How To Get A Wild Turkey : All You Need To Know

How To Find A Turkey

Turkey can be found almost everywhere in the U.S. They start their day early, down from high branches that they roost when the night falls, to the ground in the morning to hunt rodents and, insects.

They often roost in the same trees every night in the forest.You can easily spot the flying up turkeys at the dusk, the flock perch on the tops of the trees.

When you have located their roosting area, you’ll be likely to catch them on the creek bottom or open areas nearby. Take 2-3 weeks before hunting to scout the land for turkeys.

It is less complicated to have permission to hunt turkeys than deer on a private land, as most landowner will be willing to.

The public land, military base or some paper company land are also good ideas.

What Time Is The Best?

You can seek for turkeys anytime in the season. But, by the breeding time, in early April, the male turkeys are in their best to seek for mates.

And they are very bold and so fixed on their task that they can be more blind and deaf than ever to be … by a nicely made hen decoy.

The best time to start the hunt is before the dawn when the birds haven’t reached the ground. Everything needs to be set up in silence before the sun rises up.

Some people like hunting in the rain because it will cover the noise, but it’s a bit uncomfortable to be in the rain for hours.

Gears For Turkey Hunting.

You can use shotgun, bow or rifle for turkey hunting, although a shotgun is the best choice.

The rifle is too powerful and is banned in some locations, but the shotgun would be enough and perfect for an 18 lb. gobbler.

The standard gauge for turkey is 12, although 20 is preferred by fewer experience hunters. If you use a rifle, the caliber should be .223 and .243.

It is unnecessary to equip a red dot sight or power scope at the distance less than 50 yards, the open sight is for fast acquisition and wide sight picture.Camouflage is critical.

Turkey has poor smell and flavor perception, but very keen sense of sound and movement. You need to fully conceal your body, even your face and hand. A mask that covers 2/3 your face and a pair of gloves are also necessary.

Make sure your gloves have grips so that you don’t drop your gun while shooting.A blind is much comfortable, especially in the bad weather, while waiting for the bird to show up.A call is necessary to quickly draw a turkey to your setting.

There are many types of turkey calls: friction call, box call, diaphragm call, push-pull call, tube call, wing bone call. Friction call is the most common for its natural sound and easy to handle.

Diaphragm call is inserted totally in hunter’s mouth and has a full range of sound, but needs a lot of practice.

The box call is easy to use and produces the loudest sound, that can be used to summon a gobbler far away. The push-pull call is easiest to handle but also provides the poorest sound quality.

You can buy a decoy from the hunting store, it looks perfectly like a living beautiful hen. You can even bring with this hen a jerk or a gobbler to make the real gobblers jealous.

How To Attract A Turkey And Shoot Them.

After spotting the roosting place and scouting for the area that the turkey might show up, you will set your blind in an open area, where the birds will search for food.

You should begin very early, enough to leisurely and ready to wait for turkeys to start their day. Position your blind under some tree shadow and the sun is from behind.Put your decoy at the distance of 25-50 yards in front of the blind.

You can bring a male turkey decoy to enhance the effect. But in late season, just a hen is enough, the gobblers will be too tired at that time to fight for a hen.

To entice a turkey into your area, you should be familiar with the sounds they use to communicate. A male turkey will gobble to announce their present to the hen.

The hen will yelp to help tom indicate their place.A lost turkey will cut and kee-kee when they are in danger.

You can conversate with a turkey just like the way you speak to your domestic chicken. You should start with a soft cut, then some yelps, and alternatively yelp, cut, purr.

Do not make it hard, wait for the gobbler to get excited and run to seek for the hen. They can hear you from a mile away.

More than often, the turkey will come quickly into your range, and they are often so fixed at the hen that they would notice nothing.

You can easily aim at the base of their neck by a shotgun at less than 50 yards. Try not to shoot at their body parts if you want a whole roasted turkey for dinner.

But if you shoot with a bow, which is very difficult to aim at their neck, you can shoot at the spot where the wing meets the body or even on its return, from behind.

And remember to set your decoy a little closer to the blind, about less than 30 yards, for good results.

How To Clean And Cook Your Turkey

Now you got your turkey. There are two methods to clean it: plucking or skinning. To pluck a turkey, you will need to immerse it completely in hot but not yet boiled water, to soften the skin and easily pluck out the feather.

The second method is to skin the bird. Tie the leg and hang it high. Slit the skin and use your hand only to shed entirely its skin to which the feather attaches.

Finally, cut off their head, tips of the wings and legs. After plucking or skinning the bird, take out their trails and remove dirt within it.

Now you have your whole turkey cleaned and ready to roast, bake, fry.

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