How To Use A Bore Snake: 3 Simple Things Not To Forget

Pistol guns can sometimes be pissing off, especially when they are used and dirty. You might be worried on the best way to clean the gun. Should you patch them or brush them?

Even though all these mediums might prove to be working out, but is expedient to look for something better.

By saying something better, I only mean that you have to find a better way of cleaning your pistol gun.

After the range activities and you are done with shooting, you can use the bore snakes for cleaning the gun.

Note that it will better to use the bore snakes when the bore is still warm and immediately after the shooting.

When you try this out, you will never be worried about looking for any other cleaning substitute, because bore snakes do it better that you have never expected.

Do not worry about how it works out because this post will accurately and efficiently elaborate unto you on how to use the bore snakes for cleaning your pistol.

In this post, I am going to share with you the best tips and instructions of cleaning your pistol gun and specifically using the bore snakes.

It is high time you stopped worries because the remedy for your range shooting is here at your door. Enjoy!

What you will learn in this post:

  • How to clean your pistol gun generally
  • How to use bore snake in cleaning your pistol gun
  • Importance of using bore snake for cleaning and not the traditional cleaning for your pistol gun

From below is the list and sub-list of what you should never forget when cleaning gun. It will elaborate both the steps and things to consider in the process as well.

Never forget to focus much on the cleaning using a bore snake. Bore snake cleaner is the best of the rest.

1. General Gun Cleaning: Observe All The Steps Keenly

After myriads of shooting in the range, now it comes a time that you have to clean the weapon. For this purpose, you will find that most shooters will roam and wander to look for a cleaning kit. In case you are settled in this activity, consider these things:

a. Cleaning tools

The cleaning tools can be acquired in various forms and types. For instance, there is a three section aluminum cleaning rod of an appropriate and specific perimeter for the pistol.

Some other cleaning materials that you would find include cloth cleaning patches, a bore brush, a liquid solvent and a gun oil. Some kits would include the tubes of gun grease and the bore swab which is used in the gunshot cleaning equipment.

b. Keenness

To use any of the mentioned cleaning kits, you should be keen. I am not in any way discouraging nor demoralizing from using the mentioned tools, but I am just informing you to be careful to follow the instructions that come with the cleaning kit.

c. Do not forget the spare patches, brushes and cleaning rods

After you have made your purchase of the kit, it is not yet done. You will need to add some patches and brushes and the calibers for which you own the guns.

Additionally, you may need to purchase spare cleaning rods. Never be worried about the diameter of the rods and your gun, because the bars are available in appropriate widths.

d. What about the silicon?

In case you have chosen to acquire the basic cleaning kit, I still recommend you to purchase a silicon.This cloth will be essential when it comes to wiping the fingerprints off the gun after handling.

For your information, silicon materials are excellent and reliable protection against the so-called “rust prints” . With the silicon material, consider getting the silicon-based sprays for the external use of the firearms.

Myself, I have never used the sprays, but the people who use them, have favorably reported on them.

2. Using Bore Snake In Cleaning The Pistol Gun – The Best Of The Rest

I am certain that by now you might be having a rough idea on how to clean your rifle, even if it not by using a bore snake.

Some features about bore snake include:

  • Bore snake can be used to clean the rifle and a shotgun. This Hoppe’s product is pretty. To tell you much about it, it replaces the tiresome chore of running the patch after patch through the gun bore.
  • Materially, this is a bore snake just a synthetic cord which runs several feet long, and it is slightly larger than the size of the bore for which it is intended.
  • Never forget that bore snake is just an accessory used in cleaning the rifle and the short gun barrels. So I hope you are still on board!
  • At the front of the bore snake is the floss region. The floss area is designed to remove and exterminate the foreign particles before scrubbing action of the brush is done. The rest of the bore hole is called the leading floss, which is 160 times more surface are than the ordinary patch. A length of the diameter cord which is smaller than the bore size is attached to the leading end of the snake. This cord has a skinny brass weight at its tip.

So how do you use the bore snake in cleaning the rifle and shotgun barrel? Consider the instructions below:

  • First, you have to apply the Hoppe’s solvent to the first floss region of the bore snake.
  • Drop the brass weighted end through the breech of the pistol gun. When the weighted brass is dropped, it will fall through the barrel length. The first floss area will remove the loose foreign particles.
  • The embedded bronze brush which is part of the bore snake will scrub away all the residue and fouling.
  • The remaining body of the bore snake will be useful in swabbing the entire remaining length of the gun barrel. This flossing and polishing are done in a single pull. Hope this flossing and polishing has convinced you to consider bore snake for you gun cleaning!

Just for more clarification, you must first start with saturating the first floss with the Hoppe’s No. 9 bore solvent.

Then, try to drop the bore snake’s brass weight through the breech of the pistol gun so that it carries the small diameter cord through the weapon barrel. The brass will pull the cord out the muzzle.

To finish up the cleaning, pull the bore snake through the barrel first and second times, without adding Hoppe’s bore solvent.

That’s it; the barrel is cleaned and shining! The bore snakes are made for the standard rifle, pistol guns, and the short gun calibers.

I am certain that you have one of the guns mentioned and you will importantly need bore snake for the cleaning.

3. Comparing Bore Snake And The Traditional Cleaning – For Efficiency And Conviction

It has been a discussion of many issues concerning the differences between the two cleaning ways. That is:

Regular Cleaning

The regular cleaning is the use of the brush in cleaning the pistol gun. With this style, you have to send the brush down the barrel so as to loosen the gunk.

Then after that, take cleaning clothes, run them through the barrel. Do this till the barrel is clean. Does this seem tiresome and exhausting? I am sure it does.

Cleaning Using Bore Snake

When using the bore snake, the criteria has not changed: just soak the bore snake in the Hoppe’s solvent in case you don’t want to saturate the first floss with the solvent.

Then the only thing that you need to do after that is to swipe the barrel a couple of times. Generally, one to two times and you are done with it! It seems interesting and tireless I guess!

Don’t forget to consider this:

The question that many shooters will have concerning the bore snake is that:

a. Does the bore snake remove and get rid of the foreign grit and grime collected during shooting?

b. Is this just a method of quickly fixing the gun as it waits for deep cleaning?I assure you that bore snake is an ideal cleaner and it gives you a clean barrel for the pistol gun.

However, there must be some challenges and weakness of the bore snake as well, so do not ignore that in your choice of selection.

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Bore snakes have proven to be fine for the exterior cleaning. You can count on them. However, they will not produce a 100% cleaning.

Remember all the cleaning agents have a weakness just as bore snake, but it is much efficient and reliable trust me!

For the individuals who use the auto-loaders and are in a quick move and hurry like the bore snakes. They just feed the bore snake up through the barrel too quickly clean gun in a minute.

Therefore, bore snakes are best for cleaning. By using them, you are never worried even when you go for shooting in the range because all is well with bore snake cleaner.

If you like this article and would you like to read more just like it ,please give us your feedback on comment below .Share if you think this post is useful. Until next time , enjoy!


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