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Quivers is an essential piece of archery equipment that are owned by virtually all the bow hunters. Whether a traditional quiver or the modern designs. Whether hunting or for competitions, the baseline is that you need a quiver.

There are numerous quiver types to choose from. Worse still is the fact that hundreds and hundreds of brands and models are thrown at you on a daily basis. Should I grab just any quiver thrown at me?

Now! Below is a guide, providing information necessary to help you make informed decisions when choosing the best quiver.

Top 5 Product Picks

1. LimbSaver Silent Quiver

The LimbSaver is an innovative low- profile quiver that features a lightweight design and an iconic ultra-quiet performance among other loads of impressive features and specifications.

Credits for its ultra-quiet performances are given to the Noise and Vibration Control Material-NAVCOM technology that has been employed in its design. NAVCOM dampens vibrations together with any other unwanted noise.

No hunter wants to startle the game with noise from their hunting gear. Other features include the double rubber grippers that hold nearly any arrow shaft size in place.

When all these are complemented with the quick detach system, you end up with the best quiver on the market.


  • The best quiver for bow hunters who cherish being undetected in the wild, thanks to its super quiet performance together with its numerous camouflage patterns
  • Capacity to securely hold up to 5 arrows of shaft diameter range between 0.245 and 0.360 inches
  • Universally designed grippers to hold expandable as well as fixed broad heads together with a wide shaft size spectrum
  • Easy to access thumb release for quick disconnection and machined-in holes for hanging by use of looping cords
  • Quality material construction


  • Not adjustable hence fewer arrows may become loose in it
  • Not for tree stand to use as it lacks a dial placement

Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver (Camo)

Just like the LimbSaver, this is yet another budget- friendly and great quiver you can recommend to a friend. The product is credited for being loaded with all those features sought for in a premium quiver.

It’s truly not only a fast but also a deadly hunter’s partner. Its main selling point is in the fact that it is arguably the lightest and most versatile on the market and among the most capable quivers ever to be built.

If you love customizable mounting brackets in your quiver, this is your best choice of a quiver.


  • A good balance between lightweight construction material and superior strength resulting in durability and reliability
  • Features an aluminum construction that makes it 25% lighter than the standard quiver, yet it has everything you may need in a quiver
  • Dual arrow grippers thus possibility of using the product for either the fixed or the mechanical broad heads with lots of ease
  • Soft Touch Ballistix Coating complements the anti-vibration reduction system of isolation between the quiver and the bow.
  • LED lights have been designed on the hood’s top as a safety measure when you are hunting at night


  • Poor material used on the retention latch

MOP OMP Mountain Man Suede Side/Back Quiver with Hook

The MOP OMP is a relatively more expensive quiver version as compared to the first two. It comes with the uniqueness of allowing the hunter to choose whether they want to place the quiver on their side or on their back depending on where they feel comfortable to get their arrows from.

One can choose to access their arrows from the hoops by conveniently clipping the quiver on their belts using the featured belt clip.

Alternatively, the adjustable shoulder strap can be brought to use when you want to wear the quiver on your back. The choice on how to use it lies with you.


  • Traditionally inspired design featuring no tube installation in the shell
  • Easy to access design for guaranteed easy arrow removal
  • Comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and a belt clip, allowing the user to choose whether to use it on the hip or to choose the back style
  • Durable suede material construction ensuring that you have an extended, long- lasting and durable quiver use.
  • Ambidextrous use and impressive up to 30 arrows holding capacity


  • Lack of installed tube means difficulty in arrow loading

Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Arrow Quiver

A quiver that truly brags of redefined precision, excellent performance and other loaded features, this Trophy Ridge product will improve your hunting performances.

The unit features a 100% aluminum construction that brings about a balance between weight and durability. The unit features micro adjustment capabilities thus making it possible to hold a wide range of arrow shaft sizes and numbers.

In a nutshell, the quiver offers you durability within its price range, versatility and hunting efficiency. If you are a beginner, the quiver will serve you pretty well.


  • Sight light included for easy loading both during the day as well as at night
  • 100% aluminum construction for durability and enhanced control
  • 3rd axis adjustability for improved comfort hence optimized control
  • Reversible sight mount means it is an ambidextrous quiver


  • Not the best construction quality

Bear Archery Logo Deluxe Back Quiver Review

The Bear Logo Deluxe is a snazzy 100% durable leather product that has been designed for ambidextrous shooting. It has been designed for comfort and organization of the arrows.

An adjustable 3-point front harness is featured, with the adjustability being factored in for comfort. Compartments have been divided in order to necessitate for arrow separation and proper organization.

On the bag of the quiver is a handsomely displayed Bear Logo


  • Features a 22- inch quiver depth capable of accommodating a wide range of arrow lengths and a capacity of 20 to 30 arrows reducing the loading trips you will make
  • A pull cord for tightening the quiver thereby tightly holding the arrows thus reducing friction and ultimately noise
  • Divided compartments for enhanced arrow separation thus protecting arrowheads from damage. The design offers maximum fit and comfort
  • It is very affordable, probably the cheapest when the price to quality/durability ration is considered
  • Elegant design featuring an attractive traditional outlook


  • A pretty small front storage pouch

Selection Criteria

  • Types of Archery Quivers

Quiver types vary in respect to the archery styles used. The quiver you would use for field archery may not be the best for hunting or even tournaments. Below are the main types

  • Side/Belt Quivers

Belt quivers also differ as per where they sit. The most portable and by extension the smallest are the pocket quivers. These are designed for fitting in the back pockets with the target quivers forward-facing.

Belt quivers offer convenience whenever it isn’t easy to reach up to the back quivers. They are however a bit cumbersome when you are maneuvering through bushes. For better movement in bushes, go for those quivers having leg straps to hold it closest to your body.

  • Back Quivers

Are either left or right handed with a good number of them being ambidextrous. These quivers are diagonally strapped across your chest with the archer being required to reach up and pull out an arrow from the top of the quiver.

Some new innovations come with detaching systems that pulls the quiver down thus allowing you to pull arrows from the side/belt style position. Back quivers are always the most convenient as far as carrying is concerned.

  • Ground Quivers

They are virtually metal stands that are stuck on the ground with arrows placed in a circular loop. These quivers are only practical in tournament archery

  • Bow Quivers

They are attached to the bow thus holding the arrows to the bow itself. The speed and convenience that comes with arrow pulling from such quivers make them very popular in bow hunting.

They are, however, not the best options for beginners as such quivers add weight to the bow thus affecting one’s aim and control

  • Quiver Materials

The choice of material determines the durability and performance of your quiver. The choice of material needs to be lightweight and durable.

Factory made quivers mainly feature foam and nylon webbing, whereas the traditional quiver enthusiasts will go a notch higher to acquire leather quivers.

Where metallic accessories are needed, aluminum should be chosen because of its durability and lightweight characteristics.

  • Arrow Extraction

Experienced hunters will tell you that a slight movement can startle the game thereby making you miss out on a great opportunity. One of the things that can make you make uncalled for movements is if the arrows are hard to extract.

The best quivers offer smooth and easy extraction

  • Camouflage

Choose a color that matches the rest of your gear, ensuring that the entire gear is camouflaged for minimal detection by the game.


Quivers come in different types, brands and models, for different functions and with different features and accessories. Though there is no one model that will serve all purposes, the LimbSaver Silent Quiver qualifies as the best of all.

It features a super lightweight yet durable construction, comes with anti-vibration properties, features safety LED lights and has dual arrow grippers for versatility among other uses. Now that you know how to and what to go for, make a decision!

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