Composite Bow: An Ancient Version of the Compound Bow

Like many others I also started my hunting journey with bow. This pleasure has become my part of life since childhood. Though I also love to hunt with a firearm but this is something epic. Don’t get me wrong. I love the thrill as well. Every shot with a bow is full of surprises.

Success in bow shooting is always a mystery; it’s unpredictable unless it rips through the target’s body. That’s how I like to explain the reason for my preference.

Hunters have common pictures, but when bow hunters gather around, it’s like showering stories starts. There are thousands of stories, for which I love it more.

From ancient time, nomad tribes are using a composite bow for their daily hunting. Previously it was the most favorite war weapon of archetypal warriors. The construction mechanism and ease of use were far better than a wooden bow.

As civilization progressed the uses of this mounted archery have been changed. People started to use this more for hunting food sources. In hunting you need power, accuracy and effective weapon, then what could be better choice than a composite bow?

Digging Some Historical Data:

Around 1800 BC the first bow was used by Assyrians. This weapon’s attacking system was so effective that it helped them to win many great battles. Except for the Middle East, the whole world used this weapon.

Egyptians, Babylonians and the Hittites used the upgraded version of this weapon.

Modernizing The Name:

The modern hunting industry has renamed this weapon as “Nomenclature”. Metal, wood, and sinew are the most important materials used to make this bow. These materials give better control, flexibility and finally the performance.

The new arrow flies at great speed. Similarly penetrating and striking systems were also developed. That was the reason it was in the top choice of worlds’ greatest warriors in the battlefield.

How This Traditional Bow Is Designed:

The base materials of this bow are original tree wood, sinew (a tendon tissue for uniting) and the horn. Timber and horn hold the core while sinews take care of the spinning process before and after you release the arrow.

To give it a shape, a blacksmith joints multiple pieces of wood with animal glue. Since shape and dimension depend on this core, it’s important that the wood must accept the glue. Besides, the timber must be unbreakable or else at the time of blending it might be broken. The bow makers use hard maples in blending part.

If the parts are compressed well, the bow won’t become sturdy. Naturally, it takes few weeks to jell together. Sometimes drying requires an extra week in extreme humid condition.

This sturdy construction may look smaller but in the field of hunting, it’s a deadly weapon. This weapon was very popular for horseback and chariot rider. This incredible design gives mobility and capacity to store energy. What more you need to win the battle that is what the chariot riders used to say.

Though it requires a longer time to construct a bow, it has massive power to rip through enemy’s body, Byzantine army believed.

Besides these great advantages, ancient archers faced few difficulties. In extreme humid condition, the animal glue started losing its force. But finally a solution came out and the army started keeping their bows inside a leather pouch. It helped them to keep the bows dry.

Evolve of The New Modern Category:

Mongol invaders started to become fully depended upon archery. From conquering new countries to hunt food they used the weapon widely. The dependency drove them to further upgrade the firearm.

Later, they curved the end outwards which increased the accuracy and speed. They renamed the new version as recurve bows. The Saracen made further improvements to get better results. The upgraded version was renamed as ‘crossbow’. As per the history, Muslim warrior was the inventor.

At present, the invention of different durable and synthetic materials has made the bow stronger ever. Now new compound bows are made of carbon fiber, super quality metal, and fiberglass resin.

The hunting industry changed massively after the H.W. Allen has invented compound bow in 1966.

Stretchable longer strings are capable to generate more power. Now you don’t have to apply more strength to hold the arrow back. The stability allows you to concentrate on the clear shot.

It has an effective range. If you can identify a deer 60 yards far from your stand, you can take a shot. You just need a long range hunting binocular to spot and a compound bow to shot.

Have We Reacted with The Technological Shift?

Always adoption of new tech heavily affected civilization and for most of the cases it is positive. Same happened in bow hunting. We didn’t react rather we responded.

p>The game of hunting changed with new gear inventions. Previously hunters were prefers to join in group for all member of the clan.

But now, modern bow hunters prefer to hunt alone and it’s no longer a killing game only. Wildlife distribution, recreation, economic and esthetics are the major reasons.

How Ancestor Taught Us to Protect Your Technology:

The composite bow has become a living thing. It reacts to climate changes; that what our ancestors taught us. It responds to humid conditions. Now a day people have enough information to build a perfect composite bow. Just like your other gear, you can’t ignore the other sides also. You must have to know the aftercare.

During off-season, I don’t let my hunting equipment to remain in the dark. I check and inspect all my gears to protect my investment.

1) In hunting seasons I wax the strings after 7 days. And in the down seasons, depending on the harshness of weather, I polish after 30 days.

2) Like the string, I also inspect the wooden frame. If you found any cracks or twists, take it immediately to an expert to repair.

3) I do flex test (bending) and if I hear any cracking sounds, I replace those immediately. Damaged and improper arrow will affect your success.

That was the brief path on how we preserved our passion towards an ancient deadly weapon. At present, the bow and arrows are used widely in hunting game. No weapons can guaranty you a perfect kill. It’s about your comfort, skills, experience, and patience which will help you to win.

Kristopher M. Samson

"Hello ! My name is Kristopher M. Samson .I'm a firefighter. I love my job and hunting sport. For me , hunting is a sport good for my health . It help me relax after job time"

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