

However, the use of nature can help you in removing the meat through decomposition process. I hope you have started to understand why we said the process will take months. Burry the skull and wait for it to decompose off.

3. Cold Maceration Process

This process follows immediately after skinning is done.

  • Soak the bone is the large container brimmed with water. The bacteria in water will gather to eat all the remaining flesh. This is funny.
  • Do the soaking for at least two months
  • Care for the neighbors and the smell while doing this process

4. Cook The Skull

Once the skull is soft from the cold maceration process, now do the simmering process. Simmering the skull will help in removing the remaining flesh and sanitize the skull

  • In the huge container with a controlled heat, heat the water
  • Pour some dish wash liquid then let the skull to boil
  • When bubbles form, minimize the heat
  • Dip the skull, but not the antlers. The antlers’ dark color must be preserved from bleaching of the hot water
  • Once the remaining flesh has been tenderized, you can remove the easily. Wait for the water to cool before the operation.
  • Do the process until you are satisfied

5. Now Bleach The Skull

There are different ways to whiten the skull, but the best chemical to use is hydrogen peroxide, not chlorine. Hydrogen peroxide will help in preserving the texture.

Hydrogen peroxide, for your information, has the whitening and the sanitizing features. Do not use the pure hydrogen peroxide but mix it with water to compose at most 40% of it.


DO NOT WHITEN THE ANTLERS! Antlers should maintain their natural color.

The Whitening Methods To Use Include:

  • Bring the hydrogen peroxide to a good boiling temperature before submerging the skull halfway. With something like a ladle, try splashing the solution severally.
  • Brush the solution of hydrogen peroxide over the skull, in exception of the antlers
  • Soak the skull in something like a plastic container for several hours. Placing a lid on top of the solution container but do not close it fully to allow the bubbles into the solutions and for air pressure purposes.
  • Once the color satisfies you, remove the skull at your own pleasure. You can consider rinsing it well with running water then give it time to dry for at least two to three days before finishing up on it.

6. Finishing Process

This stage is not hectic but simple.

  • Check the skull to ensure that all the small parts like teeth are in place. In case they are not, then put them back with an adhesive material like glue or gum.
  • Thereafter, preserve the skull so that you will spray it with several special coats that you want. In case you want to know some of these coats, I will propose to you the coats of polyurethane or other coats of animal skulls that please you.


All the above steps describe the details on How to bleach a deer skull. You will ever be desiring to display a wonderful trophy of a deer skull when it is well bleached and finished. To fulfill your desire, make an effort to follow the steps.

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