5 Of The Best Shooting Rests : All You Need To Know (2019)

A shooting rest offers useful support and stability to the rifle while aiming at the target in a sitting position.

It is usually available in a three-leg, two-leg or a single-leg structure. Beginners and inexperienced shooters need to work hard for choosing the best shooting stick at a reasonable price.

Benefits Of Using A Shooting Rest In Hunting And In Other Outdoor Adventures

Shooting rests are now becoming a precious accessory in hunting and other outdoor activities. This tool helps hunters to easily mount their guns before bending the knees or elbows to fire a bullet towards the target from any range.

The other benefits of using a shooting rest include the following points below:


These stands completely minimize the chance of target missing once firing the bullet from the gun.

It allows shooters to focus on the target conveniently without encountering the pressure and weight of the gun before pressing the trigger in a sitting or resting posture.

As a result, they can easily hit the prey with a clean shot without encountering pain or trembling in the hand.

These stands also check the bodyweight impact when the shooters bend to press the rifle trigger.


A shooting rest allows hunters to adopt a convenient and comfortable sitting position once mounting the rifle.

The importance of this tool is very much vital in the open or rugged hunting areas to acquire a perfect support while leaning the body to fire a bullet towards the prey.

It not only guarantees shooting accuracy but also avoids back pain, shoulder pain, and other body aches while relaxing or resting the body towards a particular direction.

Using this tool, shooters can also adjust the elevation of the mounted rifle to acquire a crystal clear vision of the approaching target

Minimize The Recoil Impact

A shooting plays a big role in absorbing the impact of recoil once firing the bullet from the rifle.

As a result, hunters and shooters do not suffer from the shoulder injury or neck bone crack once taking a perfect shot towards the target.

No matter what type of rifle you use, a shooting stand will always reduce the impact of the recoil effect to keep you safe from sudden injury.

It guarantees tight-fitting of the mounted gun to eliminate the scope of recoil once applying pressure to the trigger.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Shooting Rest

  • A shooting rest needs to be light to lift sturdy while balancing
  • Check the quality of bases, rubber pads and rings.
  • Better and easy adjustable functionalities

Review Of Shooting Rests

MTM Predator Shooting Rest

The product comes with the four-legged solid stance and offers impressive support and stability while mounting any gun.

It is very much ideal to suit the diverse needs of the handgun and rifle enthusiasts. It features a non-marring rubber pad to offer a solid gripping support to the barrels and stocks of any gun of various shapes.

Customers can utilize the precision dialed pedestal screw of this product to adjust the forearm level to ensure exact positioning of the rifle. It is quite light, portable, and is modestly priced.

It features a PSR’s butt stock support mechanism to achieve uniformity in the uneven surface to easily adjust the fitting of a long gun of distinct sizes.

The product is capable of withstanding the gun weight and pressure to ensure a perfect fitting.


  • The product is extremely light and portable.
  • The rubber pads provide stable and solid gripping to the gun.
  • The inclusion of slip-free stance ensures solid base support in the uneven surface condition.
  • It is quite compatible with handgun and rifle.
  • The precision dialed height adjuster enables the shooters to mount the rifle at a suitable elevation.


  • The product is not suitable to be used in long-range shooting because the wheel and plastic screw are not forced downward.
  • It is not ideal to used for sighting in a 50 cal Barrett.
  • The product hardly provides support to the gun that comes with large magazines.

Rock BR Competition Front Shooting Rest

The product helps to realize the genuine potential of the ammunition and rifle. This top-notch rest is mainly designed to address the different needs of the expert shooters.

The adjustable Windage cradle of this product enables shooters to conduct precise and smooth corrections using fingertips to enhance the stability for the refined accuracy.

It features the ball bearing rotational system to adjust the level of elevations once mounting the gun. The 2-stage elevation adjustment is up to 11.5 inches.

For acquiring an improved forehand support, the cradle arrives with the solid bag tensioning system of the highest grade.

The product also features an unfilled 3-lobe bag to cover the wide forends along with the filled front medium Varmint bag for the sporter forend style.

Shooters can rely on this product to produce the best shooting performance through utilizing the precision machining and the latest design.

The stand also comprises cast iron footprint of 14 inches to easily disperse the weight of the rifle.


  • The rest is quite sturdy and well-designed.
  • Assists in properly adjusting the height of the mounted gun to ensure better aiming at the target.
  • The cast-iron pins help to disperse the weight of the rifle to guarantee shooting accuracy.
  • The adjustable cradle enables shooters to establish a good correction using the fingertips.
  • It offers two different style front bags and is very much compatible with any Caldwell front bag


  • Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to adjust the essential settings of this rest.
  • It is better to apply a light coating of the lithium grease covering all the sliding parts of the product.
  • The fit between the coarse adjustment tube and the base hole is a bit loose.
  • The pointed edges can easily injure the exposed fingertip.

Caldwell Lead Sled Plus Recoil Reducing Rifle Rest

The shooting rest is ideal for mounting slug guns and magnum rifles of distinct sizes to shoot down the target from any range.

