How Much Meat from a Deer? What You Need To Know

You have been contemplating towards hunting a deer, but sometimes you have never known the amount of meat it contains.

A deer can change your diet and even your economic status, more so when you have recognized the meat size that comes from it.

So even if you have involved yourself in deer-hunting, it is high time to ask the question: how much meat from a beer?

I know that a deer varies so substantially in size, but you might be wondering if there is an average range of meat yield for every deer.

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For confirmation, there is an importance of knowing the meat amount that each deer will produce so that even when you hunt, you have a better and anticipated economic dream.

But remember to kill an adult deer because many benefits come along regarding meat quantity.

A Mature Deer

You might reason that deer in the similar age classes will yield the same amount of meat.

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However, you will never be able to compare the meat yielded until you can understand and compare a mature deer with the other so-called ‘meat-pole’ crowd of deer

Hunters can learn more about their deer and the venison the yielded when they can know the mature deer and their exact field-dresses weight.

You might take the weight figures less significant, but this weight, when well used, will help you to understand how to determine the carcass weight.

Which is the deer’s body exclusive of the head. The hide and the innards.

From here, you will get it so easy to calculate how much venison in on the deer’s carcass.

How Much Does A Mature Deer Weight?

In case you have never hunted, you can testify to me, that a mature buck is mature even of meat it contains but be careful because the heaviness might be non-meat areas.

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For instance, a mature white-tailed deer is massive. However, much of their weight is distributed in the non-meat areas.

Therefore, in most of the cases, the hunters will likely see a different in the meat yields among the deer that they shoot.

For instance, if the buck’s realistic meat yield ranges between 58 and 68 pounds, then the difference is only ten pounds.

Which does not seem to be much especially when dealing with a big deer.

  • An adult deer when field dressed, will weigh 165 pounds
  • Its carcass will, therefore,  weigh 124 pounds
  • This adult deer will yield a boneless meat of 83 pounds
  • Hence the net amount of meat that you will get is 58 pounds

It is a fact that a mature deer has a lot of meat. However, sometimes, you might not be realizing this whole venison of meat anytime you debone the deer.

You are not alone among the people recognizing the same problem of how much meat from a deer.

The issue might be that you are not exhausting the whole amount of meat while deboning.

So, you have to learn better steps on removing meat from the deer so that next time the deer yields according to its size and maturity as well.

How To Debone Deer’s Various Parts

Deboning and removing meat from the deer’s parts sometimes becomes tiresome and uninteresting that you can end up losing a lot of meat unknowingly.

Therefore, be cautious on every part so as to make sure that at the end, you understand how much meat from a deer. So, let’s go!


Back straps

How much meat will the back straps give? The back straps of the deer can be ignored at times more when dealing with a deer.

For your information and especially when your business involves deboning and selling deer, these smaller ends can be packaged together and at the end, you have a considerable amount of meat.

So next time you are working on the deer, do not forget to collect the back straps. The back straps usually weigh 130 – 150lbs of meat.



Shoulders, in this case, are the outer leg bone. In this area, surely there is a lot of meat.

After removing the meat, the remaining shoulder blade and the upper arms are not disposed, but they can be deboned through boiling as well.

The shoulders give you 30 – 40& of the live meat, so be careful and get the meat.



In case you have been trimming the neck, it might be the reason as to why you do not get the expected amount of meat from it.

Please grip out all the corners of the neck so that every meat is removed.

For the remaining meat, you can steam the neck so that it becomes easy to remove the meat. 60 – 100lbs of meat will come from the neck.



You can save only one hind quarter of a deer annually for roasting in any celebration.

So consider this the next time you hunt a beer because of the back leg, when without the bone, feeds 30 people or even more.

To debone the hind quarter:

  • Begin by cutting away the lower, thinner muscles from the real rump
  • Go ahead to slide from the ball as you move down to the leg bone. But first, please have the idea when the leg bone is before you begin digging in.
  • Once you are exposed to the whole real bone, cut the meat away from the bone ball and go around the bone as you cut the meat.
  • If not sure where to start with, you can even start with the ball end and move along the bone downwards.

Make sure that as you remove meat from the deer bones using any deboning process, all the meat is removed.

The amount of meat that is expected from the deer should be gotten.


I am certain you have gained much from the post, and you are well to answer question: how much meat from a deer?

How much venison can you realize in your deer hunting?

Even as you integrate the ideas into you hunting so as to increase the amount of meat you will produce, be certain to exhaust it. All the best!

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