5 Of The Best EMS Boots To Buy- Buying Guide’s (2019)

People who are involved in the Emergency Medical Services always prefer to use the best EMS boots to reach the crisis spots on time.

These shoes usually feature superior leather and soles to protect the foot from spiky objects and fluids like chemicals, blood and so on

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Things To Consider While Buying The EMS Boots

You really have to work hard to choose the appropriate EMS boots. For purchasing the ideal product, you need to focus on series of features that are:


As an EMS professional, you must emphasize on buying the appropriate pair of boots that can easily endure the grueling work schedules without showing any sign of wear and tear.

No matter which field of emergency medical services you belong, a pair of durable and stable shoes will always assist in helping the affected people even when the shifts are of longer durations.

Buying a suitable pair of EMS boots will provide you accessibility to any place of accident without any chance of foot injury from the shattered glass, harmful chemical, burning materials, and so on.


You also need to focus on the comfort aspect while buying any EMS Boot of your choice.

As an EMS specialist, you need to keep your foot in good conditions while working at a stretch for long hours.

The easiest way to achieve this goal is to choose the boots that deliver maximum comfort through slipping inside the foot quite easily.

You must avoid from buying boots that do not fit swiftly into the feet because that can ultimately give rise to problems like irritation, pain, and blisters.

It will terribly affect your work performance and obstruct you from serving the accident victims on an emergency basis

Moisture/Waterproof Wicking

Like every EMS staff, you also need to access the suitable shoe pairs to keep the feet dry from sweat and water while working under intense pressure situation to serve the victims.

A water-resistant and sweat proof boot can help you to concentrate on the essential tasks of medication and transportation of the affected people without wasting the valuable time.


You have to ensure that the boots you are selecting must assist in spending less energy while walking or running from one place to another.

This will help you to stay active and energetic even in a long hour of shift duty to serve the patients at once.

Buying a heavy weight boot pair can ultimately develop fatigue inside your body which will deter you from performing the duty sincerely and seriously.


Always spend money on the shoes that can provide you firm gripping and balance on any type of surface.

This will help you to easily perform the essential duties even in the tricky conditions as well to serve the affected people in a best possible way.

It will keep your feet in good conditions while transporting or helping the victims to come out from any wrecked car, building etc.

A proper EMS shoes will also prevent you from the embarrassment of knee ankle break in the middle of the duty and enable you to serve the people with extreme care and attention.

Best EMS Boots Reviews

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

​Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force 8 inch Zipper Tactical Boot

Magnum Men's Response II 8'' Side-Zip Boot,Black,10.5 M
347 Reviews
Magnum Men's Response II 8'' Side-Zip Boot,Black,10.5 M
  • The zipper is curved with a length of fabric behind it called a gusset.The gusset must be pulled up while zipping or it will stop at the halfway point where the zipper curves.
  • Magnum
  • 10.5 D(M) US
  • Black

Last update on 2018-08-20 PST - Details

The boot has been designed keeping into consideration the specific needs of the law enforcement and tactical professionals.

The boots constitute top-notch leather and rubber sole to enhance the performance in different environments.

These shoes also feature a water-resistant and polish-able nylon to keep the feet comfortable and dry for a long period of time.

The moisture wicking and breathable liner prevents bacterial growth and checks the high temperature of the foot during extensive activities.

It also comes with a shock-resistant synthetic substance to increase the speed and flexibility.Although it does not offer a steal or composite toe, the reinforced toe is can offer the desired protection.

The shoe is made with such a construction that it is also capable of clearing a metal detector.

These shoes are also water resistant but customers should ensure that they are not kept in water or worn in water for a considerable period of time.

Puddles would definitely would be an ease to walk, but flooding is strictly a no for these.


