The Best Gun Cleaning Kit To Buy In 2019

We all agree that it is always important to keep your gun clean at all times. Whether you are a conscientious hobbyist or a competitive shooter like me, you need the best gun cleaning kit to keep your gun clean all the time.

It is the only way of making sure that your gun functions and operates flawlessly when called into action.

Top 10 Best Gun Cleaning Kits

1. Ohuhu Gun Cleaning Kit-For Your Handgun, Rifle And Shotgun


In case you are looking for a universal cleaning kit for your handgun, rifle and shotgun, then this could be a good option for you. This kit comprises of 28 pieces which are housed in a special aluminum case for portability.

The gun calibers that can be cleaned using this kit include 45, 40, 357/38, 17, 30, 270/280 and 22 pistol and rifles. Others include 10/12, 20/28 and 410 shotguns.These features are great as they enable you to clean a good number of firearms while on the move.

Inside the aluminum casing is a foam padding which holds together all the 28-gun cleaning pieces. There is also room left to store other items like the solvents and lubricants.Another great feature about this gun cleaning kit is its suitability for beginners and intermediate users.

I found this feature to be great because it makes the kit easy to use as well as being lightweight. It is also well priced for those who want something for starting out.


  • 6 cleaning rods, 3 stainless steel rods for a shotgun and 3 for a rifle
  • 10 brushes of different sizes for all the gun calibers
  • 5 cotton brushes
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum casing
  • Comes with an instruction booklet
  • Weighs 1.78 pounds
  • An accessory adaptor
  • The case opens to 900


  • Compatible with a variety of guns
  • The case is lightweight for portability
  • Very affordable
  • Great value for the price
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Brushes are made from high-quality materials
  • Instructions for using the components are provided


  • The case only opens to about 900
  • The brushes are not the highest quality around
  • Perfect only for beginners

2/Bastex Gun Cleaning Kit-Provides Universal Cleaning Purposes


For owners of an array of guns like me,this universal cleaning kit is ideal as it provides universal cleaning purposes which is great. It comprises of several cleaning mops and brushes to cover a variety of gun cleaning purposes.

I found this to be very convenient for me as a multiple gun owner.The kit also has attachable rods which are long enough to clean through most of the gun barrels. This feature is good because it works for rifles, shotguns, pistols, and handguns.

The handles of the various accessories are made from hardened plastic. This feature is great as it gives an assured grip, as well as ensuring that there is no breakage inside the gun during cleaning.

The clothes are made from cotton for a thorough scrubbing of the debris.The accessories are made such that they can be fitted into one another to allow you quickly change from the cotton tools to the brass ones and vice versa. These components also precisely fit the different guns to be cleaned provided you use the correct cleaning tool.


  • Brass adaptors
  • Cleaning Patches
  • 2 slotted tips
  • Shotgun rods
  • Shotgun handle
  • Hardened plastic handles
  • Cotton soft cloths
  • Wire brushes
  • Weighs 1.75 pounds


  • Universal cleaning
  • The brushes have the perfect fit for the barrels
  • Accessories handles have assured grip
  • The wire brushes are effective in scrubbing
  • The accessories have quick interchangeability
  • Lightweight
  • The case looks great
  • Works great
  • Good quality accessories


  • Some of the aluminum rods are flimsy
  • Cleaning rods not long enough in some cases

3/Real Avid Universal Cleaning Kit-Unique Kickstand Prop Ability


The moment I came to know about this gun cleaning kit, the troubles I had experienced when looking for a cleaning kit with a kickstand prop ability were gone. The Real Avid kit is one that features a sleek and sturdy kit having high-quality cleaning tools.

The kit has the unique kickstand prop ability. This made it easy for me to access the various components whenever I wanted to do some gun cleaning.All the components are kept in place by a case from polycarbonate which is tough for durability.

Another great feature I love about it is the brass cleaning rod. This material does not cause any damages in the gun barrel, hence longevity.Additionally, these rods screw in together hence will not force you to have any adaptors to fit the brushes, mops, and jags when cleaning.

For flexibility and durability, the slotted jags and tips are made from nylon. There are two slotted tips in addition to the cleaning jags ranging from 22 to 45 calibers.The kit has an ergonomically designed handle.

This feature is perfect because it allows for the performance of 3 functions while being easy on your hands. This handle makes cleaning very simple as it accommodates a tap hammer, a rotating receiver and a fixed receiver.


