How Long To Hang A Deer? All You Need To Know

You must have noticed that hunters always hang the carcass of a deer rather than chopping it instantly after hunting it down.

It is because they want to showcase the deer carcass as a hard-earned trophy to others and also to easily extract the soft meat through skinning with the help of a knife or other sharp objects.

But to avoid decay and degeneration of the venison, you should know how long to hang a deer.

Factors That Must Be Taken Into Consideration While Hanging A Deer

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Every hunter has the tendency to showcase the carcass of animals like deer to highlight their achievements.

Keeping a deer carcass in a hanging position also helps them to smoothly pierce the delicate skin of the dead animal and obtain the meat using objects like a knife or an axe.

But the duration of hanging the carcass of a deer is usually based on certain factors.

They are:


It is quite hard to ignore this factor as it plays a dominant role in determining the quality and freshness of the venison which you want to extract by skinning the dead body of the animal.

There is no problem in hanging the carcass of a deer beyond the period of 2 to 3 days if the temperature is between 35 degrees Fahrenheit to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Hanging a dead deer in this temperature range will restore the quality of the venison.

You can also replicate this temperature range to hang the deer carcasses inside the containers to export them in other corners of the United States.


​For improving the tenderness of venison, aging plays a vital role so as to help you in obtaining the unbeatable taste in all conditions after roasting and frying.

During aging, the prote olytic enzymes play a big role to weaken the muscle protein to enhance the tenderness of venison.

Older deer carcass must be hung for the period of 1 to 2 weeks to soften the muscle and other edible portions of the venison from the impact of the collagen tissues apart from the enzyme.

Whereas, the carcass of a young deer within the age of 2 years or less should be hanging for the duration of 2 to 3 days to reap the benefit of aging because of the lower concentration of the collagen tissues.


Hunters who want to hang the deer carcass beyond the specific time period of 2-4 days must thoroughly check the level of humidity so as to prevent the growth and breeding of bacteria and germs in the venison.

During the time of high humidity, the action and activity of bacteria increase to a great extent which can ultimately spoil the taste and flavor of the venison.

It is better to utilize the time of low humid conditions when the bacteria is unable to spoil the freshness and quality of the meat of a hanging deer carcass.

Always avoid hanging the deer carcass during the cloudy atmosphere because of the increased activity of the bacteria which ultimately erodes the muscles and other edible parts of the venison.

Benefits Of Hanging The Carcass Of A Deer After Hunting

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It is a common practice among the hunters to hang the carcass of a deer with a rope or strap either in an upward or downward position once shooting it down.

It is because of the following advantages

1/Better Drainage

No matter whether you hang the carcass either in an upward or downward position, it will help you easily remove the unwanted body parts of the deer that include guts, intestine, and others at the time of skinning.

It will also help you to drain the excessive blood out of the body of a dead deer.

2/Smooth Removal Of Internal Body Parts

Hanging a deer high-above the ground will help you to easily pierce its skin using a knife and other sharp instruments to remove internal body parts without receiving any obstruction from the chest cavity.

3/Easier To De-Bone Or Quarter

It becomes much easier to remove the bones and other inedible portions of the venison once you hang the dead deer above the surface ground.

It also prevents exposure of the soil dirt and other harmful pests on the deer meat which you have just extracted from the body of the animal.


Once you are aware of the factors before hanging the carcass of a deer then it will be easier for you to display it as a trophy without affecting the quality of venison.

Beginners always make the error of chopping the carcass instantly which ultimately prevents them from having a lavish dinner with the roasted venison.

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