  • Built from fine leather and high quality fabric
  • Easy to polish leather having nylon cover
  • Oil resistant finish makes it last longer
  • Removable high quality shock resistant cushion
  • Composite shank offers stability & Support


  • Laces could have been of better quality
  • Long duration wearing might make it uncomfortable

Under Armour Men's Stellar Tactical Boots

Under Armour Men's Stellar Military Tactical Boot, Black (001)/Black, 11
514 Reviews
Under Armour Men's Stellar Military Tactical Boot, Black (001)/Black, 11
  • DWR treated Leather & 900D nylon textile upper
  • Polishable toe
  • Quick-dry minimalist design
  • Anti-odor technology applied to molded Ortholite sockliner to prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes
  • Molded EVA midsole with reinforced TPU shank for protection & support

Last update on 2018-08-20 PST - Details

Under Armour Men’s Steller Tactical Boots are made to look simplistic in design and offer rigid yet comfortable support to the wearer.

The shaft of this boot measures approximately till the ankle-high arch and weighs 16.6 oz. The company backs it with a free returns policy in case the customers are not satisfied with the quality.

Easily suited for mountains and other tough terrains.These shoes can be used for regular and tough terrain walk, but is not suited if you are looking for something that is good as a construction wear.

Additionally, these can be used when you are out in the snow, all thanks to the waterproof construction that comes with extra protection.

The gripping is pretty good and wearing these for long hours could be pretty comfortable. These are slip resistant and can also be a sneak if you wish to play a sport like basketball.

Lastly, the boots are not insulated but well treated with adequate protection offering a water resistant finish.


  • Has a DWR treated leather & 900D nylon textile upper
  • Finished with a publishable toe
  • Features a quick-dry minimalist design
  • Molded eva midsole with TPU Shank for better protection & support
  • Extremely lightweight & durable
  • Offers great ankle support


  • Average material quality used
  • Tiny & Skinny shoe laces

 Bates Men's Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boot

Bates Men's Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side Zip Work Boot,Black,10.5 M US
744 Reviews
Bates Men's Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side Zip Work Boot,Black,10.5 M US
  • Durable, easy to clean leather and nylon upper
  • Breathable lining
  • Cushioned removable insert
  • Durable and slip resistant rubber outsole
  • Lightweight cement construction

Last update on 2018-08-20 PST - Details

Bates Men’s Ultra Lites 8 Inches Tactical boots are made up of high quality leather with Nulon side zippers and a Velcro zipper strap.

The company has been manufacturing this series for over 10 years and comes with a cushioned removable insole.

It features flexible athletic construction that can be great to wear from the streets to the mountains with ease.

Moreover, the ultra-lites have been a preferred choice for uniformed personnel for over a decade now.

The zippers adds to the styling aspect whereby the boots look perfect for even an outing with your friends or family.

Solving the dual purpose for a tough outing as well as for casual ones, these boots come in handy for keeping the moisture away and letting your feet remain dry.

The slide zipper is 8 inches in length and it does come with a safety toe that adds an extra bit of protection.

A perfect option if you are looking to buy something that could last years and remain as good as new when given adequate care.


  • Features a slip resistant sole
  • Replaceable insole with soft cushion
  • Keeps the feet warm and dry
  • Footbed is fitted with absorbing pads non-metallic stealth components oil
  • Offers good support & is comfortable


  • Foam over rubber sole can damage over time
  •  Not Waterproof

DammerMens Striker Uniform

Danner Men's Striker Ii Ems Uniform Boot,Black,11 M US
111 Reviews
Danner Men's Striker Ii Ems Uniform Boot,Black,11 M US
  • Lightweight boot on a performance platform.8" of support and durability
  • Footbed : Fatigue Fighter ; Traction : Oil & Slip Resistant.
  • Non-metallic construction; Body Fluid Borne Pathogen Resistant, EH Certified, Puncture resistant midsole
  • Side zip for easy on/off. Get in and out of your boots faster with this semi-locking side zipper. It locks itself closed when its zipped up, yet easily releases when you pull the zipper down.
  • Non metallic toe.To accommodate more people, we've made this boot in extended sizes. We recommend women select 1.5 to 2 full sizes down for correct fit.

