How To Make A Deer Blind?Learn All You Need To Know Here

Deer hunting needs an exceptional display of skill and patience. You will not only have to learn the technique of imitating different vocal sounds of a deer but also need to explore methods to completely conceal your appearance and avoid detection in the forest at all costs.

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A deer blind can help you gain a terrific advantage over your prey and shoot down the target from a comfortable hiding place without detection.

You can easily taste success in the upcoming hunting season once you have the knowledge of how to make a deer blind.

Factors That Must Be Taken Into Consideration Before Building A Deer Blind

Before spending enough time and energy on building this hunting blind, you have to carefully consider certain factors to taste success in your hunting hangout. These mainly include:


You need to select a specific spot in the jungle that experiences frequent influxes of the deer flock during the seasons of breeding, mating, and other natural activities.

There is no point in choosing the wrong forest place to build such hunting that hardly witnesses any animal movement throughout the year.

It is better to perform a thorough survey of the entire forest area so as to gain proper information on the favorite roaming spot of the deer flock in search of food, mating partners, and in the fulfillment of other activities throughout the year before spending time and energy to construct this blind.


​While constructing this hunting blind, you need to make sure that the basic foundation covering the ground base remains sturdy all round the year.

If the foundation is not strong and rigid, then this hunting blind will not able to withstand your body weight and will also tremble under the influence of fast blowing wind.

No matter whether you want to setup a ground level or an elevated static blind, a feeble foundation can put an end to your deer hunting fun to a great extent because it will ultimately reveal your appearance and presence before the prey.

Assessing The Direction Of The Wind

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Deer can easily sense the presence of unknown dangers into its territory with the help of the flowing wind that often carries the body odor of human beings and other wild animals into their nose.

So while selecting any place to install this blind, you will also need to be acquainted with the trend and pattern of the wind direction during the day and night hours to conceal your presence from the deer.

Always remember that wind blows at the highest speed during the morning time and slows down during the time of evening.

For tasting success in deer hunting, you must properly utilize this basic knowledge while installing the hunting blind so as to escape from the direct and fast blowing wind that can easily carry your body odor into the nose of a deer.

There is another way to minimize the flow of body odor with the fast blowing wind and that involves constructing this hunting blind towards the opposite direction which will make it quite impossible for the deer to sense the presence of danger into their demarcated territory.

Steps That Are Needed To Be Followed To Build A Deer Blind

There is no point in wasting the hard-earned money to purchase this type of hunting blind from the market.

You can easily make a deer blind once following the basic guidelines that are mentioned below:

Use Of Essential Materials And Tools

For building this hunting blind, you need to possess the primary skill of carpentry and have to acquire certain essential materials and tools to complete the task on time.

First and foremost, you have to gather weather-proof lumber like redwood, cedar, and pine of highest quality that can withstand the harsh environmental condition.

Then you need to buy accessories like nails and hammer or screw gun, six hinges of similar size, drill machinery, safety gloves, and others.

Building The Floor Frame

The construction of deer blind remains incomplete without the inclusion of a properly layered surface floor.

So after gathering the essential instruments of construction, your first task involves building the floor frame in a professional manner. For that, you have to carve out the joists of an appropriate size out of the 2x4 inch lumber.

It is better to use sandpaper during the time of smoothening the edges of these carved out joists that you have obtained from the lumber.

Drilling Holes

Once you have carved out joists out of the lumber, you must now use the drilling machine to produce holes in them covering the perimeter to insert the galvanized screws measuring 2 1/2 inches.

It is your responsibility to see that the corner portions of these joists are in a perfect square and then you should place these joists at an equal space distance.

This step is quite essential for gaining stability and longevity of the deer blind in all conditions. In mistake in the measurement to cut joists out of the lumber can put your entire effort in vain.

Attaching Plywood Sheets

Then you must concentrate on the attachment of the plywood sheets into the floor frame.

For that you have to cut such sheets within the measurement of ¾ inches at an appropriate size and then use sandpaper to cover the edges of this sheet perfectly.

Here also you need to insert screws measuring 1 ¼ inches, but before that you have to drill the pilot holes and to properly flush the edges to keep the wood intact for a long period of time.

Now you must insert these joists along these joists at the depth of 8 feet without leaving any gap between the sheet cover.

Developing Sidewalls And Other Vital Sections

Now you must focus on building the sidewall of the deer blind. For that also you must carve out the joists out of the lumber measuring 2x4.

After drilling the pilot holes at a suitable depth, you must now insert screws measuring 2 ½ into these studs. You need to make sure that there are no gaps between these wooden carved components and the corners are perfectly in square shape.

Now you need to plumb these studs using spirit and have to ensure that the attached plates are in the horizontal position.

Now you must employ the similar technique while constructing the remaining walls along with the door and roof to complete the task.

Application Of Paint Coats

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Once you have finished developing the deer blind, you must now apply paint coats to gain the benefit of camouflage over your prey during the hunting season and also to prevent swelling of the wood during summer and rainy seasons.

But before that, you have to perform some finishing touches that involve filling the holes completely using wood putty and then allow it to dry.


By following these above-mentioned guidelines sincerely, you can easily build a deer blind of your choice. This hunting blind is immensely popular among hunters to shoot down the prey without giving any scope of detection.

Using a deer blind will help you to comfortably hunt down the prey with utmost precision and accuracy.

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