Bow Hunting Tips For Beginners

Bow hunting is an enormously rewarding sport but even the best and most experienced archers will still find it quite challenging. Many archers will describe it as more of an art than science as it takes time to master.

As you are starting out in bow hunting, everything looks super hard but it does not have to be if you know what to do and are disciplined, patient enough and are willing to learn and improve your skills.

It is obvious that you will not become a master bow hunter after a couple of hunting trips but you can increase your success rate significantly if you do things the right way.

And if you are still wondering where to start or what to do or avoid when bow hunting as a beginner, here are some handy tips to help you out.

#1. Find The Right Bow And Arrows

One cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a proper bow and arrows when bow hunting. And this is regardless of whether you will be using a compound bow, recurve bow or the more traditional long bows.

Your choice of bow and arrows will affect all the other aspects of bow hunting, and so it is one of the first decisions you need to make.

  • Choosing A Bow

When it comes to finding the right bow, the first step is obviously to decide the type you want to shoot.

And while each hunter (including the beginners) seems to have a particular preference, many experienced hunters seem to recommend the compound bow for beginners as it is easy to handle and will offer better yardage and velocity.

Once you make up your mind on the type of bow to use, the next step is to decide on other important factors like the draw length and draw weight.

  • Picking Your Arrows

For the arrows, aluminum and carbon are the two most common options. But for a beginner, the durability and lightweight of carbon might be a much better option.

Also, choose the correct arrowhead according to the purpose. For practice shooting, field point arrowheads can work fine but they are quite unethical, and also illegal for hunting large game in many places. And so you should change to broadhead arrowheads when hunting.

#2.Practice Enough Ahead Of Time

Every archer is always looking forward to getting into the woods and starting the hunt. But, if you want to succeed in your hunts and enjoy doing it, you should also look forward to practicing enough.

This not only applies to beginners but also the expert archers as many will spend days or weeks practicing their aim and targeting before the hunting season.

At least two weeks of continuous practice can help to improve your hit ratio and to get the right yardage. An open land or a place that is similar to where you will be hunting is the best practice location.

#3. Always Scout The Hunting Location Beforehand

As hunting season draws close, it is important to scout the areas that you intend to hunt. Scouting will not only help you familiarize with the terrain but also the number and types of species.

Watch out or things like foot tracks, feces, and scrapers when scouting the location to determine whether the animals you intend to hunt are available or not.

Also, try to determine whether the terrain will pose any challenges when hunting or not, and think of the possible solutions in case you were to find yourself in a situation.

#4. Choose The Right Hunting Time

Bow hunting will also require you to choose the perfect timing. If it is open season, there are probably going to be several hunters hunting the same species and in the same location, and so proper timing is vital for success.

On the material day that you plan to hunt, you should enter the location quietly just before dawn, then settle in the blind of the land or tree stand if you already have one.

By doing this, you will reduce the likelihood of getting spotted by any game you intend to hunt. Also, keep in mind that different animals will have different activity times, and so it is important to have prior knowledge about the activity patterns of the species.

#5. Sturdy The Animals You Intend To Hunt Well

You need to have as much information as possible on the animals that you intend to hunt. First, it will help you determine their activity hours to avoid a situation where you end up waiting in a tree stand for many hours.

Secondly, understanding the psychology of the animal helps you determine how it is going to behave in different situations and circumstances.

Learning from more experienced hunters can help a beginner understand the behaviors of different animals better. And if you combine this with some additional research, you should have enough information on your intended prey.

#6. Go For The Hunt Odorless

Many animals rely on smell to find food and to sniff out potential predators. And with such immense smell capabilities, you can be sure that whatever you are hunting is likely to recognize any suspicious smell long before you see it.

It is vital to make sure that you are completely odorless before you go bow hunting. There are a number of precautions that you can to take to ensure this.

They will include things like making sure that you do not use any fragrant products at least a couple of days before you go hunting. Also, avoiding spicy food, alcohol and smoking the day before can help to keep you odorless.

#7. Clean And Dress The Kill Immediately

Our last tip comes in handy once you make the kill but it is still as important as the others. And it is to make sure that you clean and dress the animal the soonest possible.

When it comes to dealing with the kill you can transfer it to another location for cleaning or you can do it there and then if you have a dressing kit.

Removing the internal organs immediately limits the chances of bacteria growth and also reduces the weight you will have to carry.

Also, avoid removing the arrow out of the animal’s body forcibly as it will be easier to get out without damaging it as you are cleaning the animal.


Bow hunting is all about learning and improving your skills and capabilities as you hunt more, and so you should not expect to know everything at once.

With our tips above to help you out, by researching some more and also tagging along with an experienced hunter when possible you will be on your way to becoming a master hunter soon than you think.

Lastly, also keep in mind that bow hunting is not always about killing animals but also the thrill that comes with it, and the time you get to spend outdoors enjoying nature. And so do not be disappointed if your first few hunts do not result in a successful kill.

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