It features an innovative and latest adjustable tray slides to accommodate weight bags and barbell weights. It can thoroughly check the impact of recoil once pressing the trigger to avoid shoulder and back injury.

It enables shooters to bend or stretch at a convenient level to hold the gun firmly before firing the bullet. It comes with the precision elevation shaft with the non-marring rubber feet that completely eliminates the chance of wobble impact.

The overall weight of the rest is 15lbs and the dimension is 27 x 12 inches to guarantee stability and firm gripping for the long-range firearms of any caliber. It works fine for both the right hand and left arm shooters.

It prevents stock shift in-between any shot with the help of the stock-stabilizer rear bag. The inclusion of the multi-surface rear foot helps to establish proper contact with all kinds of shooting surfaces.


  • Makes sighting very much easier to hit the bullet in the right direction.
  • Completely eliminates the impact of recoil due to the inclusion of the Lead Sled Dual-Frame Technology.
  • It arrives with an extremely fine windage that can be easily adjusted with the fingertip to achieve the suitable height of the mounted firearm.
  • The product never wobbles while exerting pressure and weight on the firearm.
  • It is very much flexible in every kind of shooting surface.


  • The rest trembles while firing bullet from the higher caliber gun.
  • The sandbag fails to cradle the rifle properly.
  • The windage adjustment requires further modifications.

The Rock Deluxe Shooting Rest

It comes with a cradle featuring the sturdy bag tensioning system to improve the forfend support and enhance the stability to guarantee a refined accuracy.

The rest also comprises a ball bearing rotational system to fine tune the elevation adjustment as per the requirement of the shooters.

For providing a uniform stock placement on a shot to shot basis, the product comes with the forend stop. The stable and wide footprint helps to disperse weight over 8.5 pounds without affecting the shooting performance.

The rest also features a 7/8’ steel post diameter to offer a quick and smooth height adjustment till 8.2 inches. Shooters can also utilize the 3 leveling feet to gain balance and flexibility on any type of surface.

It helps shooters to focus on the target either in a sitting or relaxing posture without wobbling the position of the mounted firearm.


  • The product can easily withstand weight above 8.5 pounds to ensure a perfect shot accuracy from any distance.
  • It ensure height adjustment till 8.2 inches to provide better visibility of the target.
  • The product greatly improves the forend support with the help of a flexible cradle.
  • It is very much compatible with the front rest bags of the Caldwell Deluxe Universal.
  • The shooting is quite ideal for any kind of surface.


  • The front bag of the rest comes with an inadequate stitching.
  • The base of the rest is pretty heavy and never provides any flexibility at the time of position changing.
  • The height adjustment sometimes becomes quite tough.

Steady Rest NXT Shooting Rest

The product is quite ideal for the handgun and long gun enthusiasts. The vertical cradle adjustment of this rest helps to gain impressive height to shot down the target from any range of distance.

The 3-piece design of this item ensures proper adjustment of the handgun and long gun of any size or caliber. The rear and front support portions feature a non-marring substance to protect the polished finish of any firearm.

It guarantees effective protection of the gunstock’s finish during firing with the inclusion of the rear contoured support. The product also comes with a neoprene pad to provide a solid cushioned base for the pistol or revolver.

The total length of this shooting range is 26 inches along with the vertical cradle height of 3 inches. It allows users to select the appropriate elevation level to hunt down the prey or hitting the target very hard with a single clean shot.

It is very much compatible with any kind of surface condition to help shooters in availing the best experience of gun firing throughout the year.


  • The product prevents the damage of the firearm finish.
  • It is coming at an affordable price with innovative and advanced features.
  • The item assists in adjusting the height of any long gun or handgun.
  • It provides better visual experience while using pistols, rifles or shotguns.
  • The product arrives with stable footprints to ensure tight gripping of the mounted gun in all kinds of surfaces.


  • Rear end portion of this rest fails to provide sufficient height without using a sandbag or padding.
  • It never works smoothly with certain collapsible stock.
  • The item is not all suitable for the long-distance shooting.

Our Pick


On the basis of thorough evaluation of the features and specs of the above-mentioned shooting rest products, Steady Rest NXT Shooting Rest emerges to be the clear winner of this roundup due to various reasons.

  • First, this shooting rest falls within the cheap market price of around $24 which can be easily afforded by the average people who are fond of shooting using long gun or handgun.
  • Second, it is bestowed with many advanced and innovative features that offer flawless protection to the firearms at the time of the shooting.
  • Thirdly, it provides surplus height adjustment benefit depending on the type of firearm shooters are using to hit the target.
  • Fourthly, it can easily adjust to any type of surface due to the flexible and sturdy design to enable shooters to fire bullet easily from any range.

People who can afford to spend a lot of money to avail the best shooting experience can focus on the Rock BR Competition Front Shooting Rest which is available at a premium market value.

Ultimately, selecting the ideal shooting rest is entirely based on the personal preference of a person.

However, to select the ideal product it is quite essential to read the features and specifications in detail.

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