How To Blow A Goose Call?Learn All You Need To Know Here

Hunting a goose is very easy once you acquire the skill to imitate different vocal sounds of this waterbird. For that, hunters have been using the tool of goose call since ages to shoot down the bird with utmost accuracy.

This tool comes in different shapes and sizes to help in the production of various vocal sounds of a goose on the basis of seasons and other factors.

You need to devote sufficient time and energy to properly learn how to blow a goose call to taste success on the hunting trip.

Things That Must Be Considered While Buying A Goose Call

Presently, a goose call is now available in distinct materials, sizes, and shapes to greatly expand the choice and preference of the customers.

In such situations, it becomes naturally tough for a beginner to select the ideal product from the available options without spending much money and energy.

For avoiding confusion, it is better to determine the selection on the basis of certain factors. These mainly include the following below:

Experience And Expertise Level

A goose call is usually available in three distinct types that include the resonant chamber, flute, and short reed.

Now to select the appropriate one, you just need to assess your level of experience and expertise in handling such tools. Beginners can spend money on resonant  chamber call as it can be handled easily in the production of a dim and quieter call to draw the attention of a goose to a certain extent.

Experienced hunters can buy a flute call that helps to produce different vocal sounds of the geese to obtain a closer target range from the hidden location.

At the same time, a short reed call also enjoys a great deal of popularity among expert hunters as it helps to produce distinct calls of a goose with unique pitch level.

Plastic Or Wood Materials

Nowadays a wide range of goose calls are available in the market that is made of wood and plastic.

Only a very few people have achieved fluency in using a goose call which is available in a plastic or wooden structure simultaneously.

But for the rest, it is very much essential to think twice before spending money on any product. Goose call made of wood although features a classic and charming external appearance but produces a softer blow of sound.

Such tool also expands or shrinks in response to the outdoor moisture level that can ultimately crack or break the pitch of outgoing call easily.

Whereas, a goose call made of plastic can produce a loud sound, but for that you have to pay a higher market price.

It is because a less costly plastic call is not able to produce a refined sound to lure the geese flock easily into the trap.

Soft Or Loud Sound Pitch Or Volume

While purchasing a goose call, you must first thoroughly test the level or intensity of the volume or pitch generation once passing air from your mouth into the hollow space of the tube.

This will help you easily draw the attention of the waterbird flock depending on the current situation during the time of hunting.

You can reap the benefit of loud pitch when there is a large flock of geese roaming across the open field.

Similarly, you can obtain the benefit of soft pitch generation to hunt geese flock within the vicinity of a small lake.

Expensive Or Cheap

​Beginners do not have to spend above $100 in purchasing a goose call to taste success in the hunting game.

They must first hone their skills with the least expensive one before spending money on the big one.

On the other hand, experienced hunters can run after expensive and innovative goose calls to obtain an added benefit over the prey.

They can spend money to purchase a high-quality acrylic call to showcase before others after shooting down a large buck of geese.

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Methods That Must Be Followed While Blowing A Goose Call

Proper Hand Position

For blowing a goose call properly, you need to use the hand position accurately and properly to produce the back pressure.

This back pressure helps in the creation of space inside the tube to pass the blown air and also to alter the pitch and tone of the vocal sound.

You just need to wrap the exhaust portion of this tube with the help of the forefinger and thumb to create a tunnel that ensures smooth passage of the mouth air.

Callers can also create an extra pressure using the other hand at the exhaust part with varying ranges of constriction.

Ultimately it all depends on your requirements to generate the appropriate pressure to obtain the desired result.

Adding Of Air

For blowing a good-quality goose call, it is not just enough to puff the air into the exhaust end of the tube from your mouth only.

You need to apply a bit pressure on to your diaphragm and lungs to pull up air coming with decent pressure to generate a loud sound with distinct pitch level.

You can take lessons from the opening up of a soda bottle that also involves the generation of air with a great pressure from below.

Properly Using The Call Syllables

Once you have understood the importance of adding air pressure and the use of proper hand position, now it is time to explore on the method of producing the sound imitation of the goose.

Beginners, putting the goose call into the mouth, must use the two-syllable words like ‘ga-wick’. Once uttering the first syllable they will be able to bring the central portion of the tongue upwards which will act as a dam to check the air pressure at the other end.

Now when they will utter the second syllable the tongue shall drop which will help them to release a pressurized breath inside the hollow pipe.

This technique will help them to easily alter the speed and pitch of the sound depending on the situations to lure the geese flock.

You can also use other unique one- or two- word syllables to obtain a tailor-made outcome of the highest level.

Different Types Of Goose Sounds

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A goose can produce different types of vocal sounds depending on situations and other reasons.

It is very much essential to know thoroughly the essence of some of these sounds before using a calling tool to lure the bird.

These normally include the following:

Social Call

It is a common trend among the geese flock to emit a greeting call or social call to interact with each other when any lost member returns to the community or in the event of territorial invasion.

Mating Call

Such sound is usually produced by a male goose to attract the attention of the female partner during the time of the spring season.

This sound is also produced in the event of claiming the territory of another geese flock.

Neonatal/Parental Calls

Recent research shows that both the male and female goose responds to the tender peep-peep voice of the goslings once they come out of the hatched eggs.


No doubt that once you have acquired the art of blowing a goose call, your hunting adventure will be full of fun and excitement.

You need to work really hard to blow air into such hollow tube with the proper use of hand pressure and the utterance of the appropriate syllable.

At the same time, you must also study the lifestyle of a goose to understand the importance of different vocal sounds very easily.

You should refrain from buying a costly call product without the approval of your mentor because that will lead to unnecessary waste of money.

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