  • Brass rods
  • Nylon slotted jags and jags
  • Polycarbonate case
  • Cleans shotguns, rifles and handguns
  • 3-function handle
  • Kickstand prop
  • Labeled compartment
  • Peg Board holes


  • Compartments are labeled for ease of tool organization
  • Sturdy case
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Brass cleaning rods are easy on the barrel
  • The rods fit well with other tools
  • Compatible with almost all guns
  • High-quality accessories
  • The nylon jags hold up great
  • Easy for use by beginners


  • The cleaning brushes are cheaply made
  • The brushes fall apart after a few cleanings

4/Hoppe's 9 Gun Cleaning Kit-Clean A 9-mm Pistol Or A 38/357 Caliber Gun


Whenever I intend to clean a 9-mm pistol or a 38/357 caliber gun, then this kit would always be the first one I would consider. The cleaning kit has an aluminum cleaning rod which is considerably sturdy and long-lasting.

Among the kit accessories are 40 square shaped and woven cleaning patches. These can be used to clean the interior, as well as the exterior of the gun. Additionally, rod end accessories included are 1 Tynex Cleaning Brush, one knob end, and 1 slotted end.

The kit also comes with a 2 Oz. solvent and 2.25 Hoppe’s lubricating oil. These two are used to make cleaning a breeze as you soak the cleaning patches in the solvent. The lubricant can then be used to oil the moving parts for an efficiently functional gun.


  • 40 square woven cleaning patches
  • Solvent and lubricant provided
  • Aluminum rod
  • Tynex Cleaning brush
  • Knob end
  • Slotted end
  • Plastic storage box


  • Lubricant and solvent provided for comprehensive cleaning
  • The brush fits great
  • Durable rods
  • Works great for pistols
  • Easy to use
  • The patches are extra absorbent
  • The solvent has a childproof cap
  • Great value for the price


  • The case is flimsy
  • Cleans a limited number of guns
  • The oil has no drip mechanism

5/Allen Company Gun Cleaning Kit-Professional Grade Gun Cleaning Kit


Are you looking for a professional grade gun cleaning kit?This is one of the best professional grade gun cleaning kits available and that is why I like it. It is filled with high-grade components for an assured cleaning process.

All these components are then fitted into a toolbox made specifically for them.In the kit, each tool has its compartment which is labeled with the item’s name or size. For versatility, the kit is compatible with 12, 20 and 140 bore shotguns as well and the standard pistol and rifle calibers.

This feature makes it a great tool for professional gun holders.In total, it holds up to 65 cleaning supplies and tool. This is great for comprehensive cleaning of your guns.

The brushes are made of bronze while brass adaptors are provided too. These materials ensure there are no scratches on the gun, more so its barrel.


  • 15 x 10 x 8.75 inches toolbox fitted with dual latches
  • Bronze brushes
  • Brass jags
  • Cotton swabs
  • Brass adapters
  • Muzzle guards
  • Cotton Patches
  • Cleaning rod
  • Cleans rifles, pistols and shotguns
  • Nylon cleaning brush


  • Has professional grade components
  • Contains a comprehensive number of accessories (65)
  • Each tool has its labeled compartment
  • There is enough room for extra cleaning chemical and patches
  • Highly versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Great product value for the price
  • Plenty of room is provided under the tray
  • Sturdy design


  • Only great for a multi-caliber gun owner
  • Does not come with solvents and lubricants
  • A little pricey

6/GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Kit-To Clean My Shotguns, Pistols And Rifles


To clean my shotguns, pistols and rifles ; the GLORYFIRE cleaning kit is one of the greatest options I normally consider. This is because it features a compact case for keeping all the cleaning pieces in place.

There are even two extra spaces for keeping the solvent and cleaning oil.The cleaning jags and slotted tips are made from brass and nylon plastics. These materials are great as they ensure the pieces don’t break.

A great feature about this kit is its lightweight nature. This is good, especially when you need to bring it along on your hunting trips.As you do so, the buckle locks ensure that the contents remain inside without spilling out.

The cleaning accessories included in the package are brass rods ideal for any 17 to 270 caliber guns, 30 caliber guns, pistols, muzzleloaders and shotguns. These rods are great for the versatility of any tool.


