Bore Snakes vs. Cleaning Rods: Things You Need To Know

Is it bore snake or cleaning rod? This question has been befuddling gun owners especially when it comes to cleaning the gun.

Considering these two gun cleaning equipment, you might still find yourself buying both of them because each of them has strengths and weaknesses.

However, you still have to understand the benefits of each equipment so that next time you chose according to the benefits.

Bore Snake Advantages

Bore snake has various benefits as compared to the cleaning rods. The bore snakes tend to reduce the chances of damaging the muzzle or chambers of the gun.

You might have seen the old military rifles which are worn out in their muzzles and the muzzle area.

This condition results due to the use of steel cleaning rods without guidance, which when combininge with the necessary grit in the gun, wears done the whole of the muzzle area.

Even when you are using an aluminum rod, the grit will still push you to apply some force hence you will still damage the muzzle.

In this case, bore snake will make the best match. Any bore snake will serve you for this purpose – be it a sage or a Braker bore snake.

A bore snake allows an excellent flexibility in cleaning. With this cleaning equipment, you just have to mount a bore brush directly to the bore snake, and it will clean so well.

It will work for you with just a simple change of the brush, and it becomes a true cleaning rod substitute.

When dealing with the bore snake, you can do both light and heavy duty cleaning of the guns, and it will not let you down.

Unlike the snake, the cleaning rods are not designed for heavy-duty more so the multi-piece rods which bent

Cleaning Rod Advantages

If you are an actual and keen gun owner who can stick the cleaning rod down the weapon’s chamber end, then the rod will automatically be the best option, because it will clean better than the bore snake.

The one-piece cleaning rods tends to be the strongest when it comes to cleaning. They are made of durable materials, making it not to break anyhow.

The masterpiece jointed cleaning rods takes a little room, made of soft materials and can bend and break very first.

However, the cleaning rods will give you a guaranteed cleaning though it is slow in working as compared to the bore snake.

When you have the traditional cleaning rods, you are assured of better services.

When rightly applied, this tool tends to perform better and passes with a lot of cleaning ability in the gun’s muzzle.

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So, How Can You Choose The Best?

My personal choice for cleaning the gun, in this case, is the Sage and the Braker bore snakes.

These two bore snakes can incorporate the usefulness of the regular bore brushes. With the ability that bore snakes to use various brushes, you can change out the brushes at your convenience and use the snake in all gun cleaning.

 This process sounds interesting as compared to the cleaning rods, either steel or soft aluminum which are fixed and once broken, you forget them.

With a bore snake, you can decide to soak the area just above the bore brush in the solvent or some oil so as to enable a better distribution through the bore.

The solvent will help in the cleaning as you will be passing the snake down the gun’s barrel. Can you compare this benefit with cleaning rods?

When you want to realize some 'almost real' cleaning solution and in a short time, you can consider a bore snake.

However, but when you want a complete cleaning, and you are not in a hurry, I would advise you to go for the cleaning rods.

Remember grits form in the gun muzzle, and it will be difficult to brush them off using the bore brush, but they can be scrubbed using the steel or aluminum rods.


Of course, the bore snake and the cleaning rod are all essential in your gun cleaning. It all depends on what kind of gun you will be cleaning.

With guns like the semi-auto pistols, using a bore snake will not do it better. In case you have such guns, try inserting a bore brush through the chamber, and you will feel no need to use the snake.

In case you want an old cleaning that you will be satisfied, still go for the cleaning rods, either steel or aluminum so that you do a deep down scrubbing. In the end?

A bore snake is probably the perfect choice, especially if you cannot clean your gun from its chamber end, and in case your gun is new and does not need any thorough cleaning.

But in case you are cleaning from the chamber end or your weapon is filthy, then a single piece of cleaning rod of some coated polymer or carbon fiber will work fine for you.


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