7 High Tech Hunting Gadgets worth the Money

Today’s hunters can pick a high tech gadget from a variety of options but it must help in the field. Nowadays, technology is improving more and more so it is a tough job to identify the best gadget for hunting. For passionate hunters, the high tech gadgets are really important and it is the best outdoor activity for them.

The trickiest task is to pick the good quality tool and it must help you to be worth the money. The laser rangefinder is the best one to find the target and aim as close as possible it is an actual device to find the ranges precisely. Here are top 7 new high tech hunting gadgets to make your job easier to choose the right one.

​Laser Rangefinder

Laser Rangefinder is the best hunting tool that every hunter must have. Why laser rangefinder is useful? Because it helps the hunter to hit the target by the way he can start shooting the spot at different distances. With the help of this spectacular gadget, you can shoot the spot easily and may achieve a precise range to the target.

Nowadays, laser rangefinders can be turned to a multi-purpose tool also it is designed with a sharp magnifying lens for clarity. Another important tool is spotting scopes which give you the picture clear and right but this rangefinder can replace this gadget in your kit.

The modern high tech rangefinder is an effective device and if you are a serious hunter it must be present in your kit.

​Thermal Monocular

The thermal imaging cameras are a high tech hunting gadget as it detects the heat rather than sensors. It is an easy to carry tool, so hunters can hold it for a long time and scan the deer or other targets without arm fatigue.

The best thermal monocular is FLIR Scout PS-24 as it is lightweight, durable and easier to find the targets in the fields. The thermal sensor is an important component of a thermal monocular and these gadgets come with Forward Looking Infrared Sensors (FLIR). You can also use thermal binoculars from FLIR in both day and night vision modes.

Monocular designed with extraordinary clarity and the resolution of the image is very high. The thermal monocular resolution can be in two ranges i.e. 320x240 or 640x480.

​Smartphone hunting apps

Smartphones are the best innovations in the modern high tech world. Why do we use smartphone normally? Just for calling, texting, capturing pictures then what is the use of it for hunting? The most significant use of a smartphone is it can be easily turned into a tool so you can easily hit the target from longer distances also.

These apps provide exact results when the hunter is in the field. When you travel in the dark area at night times, it may be harder to find the blood in the ground.

For this hunters use Hunting light & blood tracker app to pick up the trail of a sick animal. It brightens the red color and dulls the other colors around the area. Most smartphones are facilitated with GPS to track the exact signal. So you may find the accurate spot from the vast area.

​Firefly wind detector

For the hunters the most unpredictable situation is the wind, it is good to understand the wind when you are in the field as it is the vital part of hunting. The firefly wind detector is the best one which quickly detects the wind with more than 500 reading per second.

You can use it and switch on by just pushing up the button at the top and this gadget is made of waterproof materials. This tool is useful as it can detect even the very slight changes and movement in the direction of the wind; it cannot be predicted by human senses.

Firefly is a handheld device which is powered by two AA batteries and can be fixed to the wrist with a loop or ring. With this tool, you can guess where your target is moving.


Ozonics is the powerful tool that can easily sense the smell of wild animals in your field. It is easy to mount the device to the tree stand or ground so the hunter can trap the animal’s location precisely. This device is not based on the direction of the wind. If you are a passionate hunter then Ozonics may enhance the hunting experience, no other tool can replace it.

What is special in this gadget? It cleanses the air between hunter and the animal and allows to get closer to the target. It offers a better way to hunt, and it must be packed inside the bag.

It is worth the money because you can hit the target spontaneously as soon as the sense is detected on the machine. With the right set up of Ozonics, the hunter can spot a number of animals within a second.


The Thermacell is an easy to use hunting device which can be attached to the belt or bag. While you plan for hunting in the dark forest the area where you are going to stay will be filled with bugs, insects, and mosquitoes. To escape from the mosquitoes and other flying insects hunters can have this tool in a pocket.

It is manufactured with butane cartridge that can last up to 12 hours and it is safe to use in forests and around the children. It hardly takes just two minutes for the device to start working after that the Thermacell creates a zone of protection around you.

It is designed with a container which is filled with an alcohol and loaded to the bottom of the unit. The bowhunters use this product as they need to stand for a long time to be very close for a shot.

​Burris Eliminator

Burris Eliminator is a built-in laser rangefinder which is capable of hitting out to 1200 yards with the reflective target. It is must be with all the hunters to aim the target closely. When you just press the button, the gadget produces a light and appears as a red dot button.

It is a rangefinder and a ballistic calculator that is built into a rifle scope. As soon as the button illuminates red dot place it on the target and gently squeeze the trigger. The quality of glass is extraordinary as it produces excellent brightness and clarity with long lasting durability.

This device can calculate the perfect spot at your exact distance and there is an integrated inclinometer to position the angle just for attaining greater accuracy.

Final words

There are lots of effective hunting gears and gadgets available today. The hardest part is choosing the one best product. Find the best one to reach your targets closer. Have a great hunting experience!

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