  • 9 mops
  • 12 spear like pointed cleaning jags
  • A black-power jag
  • 4 patch loops with slots
  • 3 utility patches
  • Muzzle guards
  • 50, 3 x 1 ½” cleaning patches
  • 50 3 x 3” cleaning patches
  • Polishing cloths
  • 3 brass cleaning rods


  • The case has durable buckle locks
  • Ensures thorough cleaning
  • Numerous cleaning patches are provided
  • Brass rods and brushes do not damage the barrels
  • It is both lightweight and compact
  • Durable Industrial ABS plastic case
  • Comprehensive list of accessories
  • The case interior is well laid out


  • The rod tends to break at times
  • The cleaning tools look cheaply made

7/Real Avid Handgun Cleaning Kit-Gun Cleaning Kit Having A Weatherpoof Case With Zippers


Sincerely speaking, this is the only gun cleaning kit having a weatherpoof case with zippers that I have ever used. The fact that this cleaning kit features a weatherproof case with zippers makes it one of the best gun cleaning kits for pistols that you’ll ever use.

The case also has a ballistic nylon shell to improve its lifespan, making it great for both indoors and outdoors cleaning works.For cleaning your handguns, a two-section cleaning rod is provided.

This rod comprises of a swivel tip which is then connected to the T-handle also provided. After making this connection, the total rod length reaches 9 inches, making the cleaning process a lot easier.Brushes and jugs to are provided for cleaning your handgun.

The jags are made from red nylon while the brushes are made of phosphor bronze. These can be used on a 22 caliber, 38 special, 357 magnum, 40, 9 mm and 45 calibers. This list is your pistols list.On the case is an oil-resistant tray on which the phosphor bronze brushes can then be firmly secured.

This secure fit eliminates any rattling when you are carrying the kit on the move. Additionally, no spills occur when you open the case.What I also found to be a great feature concerning this kit is the Nylon slotted tips.

The nylon used makes the tips tougher than normal plastic while it also allows for easy application of solvents and oils.


  • 2 section rod system
  • T handle
  • Phosphor Bronze brushes
  • Red nylon jags
  • 25, 3 x 3 inches cleaning patches
  • 25, 1.5 x 3 inches cleaning patches
  • Weather resistant case


  • Highly portable
  • Cleans all pistols and handguns
  • 2-section cleaning rod reaches 9 inches
  • Phosphor bronze brushes are durable and gentle on gun
  • Durable nylon for the jags
  • Non-spill case
  • Easy to clean tray
  • Neatly stores the accessories


  • Only for handguns
  • Does not close flat with all contents
  • Has a limited number of accessories

8/XtremepowerUS Gun Cleaning Kit-106pc Universal Gun Cleaning Kit


The very best gun cleaning kits I tested were effective at cleaning guns. But none featured so many pieces for cleaning your gun like this XtremepowerUS kit. It has 106 pieces for all your gun care needs.

The kit contains 2 universal handles, which is great as it permits the cleaning of several varieties of firearms. These firearms include rifles, shotguns and pistols to handguns.The universal gun cleaning accessories provided include 5 mops that fit 10/12, 20/28, 410, 357-38, 22 and 9 mm caliber guns.

Additionally, solid brass adaptors are provided for the mops and brushes of the various gun calibers you may want to clean.Plastic slotted tips for the shotguns, rifles, and pistols are included which makes wiping off solvents after cleaning a lot easier.

There are 55 cleaning patches that are great for lasting you a while as you service your guns.Besides the patches and slotted tips, there are 10 brass brushes in the kit. These can be used for the following types of guns: 10/12, 20/28, 410 and 45 calibers.


  • 2 universal handles
  • 5 mops
  • Solid brass adaptors
  • 2 plastic slotted tips
  • 55 cleaning patches
  • 10 brass wire brushes
  • Compatible with rifles, shotguns and pistols
  • Weighs 1.9 pounds


  • Lots of cleaning accessories provided
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Easy to grip tools
  • Durable components
  • Great value for the price
  • Accessories work great
  • The case keeps the tools organized


  • The case is a little off
  • Misses some attachment (5.56mm)
  • Solvents and lubricant not provided

9/Outers Gun Cleaning Kit-1210503 Out 28-pc Uni Gun Wd Clean Box


As far as universal gun cleaning kits are concerned, the Outers kit ranks fairly up there with some of the best. The components are made from high-quality products. This is great because the performance and service life of the various items will be improved a great deal.

