The Truth About Gun Control

All Americans deserve a safe America, to live a life without fear, to exercise their American rights in the name of freedom and democracy.

With that in mind, do you think a gun-free America is a safe America?

There’s no denying that there have been some disturbed individuals who’ve committed evil acts using guns. However, did you know that, since 1950, 99 percent of all mass shootings happened in gun-free zones?

That’s one fact that isn’t divulged by the media. Most of them, instead, focus on the firearm used. Seldom do they discuss in detail the perpetrator behind the atrocity. A weapon is easier to vilify than it is to vilify a stranger with a strange mind-set.

Now the regular American is hesitant to buy even the basic 5.56 hunting ammo, afraid of being ostracized as the next crazy shooter.

What happens when you take away an American’s right to bear arms? What happens when a law-abiding citizen is denied the tool with which to effectively defend themselves?

Most likely they’ll be just another victim, another helpless spectator, while vile individuals with malicious determination can still commit massacres using bladed tools and similarly deadly weapons.

The police, bless them, are outnumbered. By FBI standards, there are only two police officers per one thousand inhabitants in a given jurisdiction. Certainly not enough to provide constant protection.

All Americans deserve the truth—unblemished by bias, unmarred by fiction. Read this infographic depicting data related to gun control. At the end of it all, ask yourself again if you think a gun-free America is a safe America.

The Truth About Gun Control
Kristopher M. Samson

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