Motorbike Hunting Tips – What You Need To Know

Hunting with motorbike is enjoyable, and you may prefer it to any other ways of hunting. Imagine it were a chilly morning and you have woken up in the morning, fully prepared to land on a deer but you could not shoot it because it sped off very fast.

If this has been your scenario, then you have to try out next time using a motorbike. It will be much easy to engine behind a deer with your gun in front your chest and believe me; you will surely ride back home with a deer – nice meat for the New Year.

However, in case you have been trying out all the time with motorbike but you have never succeeded, wait for a minute.I will show you all the tips you need so that next time you are proficient in doing it perfectly.

The motorbike hunting tips are essential for every hunter.You have to be sure, both in speed and accuracy

What Is Different With Motorbikes Than Motorcycles?

​Hunting and cycling may seem to have much in common just like skeet skating and an even hacky sack.

However, don’t consider bike hunting tricky. You have to develop to something better and much faster like a motorbike because you will never regret.

The benefits of using a motorbike over the bike include:

  • Motorbikes are first in speed
  • Motorbikes can climb terrains in minute
  • These rides won’t disappoint you in case the deer tries to escape

Even if you love the fat bikes, you still have to admit that motorbikes will do it better, so long as you regulate your engine to avoid much of noise especially once you are in the hunting field.

Big motors like the YAMAHA brands have good wheels which are broad and powered to speed.

So when set to move, you will go deep into the backcountry in a few minutes and start the job on time.

The Pro-Hunting Tips Using A Motorbike

Here we are. The best tips that you have to pay much attention so that next time, your motorbike hunting becomes successful.

In case you have been doing the activity ignorantly, you are lucky because tomorrow you will be much of a ‘practical student'.

Here are some of the tips that you have to be knowledgeable about when using a motorbike.

1/Clothes for the activity

Do not just dress in your red or yellow t-shirt which is so shouting.

Shouting clothes can be much attractive when on your motorbike and anytime you begin to speed off, all the deer and other animals would have spotted you. So what do you do?

Mountain Pant

Mountain pants are mostly associated with mountain bike hunting, but it is also useful in this case.

What makes this clothing unique is that it is a polyester pant and it is good for hiking, climbing, camping and any cool-weather backcountry endeavors.

The slim is very slim, but not light. With the built-in fast-clip belt, this pant is very compatible with the back-back.

The pant also has the military style cargo pockets which make it easier to carry some things like knife, rangefinder, hat and even gloves.

So, next time you are set to go for hunting with your new motorbike, have the mountain pant if possible.

Long-sleeve real tree top

The t-shirt like cloth will make you camouflage among the trees when you are on top of the motorbike.

The Merino is lightweight, softest and also durable for your activity.Do not go for the synthetics because they do not repel the body odors even when you take the whole week in the backcountry.

I attest to you that when you consider the real tree top, the camouflage is fully welcome more so when the days are heating up, and you can be forced to hunting just in this top with all your jackets aside.

So, make sure to have the top.

Note: the top is light, so you have to look for a jacket or any warmer of the same color and design.

You can have the massive down parka jacket, nearly big as a sleeping bag and had a hood that will fit over your motorbike’s helmet.

It fits well in the pack so do not worry about space.

Other things you might consider in case you are not sure which terrain you might be riding on include:

  • An adventure GPS like the renown Garmin
  • A pair of binocular in case you can afford one – with binoculars, I assure you that you will be totally safe.
  • Also, you can consider Lucid Cross Over Optic

2/Set Your Gun In The Right Direction And On The Right Way Before You Speed Off.

Once you are ready and settled on the motorbike, please do not forget to set your gun such that it is in front of your chest and facing your left hand-side.

Remember that when you are off to the field and spot a deer and spot a deer, it will be time-consuming to turn your gun on your back so as to set it on the right way and trust me, the deer would speed off.

So, it could be an unfortunate day for you.

3/What Is The Position Of Your Head When Riding?

​This question seems to be silly, but you will agree with me that you have to shape your head to the right direction.

Know that when you are riding, you focus ahead, but while riding in the hunting field, your head has to be ‘all-round’ – be 360 degrees ready to move any side with the motorbike.​

You can watch this video:

4/Remember To Put Off The Gun When Done!​

It is one thing to shoot or to miss, but it is another thing to have your gun off once done.

If not, you can be in another injury situation in case the gun blows off the hook of your motorbike while riding.I don’t wish for this to you.


In case you have doubted your tips when hunting with a motorbike, I charge you to incorporate these tips and ride back to the hunting field again.

You will come back with good meat.Have the best clothes, best mapping system for the terrain you are riding on and then have your gun in the right way and do not forget to be worried because you might not focus your head towards the right direction.

All the best as you focus on these tips next time!

Kristopher M. Samson

"Hello ! My name is Kristopher M. Samson .I'm a firefighter. I love my job and hunting sport. For me , hunting is a sport good for my health . It help me relax after job time"

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