What’s more, the casing of this best gun cleaning kit is a perfect one too. It is made from aged oak wood which gives it an attractive look as well as durability. Inside the wooden casing are the pieces which you can use to clean an array of guns.

Strong, solid brass cleaning rods, brushes, and mops are some of the pieces.An ergonomically designed T-handle easily threads into the other cleaning rods, brushes, mops and the slotted tipped ends. These items are universally made for most of your gun cleaning duties whenever you are called upon.


  • Mops
  • Brushes
  • T-handle
  • Brass rods
  • Oakwood case
  • Universal items
  • Weighs 1.5 pounds


  • The wooden case looks great
  • Items well organized in the case
  • Easily accessible accessories
  • Brass rods and brushes easy on the gun
  • An assured quality
  • Includes lots of pieces


  • The cleaning jags are made of plastic
  • No guide is provided
  • The box liner is quite thin

10/Guide Gear Universal Gun Cleaning Kit- 62 Pieces


There are several gun cleaning kits that can clean various guns but none boasts of as many pieces as this one.This gun cleaning kit boasts of 62 pieces for your gun cleaning purposes. This qualifies it to be a good option for cleaning various types of guns. All the 62 of them are neatly arranged in a tough molded accessories case. This is a great feature as it allows for portability of the kit while on a hunting trip.

The cleaning essentials such as the rods are fully made from brass. Such a material further improves their service life while minimizing the chances of the rods bending. You will get 6 brass rods that you can use for 17 to 270 caliber rifles & pistols and 30 caliber pistols among others.

All these ideal features combine to give you an easy time when you decide to clean or maintain your gun (s). It works even for the black powder firearms.


  • 6 brass rods
  • 2 universal t-handles
  • 13 bronze brushes
  • 9 mops
  • 12 pointed jags (plastic)
  • Utility brushes
  • Muzzle guards
  • Accessory adapters
  • 50, 3 x 1 ½ inches cleaning patches
  • 50, 3 x 3 inches cleaning patches
  • Polishing cloths
  • Molded plastic case


  • The molded case is tough and durable
  • Portable
  • Universal cleaning
  • Has an extra accessory for cleaning a black powder
  • Fairly priced
  • Works great
  • Great variety of accessories


  • Rods’ quality is questionable
  • Cleaning rags are not great
  • Accessories do not last long

Buyer''s Guide For Best Gun Cleaning Kits

Here is the deal, before buying anything these days, I normally take my time to carefully study its features before buying it. This is the surest way of confirming whether the product is of good value for the price or not.

Therefore, before buying a kit for servicing your gun, here are the features you should consider before making any payment for it.

1. The Gun Caliber Sizes

The caliber of the gun (s) you intend to clean should be the guide when buying the cleaning kit. In simple terms, cleaning a rifle and a shotgun will require totally different cleaning kits which are unusable interchangeably.

It is the size of the gun barrel that determines the caliber size, and hence the cleaning kit. For example, a 12-mm caliber pistol has a barrel with a diameter of 12 mm. On the other hand, a 45-mm magnum has a 45-mm barrel diameter size.

Therefore, you have to look for the specific cleaning kit for the gun caliber you have. But if you have more than one type of gun, then there is no point in buying a kit for each gun. There are cleaning kits that accommodate all caliber guns.

The best gun cleaning kit should have this feature of accommodating all caliber guns. They may be more expensive, but not as buying each gun its cleaner. First, check for the compatibility and then proceed with other features.

2. Cleaning Kit Items

After determining that it is the right size, you need to check the contents of the kit to ascertain whether it will do its job as required. Of these, there are types with 60 and more pieces inside for the job.

However, the more these pieces are, the more it will cost you to buy it. In as much as you may never use all of them, you still want to have as many items at your disposal as possible. Here are some of the items that you should make sure are available.

