The Most Affordable And Best Cold Weather Gloves For Hunting (2019)

Have you tried hunting in cold weather? If yes, you will attest to me that cold hands may mean missed shots.

However, there are high-quality gloves that will ensure that your hands always stay warm as you hunt.

Remember that the worst thing is to let your hands ever in the cold. In case this happens to you, trust me that you will find yourself fumbling clumsily with your shotgun and you will miss the shot.

Finding the best cold weather gloves for hunting may not be easy.

Most of the times you buy a pair of regular Gloves, there is little to consider.

You will only be concerned with the style or the thickness of the gloves and forgetting some other things that make the best gloves for this weather.

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What Are Hunting Gloves’ Materials?

In considering the best cold weather gloves for your hunting, the material is also significant, because it will define the durability and the effectiveness of the gloves. So let’s take a look at some materials:


Cotton is the natural fiber that is mostly used for clothing, and many of the gloves are made of cotton as the first and primary material.

Cotton is much preferred because it is soft, warm, strong, natural and breathable. It will rarely cause allergies to the users and will never irritate the skin like some of the human-made materials that you will consider.

However, its only limitation with cotton is that it sops up moisture and it takes a long time to dry up.


For clarification, leather is from the animal hide. I see this material as the best for the cold weather gloves because they are windproof and insulating.

However, they might let you down in warm conditions because they are too poor because of their ventilation which is as well poor.


I know rubber as flexible. It protects the skin well, and is not heavy hence it becomes an excellent insulator in repelling water.

There is a special rubber called neoprene that is mostly used in making durable glove. However, the material is not breathable.


Gore-Tex is an artificial fabric. It is waterproof, making it technically breathable.

You will find out that because of its excellent ability to repel water, it is expensive and sometimes its ventilation qualities goes down.


Wool is flexible and durable, and it prevents us from cuts and scratches. Interestingly, it cannot light on fire – this is funny!

Wool might have been the best material for making the cold weather gloves. However, it is scratchy and uncomfortable.

In some situations, wool will smell the sheep scent. Also, you may have noticed that many people have allergies to wool and they cannot tolerate it next to them.

So when you are allergic to wool do not attempt these gloves because you will hate them automatically.

Special care is also taken when cleaning it because it shrinks very easily and your gloves may not last for long.

However, there is another unique human-made wool called polar fleece which is considered by many companies.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Cold Weather Gloves For Hunting

There are some couple of essential factors and specs to consider when you want to find a good pair of gloves.

Before you consider purchasing the gloves, find these specs so closely first. Let’s start off:


In addition to the gloves being waterproof, you have to make sure that they have some insulation.

The amount of insulation that may be required depends on the weather condition and how cold the weather is or how cold your hands may be.

For the extreme weather conditions or below the zero temperature regions, go for the high insulating gloves.

You can only consider the less insulating gloves if your hands are ever relatively warm or you are hunting in a milder temperatures.


There are gloves for cold weather shooting, standard gloves, pop-pop mittens and the mittens.

All these styles have their advantages and limitations.

For example, most shooting gloves have trigger fingers that are made from thin and more flexible material as compared to other gloves.

This feature allows the fingers a freedom of moving as you pull the trigger without taking off the gloves.

The only limitation of the shooting gloves is that when the temperature is too low, the lack of insulation would make the finger cold and you might not shoot properly.

The mittens and standard gloves are ever warm and you will have to take them off when you want to shoot. So choose the best one for yourself.


Price is another consideration that is small and minute though it have an excellent reputation as well.

There are sets of cheap gloves on the market, many of which have the reputation of falling apart so quickly. So go for the best glove both in price and efficiency.


Size is another factor to think about. If the gloves are extra small your hand will not be able to fit in or they will be cramped.

Also, when the gloves are too big, your hands will not like to stay it because they will not stay warm and it will be awkward just to use these gloves.

In the cold weather seasons, you will love to have a glove which has a longer cuff to allow it be tucked into your coat sleeve and it will keep the cold aid from getting to your skin.

Therefore, it is appropriate to have a sized glove based on your age and gender. However, most of the gloves’ brands produce the same models in three sizes mentioned above.

So Which Are The Best Cold Weather Gloves For Hunting?

N'ice Caps Kids Cold Weather Waterproof Camo Print Thinsulate Ski Gloves

The Nice Kids Cold Weather Ski Gloves will work best for you if you want a pair of Taslon gloves for hunting.

These gloves are unique because no matter how many times you wash them, they will never bleach.

However they dry very low and for this reason, you will have to avoid washing them all the time.

The gloves have a full sure gripper for the fingers and thumbs.

Also, they have an adjusted Velcro wrist strap and the wrist is elastic and flexible.

