How To Use A Red Dot Sight : All You Need To Know

Do you have a challenge when it comes to using red dot? I can attest that modern or traditional experiences, red dot sights have been changing many types of shooting.

​These dots make individuals to be cautious when shooting so as to ensure that there is a smooth and a well-calculated shooting.

I am not sure whether you have been a shooter but in case you might be among the group of these individuals who face the challenge of using the red dot sight, then this post would give much insight towards the same.

This device has proved to be forming the basic requirement of combat for you and other ‘shooting partners’.

From many individuals who have used it before, having enough knowledge on using red dot sights would exactly add much to your security, both socially and physically.

The red dot sights bring advantages that no previous sighting system and equipment has ever offered.

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By the end of the post, you will be proficient and well-equipped knowledgeable to try everything out concerning red dot sights. The benefits of practicing the skills are determined with the knowledge gained from the presentation.

Why Is Red Dot Sight Important?

Last update on 2018-08-20 PST - Details

Are you a new shooter who wants to be successful and have fun in shooting? Rejoice for there are no more worries and this post has made everything easy-flowing.

Get the tips to be proficient in shooting using red dot sights. One of the best ways to make your life and shooting activity simple, as a new shooter, is to provide you with a full knowledge of red dot sight.

It might be mistrusted to give you a summary of this but check for yourself the advantages and importance of using this device:

Red dot sights are compact, lightweight, durable and have a moderate price. You cannot compare the red dot sights to the ‘traditional sights’ which were known to be big, heavy, expensive and fragile.

I can only encourage you to consider the new models and you will definitely appreciate the make and the work ability. Is this simplicity on your side?

 Have you ever wondered why many shooters with the traditional shooting devices or the handgun shooters take a lot of time before they could shoot?

This is self-explanatory – consider this: the objects being viewed are incorporated at three different distances into the sight picture.

This incorporation is something that the human eye did not, cannot and will not accomplish without compromising.

Because the human eye cannot focus on the three objects at the same time, the shooter has to focus on the front sight and many complications are realized.

The complications come up because of the blurred view and confusion which will mean the shooter has to take a lot of time.

Believe me- with a red dot optic, it is simple and life is smooth – we have a dot and we have a target. All you need to do is to place the dot on the target, press the trigger and it is done.

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This sounds so good to be true, right?

A red dot offers a total simplicity and precision when compared to the traditional sights, but this is not all – it still gives us another advantage and this is speed.

The reason as to why red dot sights dominate in the speed-based shooting competitions is that they are incredibly fast when it comes to using them. They are first because of their inherent simplicity of a single aiming point on a target.

These are more than enough. So how do we use the red dot sight?


Last update on 2018-08-20 PST - Details

Zeroing the red dot sight is the same as zeroing any other rifle scope, but with some additional process of zeroing the backup iron sights in case you have them.

If you can get the bore sight before going to the range it is better. But remember this comes after you have a knowledge on how to use the sights.

  • Once you have the bore-sighted weapon on the range, you can either remove the optic (only if necessary) or by sighting through it, zero the iron sights.
  • While zeroing the iron sights, make sure you leave the optic turned off and ignore it.
  • Once the iron sights are zeroed, you possibly flip them down
  • Turn the optic on and now zero according to the instructions of the manufacturers. Was it simple?
  • While you are zeroing the reflex sight, ignore the iron sights completely, other than using them to index the optic in the case that you are not bore-sighting.
  • Remember that there are two different systems of sighting and they have nothing to do with each other. The iron sights are not zeroed to the dot, and the dot is not zeroed to the iron sights.

Reflex Sights And Aiming

Once you decide to use the sights, you will find different types of reflex sights, using different technology to accomplish the same effect. But do not worry because the techniques that you will use to aim are the same. Follow exactly these instructions:


Focus directly on the target. Keep your focus on the target; you don’t need to change the focus to the sight. Instead of doing so, just keep your eyes open.


Bring the rifle up to the cheek and be careful not to bring your head down to the rifle. All you should do at this moment is not to move your head or take your focus off the target. Try to put the stock closer to the center of your chest as possible.


When you focus on the target with both your eyes open and being focused on the target, you are simply placing the reticle on then envisioned point of impact. Then also, squeeze the trigger. You will have done it perfectly!

How To Get The Reflex Sight To Co-Witness

You might have heard complains that arise on how to get a particular reflex sight, backup iron sights and the mounts to coordinate and work together in co-witnessing. I will address this to you.

Actually, part of this problem is that many people feel that it is necessary for the iron sight picture to be corresponding to the red dot reticle exactly.

To explain the same, when two systems are viewed combined, the red dot is in the same point of aim of the iron sights. It is for this reason that many people even recommend using these two together.

However, with the red dot sight, this is not a worry. Simply, the purpose of co-witnessing is to use the sighting system in verifying the zero of the other. If this is relevant and significant to you, then you can do it but do not give unnecessary concern.

Rather, focus on the main work and use of the red dot sights as explained in this post.

To Conclude – Facts To Consider

Has the post given you an expanded insight on how to use the red dot sights? Before you could focus on the practical application of this ‘theoretical class’, consider these facts:It is not by chance that you should consider the red dot sights.

They are much faster on the target, easier even in a wider range of the lighting conditions and you will keep the natural view of the target and the environment.

Red dot sights are for high speed, making them superior for engaging a moving target

The red dot sights are the desirable sights for self-defense, military, plinking, hunting, competition and law enforcement.

While these sights are called the red dot sights, the aiming reticle is not always red and it is not always just a simple dot. Hope this is not funny to you. Most of them have no optical magnification but the 2x versions are offered.

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