Top Ten Hunting Safety Questions : All You Need To Know

1/When Crossing A Fence With A Firearm, The First Step Always Is To Unload Your Firearm And Leave The Action Open? True Or False ? Why?

True. More than half of hunting accidents are self-inflicted, most of which are shooting in his leg or foot by his gun when they try to climb a tree or reload his gun.

It’s a basic rule that never climbs over a fence with your loaded firearm. Unload it and leave the action open, place it on the other side of the fence, then climb over the fence.

​2/Is It Safe To Transport A Loaded Firearm On An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)?

​It’s extremely dangerous. Not only on an all-terrain vehicle but any situation that your loaded firearm muzzle can point to unsafe direction.

Before entering a vehicle, a house, unload your firearm. Make sure there’s no bullet left in the breech or magazine.

If you have to shoot from a vehicle, only load your firearm when you are ready to shoot. After shooting, unloaded it, put it on the ground before attending the animal.

3/​What Does A Safe "Zone Of Fire" Mean?

​It means no possible person in your range of fire. You should use a binocular to check your surroundings, it’s better than a rifle scope, and night hunting is very dangerous.

Be aware that your bullet may miss the target and hit nearby targets, especially shotgun pellets will spread widely after a long distance.

The extreme range of a .22 caliber rifle is 1.5 kilometers, of a .308 is 4.5 kilometers and a shotgun is up to 750 meters. So make sure that the projectile will not go further than you can control.

You should choose a high terrain behind the animal to obstruct the bullet trajectory. Do not shoot when you know there is a hunter in front of you. Do not shoot at anything you are not visually sure of.

Try to control your feeling, sometimes the excitement about seeing the animal may play tricks and make an illusion.

4/What Is The Main Reason For Wearing Orange Hunting Clothes?

For safety reason. More than 70% accidents happened to hunters who didn’t wear orange. Deer’s vision and other games are different from human, they do not have red-sensitive cone cells.

They can distinguish short wavelength light (blue, violet and ultra-violet) better, but they can’t tell the difference between red, orange and green, blue.

So a camouflage orange outfit sometimes will help to save a hunter’s life.

5/If You Stumble Or Fall While Carrying A Firearm, What Would You Do?

​First, you have to carry your gun in a way that you always control it, with the muzzle points down, safety catch applied. Second, avoid the slippery surfaces and dense bushes, do not jump over the rock when crossing a stream, wade through it.

If you fall, make sure that your gun’s muzzle points to a safe direction and avoid touching the trigger. Unload and check your gun after falling, clean up dirt or water in the muzzle if there is one.

​6/How To Carry Your Firearm So That You Can Control It Best?

There are basic rules: control your muzzle direction all the time, never direct it at any vulnerable point, do not touch the trigger and keep the safety catch on.

You can use one of these carry methods:

  • Two-hand carry (when you are ready to shoot, the safest and most instantaneous position, with your firearm across your body, muzzle up, one hand on the stock, the other hand’s finger on the trigger guard)
  • Cradle carry (less tiring position, with the rifle across the non dominant arm, hand on the stock, muzzle back), elbow (side) carry (the comfortable position for break-action rifle, with the stock in armpit, the open action in the crook of your elbow, muzzle down)
  • Trail carry (the poor controlling position when you grip the gun at the balance point by one hand, the other hand free, muzzle forward)
  • Sling carry (when you walk in open area, your rifle on your shoulder, muzzle up)
  • Or shoulder carry (when no one behind you, with your gun balances on your shoulder, muzzle back).

7/Or Shoulder Carry (When No One Behind You, With Your Gun Balances On Your Shoulder, Muzzle Back).

​First, try to find a gate or go around the obstacle, and remember to get away from an electric fence . Then, if it’s unavoidable, carefully unload the firearms.

Then a hunter will keep the guns while the other climbs over the fence. After safely passing, he will take the unloaded firearms from the other hunter and wait for him to cross.

8/When Lost In The Woods, What Should You Do First?

​First, try to contact with others before your mobile device runs out of battery. Try to spot your location, if necessary, make a copy of your google map.

Prepare to stay for 1-2 days. The most essential items are a knife, a rope, water, fire, and a gun. Use your knife to make a shelter and make a fire when the night falls.

Discover the food source and water around you. If you are not sure where you should go, stay around where you were lost and wait for others to rescue you.

9/To Be An Ethical Hunter, It’s Important To Respect The Game Being Hunted. What Are Some Important Steps You Can Take?

First, you have to know and follow the state (and federal, local) laws of permitted hunting games, the season, the limit caliber for each game. Improve your knowledge about the animal’s habit, behavior and ecology.

Do not shoot if you are not sure you can handle it, if you are nervous, if the position is inconvenient, if you are not sure you want this game. Make sure that you can kill the animal with a nice, clean shot.

You are allowed and encouraged to kill any badly wounded animal (left by another hunter) that cannot be saved. Do not hunt because it’s some kind of being fashionable, be responsible.

10/If You're Not Careful, What Kind Of Injuries Can You Sustain?

​There are many recorded accidents in hunting, including self-injury and other involved. Many people were shot when rushing the game out and being mistaken for the animal or out of the shooter’s sight.

Sometimes the hunter is shot by his inexperienced accompany within short range. Most of the cases are careless weapon handling with more than half of them shoot on their foot while climbing into a tree stand, stumbling, or even when unloading their guns in their car.

Sometimes an improperly loaded Muzzleloader exploded when firing. And there are cases human is attacked by his hunted game.

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