50 Pieces Of Advice For Wolf Hunting:All You Need To Know

Wolf has long ago been considered one of the most deadly animal and soon has been extirpated in most countries before the start of 21st century.

However, being an apex predator, it was protected, reintroduced and considered a big game in some countries.

50 Pieces Of Advice For Wolf Hunting:All You Need To Know


  • Of all Canis lupus subspecies, gray wolf is the largest and most dangerous animal, comes along with prairie wolf, red wolf, golden jackal, eastern wolf..
  • Although wolf hunting is largely prohibited in Europe, it only requires a license in China, Mongolia, US, Canada, and is paid for in Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Turkey.. Pay attention to the federal and local law before you start hunting.
  • Poisoning and aerial hunting are banned almost everywhere, except in Russia and Canada, but they are also admitted to be the most effective way to massively cull this animal.
  • Apart from spoiling the meat, another disadvantage of poisoning is that you have to immediately skin the hide to eliminate fur shedding and absorbing much poison.
  • Russian folk uses a fladry, which is a 3-5 kilometer long rope with red flags, used to encircle a located pack of wolves within an area. The wolf senses human smell will not dare to pass the rope, which helps the hunter to catch them easily.
  • Another traditional method is hound hunting, with a pack of wolfhound sniffing for wolf scent. Once detected, the wolf will be dispatched by rifle, by knife or be captive to be trained.
  • In some countries like Canada, trapping wolf is legal. If you intend to catch a wolf by trap, make sure you follow all the government’s rules.
  • There are mainly three techniques to hunt a wolf down: shooting from a blind, tracking and calling.
  • Every shooting method, except aerial hunting, needs a decoy or a call to attract wolves because finding wolf on foot is merely a matter of luck.
  • It’s beneficial to hunt wolf in winter because we can easily track them on snow and its fur is at its best.
  • The hunt should begin at dusk or at dawn.

How To Begin Wolf Hunting ?

  • The first method is setting up a blind and wait for the wolf to come close, with the bait set up in advance of the blind.
    • The most favourite decoy is the abundant ungulate of this area, which is the wolf’s frequent prey. Being a blood thirsty animal, somehow, wolf hesitates to chance their food except in strict condition.
    • Russian traditionally used a squealing pig put in a canvas bag to tempt wolves coming into shooting range.
    • In very cold weather, this method would work well with a simple bait (some flesh, a dead rabbit..) because of poor food source.
    • Patience is the key, you might have to wait many days in tough weather for the wolf to come.
  • The Second method is tracking and following the wolf pack.
    • Wolf pack always travels to hunt, but they also maintain a core area about 35 km2 to spend more than half of their time, you can set up to catch them within this area.
    • Wolf dense are rock fissure, ground burrow covered by dense vegetables, which are typically near the water source, and far from human location. You can trace and locate wolf territory by their footprint, dump, or their left prey carcass.
    • New snow will muffle the step noise and leave wolf footprints, also not too difficult to walk.
    • Cold weather will make the wolf more hungry.
    • You should move with a vehicle or boat and predict the pack route to shorten the path that you have to walk through snow.
    • You can use a sled, a ski to travel in snow.
    • You can shoot the animal in a front or broadside position, aiming at the lungs and heart for a quick death. Do not shoot at the gut area, for the wolf will run miles before dying.
    • Wolf is a social animal, the pack will come back to find the shot wolf so that you will have chance to harvest more games.

  • The third method is setting up stands or blinds with a bait station ahead and using a long range rifle to shoot the wolf.
    • The stand should be high or beside an open area (a frozen lake or a meadow) so as to easily spot the coming wolves.
    • Be sure that you are against or at least perpendicularly to the wind when looking ahead.
    • You should bring a binocular to discover the wolf at a great distance, this will give you precious preparation time.
    • You should always wear camouflage that matches your surroundings.
    • It’s better to set the stand under a tree so as to break your outline and the sun won’t reflect your scope or gun muzzle.
    • A bipod is helpful to stabilize your rifle and make it comfortable to shoot after a long time waiting.
    • You can use a rabbit, coyote or wolf call to entice the wolves.

Gun For Wolf Hunting

  • Wolf is considered a big game with the male averaging 45 kg and female are 35 kg weight. So the firearm and bullet should be the same size as for deer hunting.
  • These types are not sufficient for wolf shooting: a caliber under .22, a rimfire rifle, a .22 caliber centerfire rifle with varmint bullets and all types of varmint bullets.
  • The ideal bullets are the ones powerful enough to kill a wolf at an average distance (200-400 meters) while less damaging its hide. These include .220, .243, .270, .308 and 7mm/08.
  • Heavier bullets are best for a long range (more than 400 meters) in the open space, even though it can damage the fur shooting at shorter distance. They are 25/06, 30/06, .300 or 7 mm Magnum.
  • A semi-auto rifle would also be great for higher chance to kill more than one wolf.


  • Close reed call is flute-like, easy to use but can only produce a fixed range of sound. Open reed call is more difficult to use but provide a natural sound.
  • To make a howl, first, blow 2 or 3 long, deep cry by a wolf howler call and wait at least 3-5 minutes for the wolf to respond.
  • For 30 minutes, repeat howling until the wolf response.
  • You can also use a cow elk bleat or a calf moose call to attract the predator, just as to attract a bull elk or bull moose.
  • Even though wolf rarely considers rabbit a meal, a rabbit call imitating a dying rabbit would be the best call to summon a wolf.
  • To make a distress rabbit call, you should start with a loud scream, then produce a mix of whimpers, muffled cries, squeals with different length in 30 seconds. Stop, then repeat.
  • Another way to invite the wolf is a coyote howl, which is imitating a challenging coyote passing the wolf territory.
  • A coyote predatory call will provoke the territorial character in wolf. This call is useful even in the time the wolf food is surplus.
  • Stop calling and making any movement when the wolf comes near.
  • If the wolf is still moving, blow one or two cries to stop him and immediately take the shot.
  • Do not leave the cover after finishing one wolf, wait for another one to appear.
  • Make several rabbit distress calls and patiently wait. You may stand a chance of getting another one.


​Patience and desire to catch a wolf is the clue for successful wolf hunting, and the reward is really great. If you have any question , you can post it in comment box . Enjoy reading !

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