How To Tie In A Peep Sight?All You Need To Know

The peep sight is an integral part of archery that helps archers to gain a crystal clear view of the target while shooting the arrow from the bow.

It actually refers to the practice of assessing the target range with the help of a small ring which is placed into the string of a bow.

While pulling the string of the bow, this small ring comes at the level of the eyesight to help you in taking a nice aim towards the target so as to hit it hard with absolute precision.

This ring also comes with a tube to help you in changing its existing position within the string to ensure proper alignment with your eyesight.

For obtaining accuracy and perfection while hitting the target using a bow you need to know properly how to tie in a peep sight.

Factors That Must Be Taken Into Consideration While Looking For A Peep Sight

Selecting The Preferable Position

In order to gain a proper peep sight from the bow, you need to first decide carefully on the selection of the appropriate position within the string to install this small ring hole.

For determining the appropriate position, you need to draw the string of the bow and then with the help of a friend mark a convenient spot on the string that can provide you with utmost comfort and accuracy after installing this small ring hole.

The ideal position to install a peep hole above the D sided loop of a bow string is 6 inches. Ultimately everything depends on the convenience and comfort of your eye sight to hit the target accurately.

Choosing The Peep Ring Of Suitable Size

The sole objective of fitting a peep ring into the bow string is to gain clear view of the central spot of the target to penetrate the arrow.

It is better to attach a peep ring that comes with the decent opening hole so that your eyes do not have to exert much pressure to properly assess the central point of the target before shooting the arrow.

Depending on the type of the shooting activity which you have to practice to acquire skill in archery, you have to select the peep ring that offers a convenient and comfortable hole size to properly assess the distance of the target.

For gaining success in the competitive shooting event, you can use a peep ring that comes with the impressive opening hole size of 1/16” or 1/8” which also ensures minimal passage of light while concentrating hard on any target.

For hunting purposes, you can use peep ring whose ideal hole diameter is 3/16” into the bow string to obtain a nice view of the target to shoot at it with the accurate precision.

Using The Appropriate Installation Tool

To acquire success in the task of peep ring installation, you need to take help of the bow press to perfectly separate the strand of the bow string to fit this vital accessory tightly.

You need to make sure that the peep sight is perfectly attached within the central portion of the string so that you can easily change its position with the help of a tube so as to easily align it within the ambit of your eye sight.

Once installing this small ring with the support of the bow press, you have to pull the string backward so as to ensure that your eyesight is gaining the perfect view of the main hitting point of the targets.

If that does not happen then you again need to put a lot of efforts until there is parity from the height of the peep sight ring to that of your eye sight.

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Methods Of Attaching The Peep Sight Into The String Of The Bow

For attaching the peep sight tightly and accurately on the bow string, you can either take help of an experienced archer or can try on your own through properly observing certain methods that are mentioned below:

Separating The Bow Strings Into Similar Halves

Once you have demarcated the actual point in the bow string to fix the peep sight, you now need to focus on splitting this string into two equal halves with the help of appropriate tools so that the peep ring can be easily and smoothly slipped into the middle of these two halves.

You need to make sure that the peep ring must be able to offer ample scope of rotation once penetrating inside the hollow space to help you in gaining a crystal clear view of the target from the opening hole size without any difficulty.

For reducing time and effort in the splitting task, you can use Zebra bowstring that responds well to various dividing tools like Neet String and others.

Using A High-Quality Thread To Ensure Firm Gripping

After successfully placing the peep sight in between the hollow space of the string halves, you need to use quality thread top to wrap this small ring tightly through building a proper knot covering the two string halves.

You can apply the technique of square knot to ensure utmost firm attachment of this peep sight with the two halves of the bow string.

Once tying the appropriate knot, it is your responsibility to test the firm grip and flexibility of this small ring through pulling back the string until you achieve a perfect alignment with your eyesight.

It is better to use nylon thread that delivers a perfect knot tying experience while attaching the peep sight ring into the bowstring.

For keeping this attached knot intact, you can use the Fletchtite glue.

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​The importance of peep sight is immense in archery to properly assess the distance and the central hitting part of the target before shooting the arrow.

You will need to acquire the basic skill to tie this small ring into your bow string at an adequate height level so as to obtain the perfect alignment with the eyesight.


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