In case you have been looking for originally pure cotton gloves, I recommend to you these gloves, which have an original, specialized design and originates from the Nice Caps company.

The Nice Caps Kids Cold Weather gloves have a thinsulate insulation and the lining is waterproof, and they are undoubtedly perfect for the cold temperatures because they will stay dry even in the wet and snowy conditions.


  • The gloves are waterproof
  • The gloves are elastic under the wrists – for easy-on wear and knit cuffs
  • They come in all the four sizes, beginning with the smallest to the one which is extra large.
  • The inside lining is intact and long lasting.
  • They perfectly fit the hands.


  • If you do not maintain them, they will begin to smell, because they are made of cotton and leather.
  • The gloves might fail to fit your son because of the size, but after a one year they will be the best fit for him.
  • Only suitable for low temperature, low humidity areas.

Mossy Oak Extreme Cold Weather PVC Coated Hunting Gloves

The name is long and these gloves are covered with thinsulate lined decoy. One size of the gloves will fit most people.

The PVC coating is 100% and the lining is coated with a 100% thinsulate – now it is clear for you.

The gloves have an extended gauntlet cuff that keep the snow, ice and water off during the winter seasons.

If you want the best gloves for deer hunting consider these gloves. They are much ideal for the extremely freezing cold and icy weather.

Don’t forget that the gloves come with camouflage pattern as well.


  • They are warm and your hands will remain ever warm when you have them.
  • One size will fit most people.
  • The best waterproof gloves that I can recommend to you.
  • They will give you a safe space for breathing and for moving your fingers as you prepare to shoot.
  • The palms are well textured to provide grips when it is wet.


  • For constant washing and lack of care, these gloves might begin to wear out and leak.
  • They start to tear just between your fingers, so caring for this feature as well.

Heat Factory Pop-Top Mittens Gloves With Liners

This product is ideal for hunting, cycling, skiing and many more, but mainly you will love them when you are out for hunting.

With the Heat Factory pop-top mittens gloves, frozen fingers is a thing of the past.

The fold-mitten cap is specially-designed and has a right pocket that can hold heat factory air which is activated hand warmers.

Hence, they will ever be providing an additional warmth during these coldest days.

For ten continuous hours, you can use them with your hands still warm.

The gloves have quiet magnet which are sewn into their tops that holds the mitten cap back.

Also, the rubberized palm will allow you to keep the gun with confidence and ease of shooting without missing.


  • This is a rubber glove hence it is elastic and flexible.
  • Very warm and you will love them.
  • Too big and comes in all the required sizes.
  • Repel the dirt and moisture quickly.


  • Its heat pack pouch is poorly designed – it is not snug with a closure of some given type.
  • Some people claim that this glove is too big for the warmer.
  • Its knit material for the fingers is very thin.

Under Armour Men’s Camo HG Gloves

In the whole list, these are the gloves that are touch screen compatible so you can take your best photo even without removing the gloves.

These gloves come to you in all the sizes, so you don’t have to worry about the size of your fingers.

The mossy oak Under Armour gloves is made out of 87% polyster and 13% elastine materials, making them safe for the use.


  • These are the nice cold weather gloves you will ever love.
  • With the gloves your hands are free to maneuver the weapon as you want.
  • These are the beast heat gear gloves for every weather condition.
  • Can be used even with touch screen gadgets.


  • The gloves are thin and may be risky for heavy duty activities.

Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Camo Waterproof Insulated Glove

These gloves are made of with 60 grams of the thinsulate and leather palms for the gripping purposes.

These products are not only waterproof but also breathable, they will keep your fingers very toasty.

With the gloves, you will never be worried of maneuvering your fingers, and they will be consistently warm, and the leather palms add firmness to your hold.


  • They are easy to grip while shooting.
  • Good gloves for the cold weather hunting – keep the fingers warm and dry.
  • They are the most durable gloves that come with a price.


  • Leather is known for its smelling features if not well maintained.
  • Take care because constant washing wears them out.


​Having considered the whole list of our review, I would recommend to you that the best cold weather gloves for hunting stands out to be Mossy oak Extreme Cold Weather PVC Coated with Thinsulate Lined Decoy Hunting Gloves.

So in case you are tired of the hunting gloves that keep your hands ever cold and wet, then you have to try out these gloves and you might hunt with a smile.

In the wet, cold and windy weather, your hands will be first to be affected by cold and without a right and proper protection, trust me that your hunting activity can be a challenge and you will undoubtedly yield little results.

Consider this set of gloves and they will surely get your job done perfectly.

Consider the Extreme Cold Weather Hunting Gloves and you will ever be in peace while hunting.

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