Sword Lovers Guide To Buying The Perfect Sword!

Swords are a unique piece of weapon. It is something that is worth keeping in a collection. If you can get your hand on one made with Damascus steel, then it is a steal! Japanese swords have been famous around the world for ages, but now this kind is also attracting a large population and their interest.

Buying a sword is no walk in the park. A sword is a sharp kind of weapon that can be passed down generations, when you get them from masters of sword making. If you do not know what you are exactly looking for, then you can forget about getting your perfect sword!


Many people purchase swords with the intention of looking cool, while others do it for a purpose. So, when you head in to buy the sword, you must ask yourself, “Why do I need the sword?” The answer to this question will alleviate all your confusions.

Even when you have zeroed in your purpose for the sword, you might still feel confused with the various options available! Here is where this guide can come to your rescue.

Style: Many people feel that sword is a single type weapon. What most people forget is that there many types of swords as well, like the Spanish Falcata and the Rapier. So, thinking that buying a sword is an easy job is not true.

You will need to read up on the various styles of sword, as each has some unique feature, which will help you with your aim. On top of that, there are fantasy swords as well! They are amalgamation of different styles, so beware before you end up investing in the wrong kind of sword.

Material of the Blade: The blade of the material steals the show everywhere! While many might go for the stainless steel sword, do give a thought to the ones made with Damascus steel. The sharpness and beauty of the metal itself, adds oomph to your sword skills.

A damascus steel sword has unique patterns from the layers of numerous alloys used to forge the metal. This also ensures that you might have similar looking swords, but not the exact one, making each piece unique and different from the next. Damascus steel is easy to sharpen and quite durable, which has made it popular among many sword makers.

The Blade, itself: Length of the blade is one of the, many factors that play a hand in the selection of a sword. Nowadays, swords of smaller blade length are also being manufactured. Do not be fooled by these little masters! They have similar strength and appeal of a full-fledged sword. So, pick a size of the blade that you will be able to handle, otherwise, you could end up in a whole lot of problem.

A sword too big could be potentially dangerous for someone, who is not well trained with a sword. While a smaller sword can be useless for cutting wood and other such jobs. It is best to look at all the available options and think about your skill set, before you take your decision.

These are the major points that deserve your attention. Now, apart from these, there are a few more things you need to take care of:

1. You need to look at the tip of the sharp edge carefully and make sure that it is not at exceptionally acute angles.

2. Make sure that the sword has a peg, known as Mekuki. This is essential as it holds the sharp edge to the handle.

3. The blade should never be a triangle.

If you want the perfect blade of your needs, then you will need to some extra work. You need to start with research. This research will help you find answers to topics that have been creating confusions for you.

A wrong size sword might be a bad idea, but not knowing what you want is an even worse scenario! In such cases, it is best to get your swords from a reputed dealer! They have craftsmen carving and forging knives that bring out the beauty of a sword! The companies being reputed will never scam you. The company even has professionals ready to help you pick out the perfect knife for your needs and preferences.

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