How To Make A Deer Call?Know It Here Now

Since ages, hunters have been using several tricks to imitate the calls of various animals so as to hunt them down very easily.

Such tactics help hunters to get the perfect aim to shoot down the prey at a single chance without wasting much time and energy.

For hunting a deer, it is essential to produce the appropriate mimic sound of the animal so as to bring it closer within the ambit of your target range.

For that, you need to follow certain guidelines that constitute the basic foundations of how to make a deer call.

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Materials Needed For Making A Perfect Deer Call

Last update on 2018-08-20 PST - Details

For making a flawless deer call, you need first to acquire the essential materials which you can easily purchase from a nearby hardware shop.

You can also obtain them from various online stores at a conveniently lower price. These mainly include the following below:

  • Sandpaper
  • PVC Glue
  • One piece of PVC pipe measuring ¾ inch which is cut into two inches in length.
  • One piece of PVC pipe measuring 1 inch and is cut into four inches in length.
  • ¾ inch of two O-rings.

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Methods That Be Followed To Make A Deer Call

Step 1

At first, you need to use the sandpaper to wrap the inside of the hollow end of the PVC pipe measuring 1 inch and then using this paper you need to tightly seal the outer end of the PVC pipe measuring ¾ inch.

You need to be careful while handling such paper so as to avoid the scope of wear and tear while wrapping the end portions of the PVC pipes.

Step 2

​Then you need to smoothly insert the O-rings onto the other end-points of the PVC pipe measuring ¾ inch till these are about 1 inch apart and come close together into the same end.

While slipping these rings, you just need to make sure that the overall grip on the PVC pipes does not become loose.

Step 3

After that, you need to apply the PVC glue over the end portion of the PVC pipe measuring ¾ inch that is wrapped using a sandpaper.

It should be done in a manner that it smoothly joins with the sealed sandpaper at the end of the PVC pipe of 1 inch with utmost care so that the O-rings can form a tight and waterproof sealing of the entire tube.

Now you must wait till this glue gets fully dry and tight.

Step 4

​Now you must bring the end point of the ¾ inch PVC pipe closer to your lips and blow air through it to produce the exact sound of the deer with complete perfection and accuracy.

Alternative Procedure

You can also make a deer call using a pill bottle having a snap-on plastic lid. For that you have to follow the instructions mentioned below:

Step 1

You need to use a very sharp knife to smoothly create the shape of a half moon into the lid of a bottle.

Just make sure that your hand does not tremble while cutting the lid, otherwise you will fail to create the desired shape.

Step 2

​Now you have to turn this pill bottle over to create a small insertion into the down portion with the help of a knife.

After this, you have to cut a latex or thin latex piece so as to place it over the newly-formed open end part of the bottle.

You have to make sure that the straight rubber edge is perfectly in line with the cutting edge of the bottle lid.

Step 3

​For producing the exact imitation of a deer sound, you have to put the lower lip in the rim portion of the lid while upper lip will hardly touch the rubber surface.

Then you have to sharply exhale on the piece of rubber to produce the sound vibration.

For producing variations in the deer call, you can decrease or increase the latex tension.

Essential Tips That Must Be Strictly Observed While Making A Deer Call

Once you have successfully made a deer call tool, it is time to focus on some other essential aspects that can help you to earn the good dividends in this upcoming hunting season.

There are certain tips that must be followed while producing the sound of the deer with the help of this accessory.

These mainly include:

Stay Prepared

Before attracting the deer towards your direction using a deer call, it is essential for you to take a proper position with a fully loaded gun so as to shoot the animal down once it comes to respond your fake calls.

You must stay alerted and active while selecting a tree covered zone to completely conceal your appearance before using this voice calling instrument to lure the deer.

Begin With A Low Sound Intensity

You must avoid raising the pitch of the deer sound at the first attempt.

This might alert the deer to sense the presence of any impending danger and hence facilitate it to avoid committing the mistake of providing a similar response to the mimic sound.

For easily gaining the attention of the deer without developing any suspicion, the best way is to start producing a lower imitation sound level at the first time and then you can concentrate on raising the pitch of such sound depending on the actual ground situation.

Mash-up The Sound Imitation

A deer produces different forms of vocal sound depending on mood, season, and necessities.

So while tempting any deer to lure it into your trap, it is better to produce variations with the help of a deer call.

Depending on the actual situation and environment of the forest region, you need to produce different forms of imitable sounds at one go.

This will help you to come across your target without roaming in the forest aimlessly.

Through mashing-up the sound, you can also confuse the deer group so as to slow down their running speed and bring them towards your target range quite easily.

Instructions That Must Be Followed While Hunting A Deer

The body odor of humans always frightens the deer and so you must avoid using scented soap while taking a bath before undertaking any hunting trip with your friends or family.

It is your responsibility to keep your hunting clothes absolutely free from contamination while entering the hunting location.

It is better to preserve your contaminated clothes inside the bag having dirt, leaves, and other soil particles.

This will infuse a natural scent into your contaminated hunting clothes which you can later wear to hunt down deer and bucks very easily.

It is better to exploit the mating seasons to easily hunt down deer from any corner of the forest territory.

For this reason, experienced hunters use the doe estrous to easily drag the attention of the deer towards their direction by raising the sexual excitement of the animal in an artificial manner.

It is extremely wise to use the month of October when the deer and bucks are in search of their mating partners across the forest.

You must not trim or cut the trees of your hunting location as that can alert the deer group to avoid coming across to that particular spot forever.

It is better to select a spot in the exact natural conditions without leaving any sign of the human settlement because that can create suspicion into the instinct of a deer very easily.


Before wrapping up this article, you guys must work hard to develop a perfect deer call tool using the above-mentioned materials and guidelines.

Remember one important thing for being successful in your hunting expedition, the first and foremost task is to cunningly lure the animals into your trap before shooting at it.

We believe the above information has provided the right set of information that is needed for creating a deer call.

It is DIY project and can be easily done at home. In case you have any suggestions or ideas to share we would be happy to hear from you.

Moreover, if you find this information relevant and useful, we would recommend sharing it online to help other people who might be searching for the same information.


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