  • Bore cleaning rod This is a piece of metal on which cleaning pads, cloth patches, and brushes are attached and then pushed back and forth through the barrel of the gun being cleaned. These cleaning rods are normally availed in different lengths or extensible options for cleaning various barrel lengths. For durability, you might want to consider one made of steel instead of aluminum.
  • Bore Brush It is the adaptor that screws onto the cleaning rod and then used to scrub the internal diameter of the barrel. It is, therefore, used to scrub off any sediment that may be present inside the barrel.A spiral bristle usually achieves a thorough cleaning, with the bristle made from a synthetic material or metal.
  • Cloth Patches These are used to clean both the inside and outside parts of the gun while attached at the end of the cleaning rod. For cleaning the barrel, you have to run it through, just as you did with the bore brush.The cloth patches can also be used to oil the interior of the barrel as well as removing sediments. You will find these in different sizes and shapes for the different gun bore sizes.
  • Cleaner/Solvent  These are used alongside the different pieces to make cleaning more thorough. Its main work is to dissolve any patches of sticky dirt before being scrubbed by the cloth patch. You will be required to add the cleaner to the patch and use the two to clean all parts of the gun.
  • Lubricant/Oil You need the moving parts of the gun to be doing exactly that: moving. That is where lubricants come in to ensure that every part is working as expected. When doing lubrication, apply just enough, and remember not to overdo it.
  • Utility Brush This is a brush made from softened bristle to clean the outside parts of the gun. It takes off any sediment on the butt, sites, trigger, etc.
  • Cleaning Cloth It is different from the cloth patches earlier mentioned. This one is used for general purpose cleaning of the gun’s exterior, as well as applying the cleaner, solvent, oil and lubricant.
  • Bore Snakes These are a new addition to the cleaning kit pieces. They are made into different sizes and shapes to clean through different barrel sizes. The snakes have a padding stretch fixed on a long string.This padding can then be oiled or lubricated and then pulled through the barrel for a one-time cleaning finish.
  • Cleaning Jag This piece performs a 3600 cleaning of the barrel and any other bore surface. A cotton patch is placed on the jag’s center and then used to remove the solvents used. Any traces of the solvent might cause rusting if left having not dried completely. Ensure it is brass or nickel plated so that the jag doesn’t scratch the barrel lining.
  • Slotted Patch Holder Besides the cleaning jag, a slotted patch holder is provided in most kits to do almost the same job. It has a cotton patch at the end and is used to remove any traces of solvent in bored surfaces.
  • Double end Brushes These resemble the normal toothbrush that we use every day but used to clean the exterior of the gun. Different materials, ranging from nylon, steel to brass are used in their construction.

3/Ease Of Use

Before buying the cleaning kit for a firearm, you need to ensure that you are well conversant with how the different components work. There is no point buying the best gun cleaning kit if you cannot use it in the first place.

You might end up damaging the firearm or the cleaning piece in the cleaning process. Also, you might take too much time doing a simple cleaning job as you figure out how the different parts work.

4/ Quality And Efficiency

One thing is for sure, a cleaning kit may be compatible with your gun or possess all the features you may need, but if the pieces are lousily made, then it won’t be worth your time. These tools will not do a decent job and may require you to do the work all over again.

You need to check out what other users who have bought the cleaning kit say about it. The kit should have good reviews and be able to completely remove carbon build up, all moisture, and sediments in the barrel.

5. Portability Of The Kit

Being able to use your cleaning kit on the go is another useful feature. While you may not be required to move about with the kit often, sometimes you may need to. This is especially if you are a hunter who would like to service your guns while in the field for convenience.

If you belong to this category then you might want to look for a kit that is relatively smaller and easy to pack. Assembling a more comprehensive kit would take more time and be heavy to carry around. Find a smaller kit for your travels, while leaving the larger one back home.

6. Your Budget

Pricing is another factor that I normally consider before buying a cleaning kit for a gun. As you already know, the price of a product does not always guarantee you quality. If you take your time to research the available options, you can find a very good one for a bargain.

The reverse is also true; you may end up paying a premium price for a product that does not work as it should. But generally, the rule of thumbs is that the highest quality product should cost you more than a poor quality one.

It is important to carefully consider your budget and settle on one that meets all your needs and works efficiently for you.


In this review, I mainly concentrated on the universal gun cleaning kits. I think doing so gives you a good value for your money as well an added flexibility. In this guide, my top pick for the best gun cleaning kit would be the GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Kit.

This kit is a universal type making it possible to service hunting rifles, handguns and shotguns as well. A good variety of cleaning pieces that you may need are provided to make all these tasks a breeze.

The whole kit itself is small sized hence making it portable in case you want to take it on a trip. Also, quality brass and nylon plastics are used to make the pieces. These materials combine flexibility and durability all in a single component. For these features, I think this kit is the best gun cleaning kit.

Have you ever used any of the gun cleaning kits that have been reviewed above? If yes, which have you used and how can you describe its performance? Which one are you planning to buy next time among the 10 that have been discussed?

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