5 Of The Best Youth Compound Bows : You Need To Know (2019)

Youth compound bows are becoming quite popular among the archers in different competitive events and hunting games.

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This type of bow is primarily based on the levering system with pulleys and cables. Teenagers must concentrate on selecting the best youth compound bow to thoroughly acquire the basic skills of archery.

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Things That Must Be Considered While Choosing The Best Youth Compound Bow

Youths who have no experience in archery, usually encounter the trouble to choose the right compound bow.

In such situation, they must strictly observe certain important guidelines like:

Assessing The Draw Length

It is the most vital aspect that can help you to choose the suitable youth compound bow to develop skill in the archery. This draw length usually varies depending on the height and age of the teenagers.

For measuring such length accurately, you need to stretch both the hands in a ‘T’ like manner. Then use a tape to measure the distance between the middle fingertip of the one hand to the middle fingertip of the left hand.

Once obtaining the exact distance then divide the value with 2.5. This will help you in releasing the arrow quite comfortably.

Determining The Exact Draw Weight

According to Hunthacks.com,This weight measurement primarily refers to the ability to pull back the string of a compound bow as far as possible before releasing the arrow to hit the target. It usually varies depending on the motor skills, stamina, and strength of the archer.

A heavier draw weight always boosts the speed of an arrow. So you need to focus on buying the ideal youth compound bow with a standard draw weight depending on the physical strength to avoid missing the target.

Compound bows featuring 10 to 16 pounds of draw weight are quite ideal for the youths belonging to the age-group of 8-12 years.

Teens falling in the age group of 12-14 years must buy compound bows having the draw weight of 14-22 pounds.

Testing The Overall Length Of The Bow

Length is a vital factor when it comes to selecting the best youth compound bow to achieve stability and maneuverability.

For this, you just need to measure the distance between the wheel like tools or cams that are attached to the either end of the limb of a compound bow for easily figuring out the overall length.

For matching your distinct hunting or shooting requirement, it is essential to buy the ideal compound bows of a specific length. For hunting activities, it is always better to use a compound bow of shorter length that normally varies from 30-32 inches.

There is no problem in using a longer compound bow during the time of target shooting competition to achieve accuracy and speed once releasing the arrow from the string.

Studying The Level Of Noise And Speed

Archers always like to purchase bows that do not produce much vibration once releasing the pulled back string but deliver maximum speed to the arrows especially in the upward direction at around 350 feet per second or beyond.

A youth compound bow helps to achieve both these requirements without affecting the basic archery skill of the teenagers.

These bows are equipped with accessories commonly called vibration dampeners to easily absorb the leftover energy before producing vibration in the string.

As a result, these bows are also now gaining widespread popularity in hunting due to the presence of the vibration absorption feature to eliminate noise after releasing the arrow.

Ready To Shoot Or Bare Bow

A compound bow is usually available either in a ready to shoot or bare form depending on the personal choice of the customers.

Teenagers and novice archers must buy a compound bow that comes with all the essential set of attached accessories so as to start practicing the arrow shooting instantly without wasting much time and energy.

It will help them to avoid extra spending and unnecessary work before practicing shooting or participating in any hunting adventure.

Experienced archers can spend a lot of time in choosing the suitable components like the quiver, sight, arrow rest before attaching them to any bare model of a compound bow.

Our Top 5 Compound Youth Recommendations

Review Of Popular Youth Compound Bows

This compound bow features a soft touch reinforced grip with a reinforced ambidextrous handle. The draw weight of this bow is 18 pounds to provide adequate strength and stability before hitting the target.

The compound bow also features a standard draw length that ranges from 18-22 inches to help young archers in releasing the arrow at a maximum speed.

This product provides an affordable and ideal medium to deliver the unique experience of archery to the novice teenage shooters of different age-groups.

It is available in different color options that include pink, black, and Realtree camouflage to address the distinct preference of the buyers.

The product also comes with a complete set of useful accessories that includes

  • Finger rollers
  • 2 arrows
  • Adjustable pin sight
  • And so on

This product enables archers to retain the grip even in harsh conditions without missing the target. This bow arrives with the decent warranty period of 5 years against shortcomings in workmanship and materials.

The product guarantees versatility in hunting and other outdoor trips. This bow is very easy to setup and the pin sight provides a crystal clear view of the target before releasing the arrow.

It can significantly improve the arrow shooting skill of a teenage archer to win laurels in any competitive event.


  • Arrives with the useful set of components that include 2 arrows, flexible pin size, finger rollers, and others to offer versatility
  • Quite easy to set-up without before practicing shooting
  • It comes with the standard draw weight of 18 lbs to help youngsters in developing and improving the muscle strength while aiming at the target
  • The bow is available within the draw length of 18-22 inches to release arrows at a much faster speed to hit the target very hard
  • The product imparts a soft feeling to the hand at the time of grip adjustment or pulling back the string.


  • The metal tips of the 2 arrows are cheaply prepared.
  • The bow set does not include any provision of armguard to prevent the scope of injury to the very young and inexperienced archers.
  • The string is not capable of withstanding pressure beyond the specific drawing weight of 18 pounds.

This product helps young shooters to hone their archery skills with extreme attention to the minute details.

