How To Make Shooting Sticks?All Need You Know

Shooting sticks assist snipers, hunters, and shooters to hold their gun steadily while aiming at the target.

This tool helps to improve the shooting accuracy level of the gunmen who hold the gun either in a sitting or standing position to neutralize the target.

You can also use this tool to mount binoculars, spotting scopes, and cameras to gain a crystal clear vision of the near or distant objects.

You can save a lot of money once acquiring the basic guidelines of how to make shooting sticks.

Instructions That Must Be Observed While Making A Shooting Stick

Building a shooting stick can be simple only if the right steps are followed and you use the right set of materials. A 5-step process of making a shooting stick have been discussed below:

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Step 1:

Selecting the appropriate materials:

For making a flawless and adjustable shooting stick, you have to acquire essential items that include:

  • 1 wing nut measuring ¼ inch.
  • two dowels coming with the measurement of ¾ inch.
  • 2 cans of spray paint to obtain the custom color of your preference.
  • A carriage bolt measuring ¼ inch x 2 inches.
  • A drilling machine that can penetrate up to ¼ inch with a saw and pencil.

Step 2:

​Properly assess the length:

Firstly, you have to decide whether you want to hold your rifle in a standing or sitting position.

There is no need to include the lengthy broom handles once you have decided to aim at the target in a standing position using dowels.

On the basis of the pre-conceived shooting position, you have to firmly hold the dowels together, keeping in mind that the top ends must be at the same level.

Then use a pencil to plot a point on such sticks above the hand at a distance of 4 inches.

Step 3:

​Begin the use of a drill machine:

Once you have successfully marked the prescribed spot on the dowels, it is the right time to use the drilling machine to create a hole of ¼ inch in the center portion with utmost accuracy and perfection.

You need to make sure that the penetration of the drilling motor must be within the prescribed range of ¼ inch only. Otherwise, these sticks will crumble into pieces.

Step 4:

​Installing the wing nut and bolt:

After drilling the hole successfully in both these sticks, you must now focus on properly installing the wing nut and carriage bolt with the support of these newly formed holes to gain the balance and stability in all conditions.

Step 5:

​Apply paint spray to camouflage the stick:

Once your shooting stick is fully prepared, it is important to concentrate on the finishing touch.

For that, you can use color paint spray to offer the accessory to customize the appearance while including it in any outdoor trip with your friends and family members.

For ensuring smart and easy packing during transportation, you can loosen the bolt and wing nut of such a tool.

Once reaching the hunting spot, it will roughly take around 20 minutes to set and install such a tool at an adjustable height with the help of the wing nut.

Factors That Must Be Considered While Making A Shooting Stick

For gaining utmost satisfaction in exchange of devoting a lot of time and energy in making a perfect shooting stick, you have to seriously consider certain things that are mentioned below:

Durability And Strength

It is necessary to properly assess the magnitude of durability and strength of any shooting stick so that it can easily withstand the pressure of heavy firearms without exhibiting any sign of trembling or tremor.

While making such a tool, you must focus on acquiring the best quality raw materials that can offer unbeatable longevity and stamina in all situations so as to help you in gaining maximum support while aiming the gun towards the target.


While spending essential resources to manufacture a shooting stick, you must not omit the comfort because that can prevent you from acquiring the best shooting experience in standing or sitting position.

For this reason, it is better not to attach the bolt and wing nut into the dowel holes with excess tightness, otherwise, your bullet shot will not be able to hit the target at all.


You must emphasize on building a super lightweight shooting stick that will not at all increase the weight of the mounted gun and at the same time do not exert pressure on your body muscle during the time of installation and wrapping up.

It is better not to ignore this factor otherwise you will find it extremely hard to obtain a flexible grip of the mounted firearms which can play a big role in missing the desired target at the time of any vital police action.

It is your responsibility to select the ideal materials that are not only durable but are also lightweight in touch.

Height Adjustments

For making a stable and flexible shooting stick, you must equally work hard on the aspect of height modification using the top-class wing nut and carriage bolts.

You merely have to insert these bolts into the drilled holes in such a manner that you can easily modify the attachment as per the requirements while mounting a gun and camera.

Depending on the situations, this height adjustment feature of your shooting stick will help you to obtain the top-class shooting accuracy to hit the target hard from any range.

The prescribed minimum height adjustment of such a stick is 14 inches and the maximum height modification is 39 inches.

You can also obtain the prescribed height level with the help of rubber joints which are needed to be placed between the bottom sections of the stick.


Your shooting stick must remain flexible and sturdy while mounting rifles and other firearms so that you can easily obtain the perfect shooting angle in a standing or sitting position to encounter every challenging situation quite easily.

Such sticks must offer the essential support to your mounted weapon in all conditions to help you in easily monitoring the distance of any target before hitting it accurately from any range with utmost perfection.

Before applying the spray paint just assess the stamina and endurance of the shooting stick through mounting your hunting rifle.

This will help in obtaining the desired support and satisfaction after investing a considerable amount of time and energy in the making this outdoor tool.


​The importance of shooting sticks is increasing tremendously among shooters, hunters, and other gun enthusiasts to obtain a clean, good shot of the target in sitting or standing position over any type of terrain.

Such a tool helps hunters to minimize the gun movement and concentrate only on hitting the approaching target. You do not have to frequently adjust the position of your gun once you obtain a glimpse of the target prey.

With the solid support of this stick, you can easily mount your gun over it and just lean to obtain a perfect tailor-made shooting height and comfort before pressing the trigger.

We believe the above tutorial and information would help you in making the best shooting sticks yourself. It indeed would help you save money and can definitely make shooting a lot more fun.

In case you have any comments or suggestions to make, we would be glad to hear. Moreover, if you find this information useful, it would be great if you could share it with your friends and family.

You may even share the information over social media platforms to ensure that others who are looking for such an information get benefited too.

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