What Is Boat Tail Ammo?All You Need To Know

Selecting the appropriate firearms is incomplete when you do not choose the right ammo needed for them.

They help in gaining accuracy and perfecting a shot. At present, the gun and ammunition industry offers numerous types of bullets based on distinct shapes and diameters.

Boat tail ammo is one of such products that is known for its accuracy and perfection.

If you are wondering what boat tail ammo is, then let us give you a detailed review of the product and its related aspects below:


The configuration and shape of such ammo usually resemble that of the back-end portion of the sailboat with a smaller base of diameter.

It is because of this shape that ultimately curtails the base drag to dramatically raise the ballistic coefficient of such ammo.

As a result, such ammo feature flatter trajectories, lower sensitivity towards cross winds, maximum retained downrange velocity, higher momentum, and energy to hit the target with perfect accuracy.


Keeping into consideration the distinct requirements and preferences of the shooters, many gun companies are offering such bullets with unique specifications that easily pierce into the targeted object with full-proof perfection.

This ammo is currently available in three distinct patterns that include:


Soft Point Boat Tail

This no-frills type of ammo is generally used in long distance shooting with the help of an advanced rifle.

The ammo enjoys good popularity among the competitive shooters to produce an impressive performance.

It is an ideal alternative to the hollow point bullets. Using this ammo, you can easily deform, crush and can also cause insurmountable damage once hitting the target with maximum accuracy.

This ammo is usually manufactured from lead and is pretty much ideal to hunt down animals by causing deep internal damage to the soft tissue.

It is also available in unique varieties to successfully execute other specific purposes.

This ammo helps you to obtain a predictable result after shooting down the target.


Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail

It is usually encased in metals like copper and other sturdy materials. These ammo also resemble the apparition of a small boat.

Like soft point, this ammo is also widely used in competitive shooting events as these can be inserted inside the gun quite smoothly.

While loading these encased ammo into the barrel, shooters do not need to get involved in the nicking, denting, and scratching the surface of the bullet before taking aim at the target.

This ammo is usually available in the encased form to prevent the spread of maximum lead concentration in the air and deliver deeper penetration once striking the target.

These types of ammo usually provide a much-balanced flight with increased accuracy.

It is usually achieved through tapering the end-point of the boat tail ammo to enhance the magnitude of a ballistic coefficient.


Long Range Boat Tail

If you want more penetration and accuracy, then you can a have a thorough look at this ammo that is primarily designed to hunt down long-distance targets without causing any inconvenience to the shooters.

The ammo is generally manufactured with the use of additional long ogives tangent to provide the advantage of a higher magnitude of the ballistic coefficient.

The bullet also arrives in two distinct variations that include Juggernaut and Fullbore.

These two ammo also resemble in terms of design specification to address particular requirements.

A Comparative Analysis Of Boat Tail And Flat Base Ammo

The flat base ammo can be manufactured very easily in comparison to the boat tail ammo. These ammos can hit the target very hard with the improved core separation.

The only drawback of flat base ammo is that the center gravity is much extended towards the rear position which ultimately affects stability.

It is very tough to manufacture boat tail ammo as it requires the highest level of precision and accuracy of the best standards.

But the ammo usually features an increased ballistic coefficient level to smoothly overcome wind deflection and air resistance.

Such ammo is very easy to load in the gun barrel. The center of gravity of this kind of ammo is usually towards the front side so as to guarantee maximum stability.

With the advancement of latest technology, you will not need to restrict the selection between the flat base and boat tail ammo.


No matter how tough it is to manufacture the boat tail ammo, both experienced and new shooters will still opt this ammo.

Mainly as it helps to overcome wind deflection without affecting the accuracy level. At the same moment, you are provided with a greater degree of flexibility from the boat tail ammo in comparison to its flat base counterpart.

Using such ammo, you can even neutralize your target preys by causing massive internal damage. Lastly, such ammo always regulate the release of lead concentration on air.

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