Where Are Burris Scopes Made?All Thing You Need To Know

Burris scope is the most frequently used optical gear in rifles to help shooters in gaining a crystal clear vision of the targets in all conditions.

As the name suggests, this optical product is the brain child of the renowned hunting optics manufacturer Don Burris.

These products are available in different models and specifications to obtain an exact view of the targets very easily within the long or short distance range.

However, average people do not have proper knowledge regarding where are Burris scopes made? The article will help readers to know about it.

Where Are Burris Scopes Made?All Thing You Need To Know

Place Of Origin

Burris Scopes were initially produced by a USA based company of Burris Optics in unique range and specifications.

This company established by Don Burris in the year of 1971.

Before establishing his own company, Don Burris was an employee of the Denver-based firm called Red field from where he first conceived the idea to produce and design such innovative optical glasses to help shooters in gaining accurate aim of the targets in all situations.

The first notable product of this newly launched company of Don Burris was Fulfilled, a rifle scope, whose marketing was started in the year of 1975 and is still gaining the attention of the shooters all over the world.

During the first four years, since inception, the firm had also brought out other products like open sights, rings, and bases to maximize the satisfaction level of the buyers to the highest possible extents.

The company continues to grow and expand even after the death of Don Burris in the year of 1987. It never ceases to launch innovative and unique product lines so as to remain in the top position of the domestic and global market.

However, in the year of 2002 this reputed organization was bought by the Beretta Holdings and at present unleashes diverse product patterns like reflex sights, tactical and hunting rifle scopes, and much more.

For reducing additional expenditures, the firm has also hired agencies in the Philippines to produce some of these optical products.

Keeping an eye on the labor cost, the company was forced to take the hard decision of shifting the production of Full Field II Scope series in the Philippines.

The company has achieved many milestones and the most notable among them involves the introduction of the Burris Eliminator in the year of 2010 that had created a revolutionary impact in the global optics market.

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Product Lines

The production range of Burris is very easy to navigate which are showcased under different categories in the commercial website of this reputed firm.

Products belonging to the Signature Select category usually feature large internal lenses, improved vision quality, and larger zoom magnitude.

The most well-known product from these ranges is Burris Signature Select 3-10 x 40. The other popular product range of this company is Full field II which is quite ideal to be used for hunting purposes with improved visual magnification.

The series unleashes premium and popular rifles copes with extreme attention to the minute details.

Products belonging to this series are quite durable, water proof with an integrated design piece.

The most popular model of this brand is Full field II 2-7 X 25 mm. It will be quite impossible for you to complete ignore the impressive varieties of rifles copes that are available under the tag of tactical and hunting series.

This series will allow you to come across different grades of Burris scopes that are ideal for aiming the target within a long and short range distance with accurate precision and capability.

For instance, you can have a nice try with AR Rifle scope 4.5- 14 x 42 mm.

This product is mainly designed for shooters to aim targets during tactical purposes. It comes with parallax adjustments to improve the accuracy while aiming at the target within the range of long distance.

The high-quality lenses help in the better transmission of the light without affecting the eyesight. All these products strictly meet the latest international criteria and the firm ensures timely delivery of products in good conditions within the fixed deadline.

For professional hunters, the company has brought out Veracity 2-10x 42 mm riflescopes to easily aim at the animals of the Prairie region.

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​There is no doubt that this article has helped you a lot to know about the original production hub of Burris Scopes.

You cannot deny that from this article, you got to know more about the company which was founded by Don Burris in the year of 1971.

As these rifle scopes are available in different models and ranges, so you can easily filter your selection on the basis of specific needs.

The main benefit of purchasing from this company is that all these products stringently meet the prescribed global standards to raise your satisfaction level to the fullest extent.


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