Hunting And Golfing Rangefinders:How To Distinguish

Regardless of whether you’re an avid golfer or a seasoned fallow deer hunter, it always pays to kill two birds (or putts for that matter) with one stone.

Simply put, you’ll be able to hunt down quarries or putt the golf ball into the 7th hole with greater accuracy if you use a high-quality laser rangefinder.

With a premium laser rangefinder, you’ll be able to explore and pinpoint the game gazelle or eland.

On the other hand, that rangefinder will also help you in taking aim before putting or tracking misplaced golf balls.

Is there a rangefinder that can be taken advantage of both for hunting and golfing? Will such equipment be expensive?

What is the basic difference between hunting and golfing rangefinders?

Basic Difference

You’ll be saving yourself a lot of trouble (and money of course) if you could lay your hands on a rangefinder that served its purpose equally in hunting as well as in golf.

It’d be a sacrilege to opt for two different rangefinders (with distinct attributes) if only one device could be capable of fulfilling both the passions (that thing about killing two birds with one stone).

Yes, a few brands of rangefinders are available that can double both as golfing and hunting rangefinders.

However, since rangefinders equipped with the distinct characteristics for hunting as well as hunting are very few, you’d need to be careful while going through the specs before you choose.

Also, be ready to shell out more for such a versatile rangefinder but of course, it’ll be much cheaper than purchasing two separate pieces.

Becoming familiar with the essential difference between hunting and golfing rangefinders will help you in your search for a golfing-cum-hunting rangefinder.

The main ranging function of a golf rangefinder is to automatically compute the yardage or in other words, the distance between the flag-the closest target-and the point where the ball is placed.

At other times, the equipment is used for measuring inclines and sloping on the golf course. Since it is the pendant which is the closest relevant target, the rangefinder doesn’t measure distance or distances past the flag.

Since the golfing range finder is loaded with software for exclusively calculating the yardage, it serves the purpose it’s meant for quite well.

Alternatively, a hunting rangefinder is supposed to identify or pin down remote objects and disregard those closer in your line of vision.

During your hunting expeditions, you almost always find yourself in situations where you look for deer or partridges that are far away from you.

A hunting rangefinder is outfitted with distant target tracking software that helps in ranging distant objects.

What If You Use The Golfing Rangefinder For Hunting Or Vice Versa?

Just envisage of a situation where you use a hunting rangefinder when you’re swinging the iron on a golf course or the other way round.

In the latter scenario, your golf rangefinder will always zoom in on objects that are closest to the prey but never on the prey itself making your game elusive.

You’ll be cursing your luck when the gazelle or the buck darts away after you’ve been trying hard to focus with the rangefinder that is capable of pinpointing only on proximal objects.

Towards that end, you’ll fail to putt in the ball inside the hole nine times out of ten as the hunting rangefinder will invariably offer you the yardage ahead of the flag.

Consequently, your continuous attempts to range the distance between the flag and the golf ball will always come to a cropper.

How To Choose The Right Rangefinder?

So, now that you’re aware of the fundamental difference between hunting and golfing rangefinders, you’ll be able to save time and effort in narrowing on some models that can serve both applications.

The idea is to fine-tune your search to exclusively those models which are competent in shunting to-and-fro between distant and nearby objects (targets).

You’ll have to scan the menu section for tracking down this spec.

Luckily for you, most of the rangefinders with laser technology offering the aforementioned special feature are in the mid-price range.

All the same, always make it a point to read the features and specifications of rangefinders in your shortlist before you’re in a position to take a prudent decision.​

Besides the above mentioned basic difference between hunting and golfing rangefinders, other difference that’ll matter (if you’re going to use the equipment largely for hunting) is weatherproofing or waterproofing.

On the contrary, if you’ll take the twin-purpose rangefinder mostly on your golfing trips then you should be opting for a device that is lightweight and particularly designed for ranging or estimating yardage.

A Rangefinder That Can Be Used Either For Golfing Or Hunting

To help you out with selecting a rangefinder that can be used efficiently in hunting as well as golfing, this review article recommends two models-the ‘Nikon 1200 Team RealTree’ and the ‘Bushnell Elite 1500 Golf Laser Rangefinder 205100’.

The former will come in perfectly handy if you’ll be more engrossed in hunting and less in golfing.

This ranging device from Nikon offers you exactly what you’d be looking for in a dual-purpose rangefinder-Tru-Target system that lets you flexibly shuttle between distant and close/priority target modes.

The latter rangefinder-the Bushnell Elite 1500 Golf Laser Rangefinder 201500 is ideally placed to be used in conjunction with the best golf clubs for beginners.

Last update on 2017-09-07 PST - Details

The rangefinder features a Bullseye mode (closest target ranging) that golfers will find particularly useful.

Conversely, the zip or brush mode feature can be exploited to the optimum by experienced hunters as well as by those who’re beginning to pick up the ins and outs of hunting.


Rounding up, it can be inferred that the difference between hunting and golfing rangefinders will matter if you want to make the most of the equipment solely or mostly for either of the passions.

However, if you’ve a yen for both the indulgences, you now have the bare details about at two models of dual-purpose rangefinders.

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