It comes with the complete set of accessories that include

  • Finger tab
  • Arm guard
  • Two safety glass arrows
  • Arrow quiver of 2-piece
  • Temporary tattoo
  • Single pin sight
  • And whisker biscuit arrow rest to offer versatility and adjustability while aiming at the prey

It is available within the draw weight of 15-25 pounds depending on the age group of the young archers to enhance the muscle strength for holding the entire draw of a compound bow.

The product offers impressive draw length as per the needs of the shooters within the range of 13.5-19 inches to guarantee the swift speed of the arrow without any deflection.

This bow provides an added benefit to the archers both in the hunting activities and different competitive events due to the axle to axle length of 26 inches.

It is made up of good quality materials to provide durability and longevity on a long-term basis.

The product has also grabbed the attention of the customers due to the presence of composite durable riser and limbs to guarantee stable gripping and essential adjustment.


  • The product offers sufficient stretching to pull back the string because of the draw length that varies from 13.5-19 inches.
  • The bow helps in releasing the arrow at an impressive pace from any range due to the draw weight of 15-25 pounds.
  • It is very much durable, stable, and long-lasting in all environmental conditions.
  • It arrives with a comprehensive set of accessories to avoid additional expenditures.
  • This product offers surplus scope of adjustment to guarantee firm gripping.


  • The draw length is not adequate for the youths of certain ages.
  • The draw weight sometimes become quite difficult to adjust.
  • Inclusion of plastic string sometimes reduces the shooting speed.

The feel and look of this bow are quite trendy and sophisticated. The product is equipped with the heavyweight, durable composite limbs along with the integrated composite shot riser center and a large window sight hole.

This bow also arrives with a package set that includes

  • Finger tab
  • Armguard
  • Arrow rest
  • Two composite arrows
  • 2-piece of quiver
  • And sights.

The system of the composite cam in this bow is based on the support of the weather-friendly, heavyweight cable guard, cables, and strings to deliver a superior shooting performance.

The axle length of 33 inches is mainly designed to provide convenience and comfort to the novice compound bow archers.

The draw weight range of this bow is from 17-21 pounds to develop the muscular strength of the youth shooters falling within the age of 12 years and beyond.

The inclusion of the brace height of 8 inches features an impressive design to provide ultimate forgiveness for any inappropriate shot.

The integrated design of the right-hand grip enables sufficient scope for the hand placement. It also guarantees balance adjustments before aiming at the target.


  • The compound bow is well-made and sturdy to provide solid grip.
  • The product guarantees terrific shooting performance due to weather-resistant strings, cables, etc.
  • Provides optimum hand placement opportunity while aiming at the target.
  • This item helps to adjust the draw weight as per the muscular strength of the youth shooters.
  • It comes with a readymade package of accessories like finger tab, arm guard, composite arrows, and so on.


  • The compound bow is only suitable for small hunting games only to hit rabbits or squirrels.
  • The product is not at all ideal among the youth shooters of below 10 years of age.
  • The draw weight cannot be adjusted and is quite fixed.

This compound bow features an adjustable peep sight hole to provide a crystal clear view of the target.

It is lightweight in touch and feeling to deliver a unique experience of archery. It comes with the guarantee period of 5 years against all defects and enables shooters to easily adjust the draw weight to gain convenience before releasing the arrow.

It is an ideal learning tool for the inexperienced young archers. The product comes with a readymade package of 3 arrows with the bow arrow holder.

This compound bow comes with the standard draw weight range of 19-45 pounds.


  • The compound bow is very adjustable and is lightweight in touch and feeling.
  • The product features a flexible sight hole to clearly view the target.
  • It is ideal for the big hunting game due to the powerful draw weight of 19-45 pounds.
  • It comes with a complete set of package that includes 3 arrows and other essential components.
  • This product remains sturdy and durable in all occasions.


  • It is only designed and developed for the right-hand archers only.
  • The draw weight range never provides enough scope for frequent adjustment.
  • The draw length is not sufficient to hit any far distant-range target.

These compound bows completely eliminate the requirements of the prescribed draw length and let-off magnitudes.

It is quite ideal for the intermediate and beginner archers of distinct ages and physical abilities.

The compound bow offers a good assistance in the formation of muscular strength among the youth archers as the draw weight can be easily fixed within the range of 10-20 pound with the help of the hex wrench of 3/16 inches.


  • The compound bow unleashes a trendy and study design
  • It helps in the proper development of the archery skill without involving any specific draw length
  • The bow comes with the built-in cam technology and produces less noise, lower recoil impact with yutmost accuracy
  • It does not injury to the youth learners due to the composite sturdy limbs, powerful bowstrings, idler wheel, and so on.
  • The product features a comprehensive package set that includes 5 aluminum arrows, arm guard, and other components.


  • The upper pulley wheel sometimes cease to function properly
  • The axis pin needs to be extended through the two disks and the wheel within the range of 1/8 inch
  • Shooters with lean muscle strength often fail to derive the advantage of the draw weight of this bow.


​After properly comparing the features and specifications of the above-mentioned compound bow products of the different brands, there is no doubt to state that the Genesis youth compound bows are the cleaner winner in this round even falling within the premium budget of around $216.

These bows thoroughly address the distinct needs of the inexperienced young shooters through unleashing innovative features and specs.

For avoiding budget crunch, Bear Archery Brave Bow Set can also be the ideal choice of the young archers as it can be purchased at the nominal price of around $50.

An appropriate youth compound bow can play a crucial role in developing a knack towards archery.

So just think carefully before investing the hard-earned money in buying the suitable product.

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