Last update on 2018-08-20 PST - Details

Dammer Men’s Stiker uniform offers a lightweight high traction performance with strong ground control.

There is a non-metallic puncture resistant midsole and the outer covering is waterproof and breathable lining that offers protection from blood borne pathogens.

The boot comes with a 30 day returns policy and is built to offer constant protection if worn for over 10 to 12 hours every day.

Coming to the weight it is only 24 oz and the outer materials make it easy to polish besides a construction that supports enhanced maneuverability.

It does offer great gripping in wet conditions and can make it pretty easy to walk over watery surfaces.

Additionally, the zippers are made of ykk metal which comes with an additional plastic like coating.

This makes the zippers pretty sturdy and last for a considerable period of time. The shoe is ideal choice for people working in the field and need to travel constantly.

The materials and comfort makes them pretty comfortable option to wear.


  • Tough construction for all season wear
  • Non-metallic puncture resistant midsole offers comfort & long term lasting.
  • Comes with a full-grain waterproof leather that is breathable
  • Lightweight and durable traction with arch protection
  •  Includes secure lace-up shaft with padded tongue & collar


  •  Soles might harden in winters
  • Zippers could have been better

Maelstrom Men's Tac Force 8 Inch Zipper Tactical

Maelstrom Men's TAC Force 8 inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper, Black, 10.5 M US
1599 Reviews
Maelstrom Men's TAC Force 8 inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper, Black, 10.5 M US
  • Polish-able leather and nylon upper. Breathable moisture-wicking lining. Slip, oil-resistant rubber outsole
  • Removable high performance shock-absorbent cushion insert for all day comfort. Padded collar and tongue for extra comfort
  • Lightweight, shock-absorbing moulded midsole. Athletic cemented construction with toe stitched
  • YKK heavy duty side zipper with closure for fast on and off. Composite shank for stability and support
  • One year manufacturer warranty. Available in multiple colors

Last update on 2018-08-20 PST - Details

It is a tactical zipper boot that has been designed to be worn during by the tactical and law enforcement professionals.

The shoe is made from components that enhance the performance in different environments that are breathable and are made from the best quality leather.

The construction is such that it offers a cemented construction making the boot lighter and more flexible and offer a swift movement when going for outings in challenging conditions.

These shoes come with a yearlong manufacturer’s warranty.The overall construction is specially designed for the use of tactical and law enforcement professionals.

The components make these highly comfortable while keeping the feet dry in all weather conditions.

There is the breathable moisture wicking liner that prevents bacterial build up and lets your feet remain cool during all sorts of activities.


  • Offers enhanced speed due to lightweight and flexible construction
  • Features shock absorbing synthetic compound for comfortable long hour wearing
  • Re-bouncing and cushioning effect to the feet due to soft sole
  • Made from durable rubber with optimal traction to support slip prevention & better stability
  • Padded collar & tongue offers extra comfort
  •  Publishable, water resistant leather and nylon covering


  • Not good for hiking in snow terrains
  • Average lace quality


So here are the top 5 best ems boots that are ideal for different terrain conditions. The options are endless but the things that make them an ideal shoe are their solid construction.

Picking the best among the above shoes are totally dependent on the purpose and budgets of the customer.

For all those of you who would like to have a premium quality shoe, the best option would be the Danner Men's Striker II EMS Uniform Boot.

However, if you wish to buy a quality boot that is affordable yet covers all the aspects of protective ems boot, the Maelstrom Men's Tac Force 8 Inch Zipper Tactical could well be the option.

The factors as mentioned should be a top priority when considering buying an emergency medical services boots.

In case you have things to share about these boots and what are the things that have to be held important, we would be glad to hear from you.

Moreover, it would be great if you could share the review and help the others who might be looking for such an option.

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