How To Stalk Deer In 5 Easy Steps : All You Need To Know

Are you looking for tips and tricks on how to stalk deer? Well, be glad because you just landed where you need to be.

In that regard, you ought to understand that stalking deer also known as still-hunting is not easy. It is fun yes, and provides for a terrific hunting experience, but it is not as easy as it sounds. This is because Deer is a very elusive animal. It has very sharp senses, the best if I must say. Deer takes up a scent from afar, sees things from a distant and hear even slightest of noises. And to think that you have to stalk it silently and kill it for meat-what a task!

Take note that although stalking is socially viewed as “bad manners,” in the hunting world, it is a remarkable skill that every hunter wishes to possess. This is why we have outlined this step by step guide to help you have a successful still-hunt when next you go out.

Step 1: Have The Right Equipment

Having the proper hunting gear can increase your odds of a successful still-hunt. And while hunting gear comes in various price ranges, you ought to understand that you will only get what you pay for. Nonetheless, ensure that you get only the best equipment that your budget can afford.

Some of the equipment you will need to include binoculars that you will use to sight and spot potential game. You will also need a rangefinder to help you determine the exact distance of your target. Take note that a rangefinder is especially useful for long range shooting and bow hunting.

Optical scopes are also an essential piece of equipment for stalking deer. They don’t just help you to spot deer but also help you judge if what you’ve located is worth the hunt. A scope can also help you pick out hiding deer in hard to find areas where extra magnification is needed.

Clothing is also essential. You need to be wary of the weather and dress as per how it dictates. Also, light and less noisy clothing and boots are recommended for this kind of hunt. Camouflage is also essential for helping you to blend into the various habitat.

And finally, you must have a firearm for the last part of the hunt. Because once you have stalked your deer successfully, you will need to mark it, shoot it and take the prize home.

Step 2: Spot A Deer

To locate a deer, you need first to find a hunting spot by where deer could be feeding, bedding and watering. Every deer habitat must have all three areas, and deer need all these things to survive. So places that are situated between land and the areas we’ve mentioned are your potential hunting spot.

So now, you have an area, the next thing to do is to find the deer, and the best way to do this is to begin at a vantage point. Glassing from a high point will help you find deer easily. This means that you will need to look with your eyes first, followed by the binoculars and finally the scope. The idea here is to start with the broadest view and then narrow it down as the need for higher magnification increases.

Finding and spotting deer is not easy. It is a skill that is acquired through learning and practice. And to be successful at it, you must learn how to spot them by not only looking with your eyes but by also by being able to locate bits and pieces from long distances.

Step 3: Determine A Plan

Ambushing deer is not the wisest decision in still-hunting. Once you’ve spotted potential game, you must come up with a plan to ensure that you stalk and hit it. So as you come up with a viable plan make sure that it factors in sight, sound and scent as these are the senses you must avoid to be able to get close enough for an ethical shot.

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Part of the plan must also include a final destination where you will take a successful shot. As you do this, keep in mind that the plan you come up with is only tentative and that it is likely to change the conditions and behavior of your target. Still, determine a plan and adjust it accordingly based on how the stalk progress.

Step 4: The Stalk

You’ve now spotted your deer, and you have a plan in place, your next move should be closing the distance between you and the target. This being the most critical and challenging part of this process requires utmost patience and stealth skills.

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So once again, be wary of the three most dangerous senses; sight sound and scent. Sight and sound will alert the deer. Scent, on the other hand, is even more dangerous. It can send your target sprinting into a different direction, and if it’s a smart one, you may never see it again. So be extremely careful with how you move.

Also, take note that the best defense a deer has is its ability to smell. The slightest smell of human scent will make a bedded deer sprint into a whole different direction. And when this happens, you won’t be able to take a shot. The best thing you can do therefore is to establish the course of the wind and work it to your advantage.

Step 5: Making The Hit

As you get closer to your target, keep in mind that it is here where sound and scent are of utmost importance. These two things can make or break your day. So make sure that you find the deer and shoot it before it senses you.

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To make sure that you take an effective shot, you need to take controlled movements, aim correctly and then make your hit. If you take a hurried shot and the deer was alert, it can easily get away.

Remember that just because you are close enough to the target doesn’t mean that you have to hit it immediately unless it is in a great position. The ultimate goal here is to drop the deer, and thus patience is a virtue that you have to practice at this point. You have to take your time to execute the shot.

So there you have it, five simple steps on how to stalk deer. Happy hunting and all the best!

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