5 Of The Best Rifle Bipods : All You Need To Know (2019)

Regardless of whether you’re target practicing or attempting to shoot-down a furtive fawn, holding the Winchester rifle or Beretta submachine with rocklike steadiness is indispensable for an accurate shot.

Though some professional sharpshooters and ace hunters are confident about holding the firearm steadily, most marksmen would prefer to have a rifle bipod for shooting with precision.

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What’s a rifle bipod and how to choose the best rifle bipod for your specific shooting needs?

5 Of The Best Rifle Bipods : All You Need To Know

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Factors To Consider While Selecting A Rifle Bipod

Maintain A Proper Balance

A seasoned marksman or a tactical operator balances his firearm on a shooting table or platform for shooting accurately.

However, it may not always be possible for the shooter to lug the shooting table along with the rifle owing to its size and heft.

This is where a rifle bipod comes in perfectly handy which is not only more portable than a shooting table but also furnishes the steadiness so crucial for firing precision shots.

Minimize Wobbliness And Enhance Shooting Accuracy

A standard bipod is essentially an attachment with two legs (‘bi’ means two and ‘pod’ means foot) on which the firearm is steadied for minimizing wobbliness and enhancing shooting accuracy.

The sheer variety of bipods available (each with its distinct shape, size, and features) can make the task of choosing the best rifle bipod pretty puzzling.

Nevertheless, the selection process becomes easier if you base your search around your convenient shooting position.

Supports Different Positions While Shooting

The best rifle bipod can be selected depending on whether you prefer to shoot lying prone (perfect for a tactical operator), seated (ideal for game shooters), or standing (suitable for sports or target shooters).

Though bipods that are perfect for taking aim in both standing and seated positions are available, finding one for using lying face down as well as while standing or sitting may be difficult.

Consider the following aspects of a bipod for having a clear idea about which one would best suit your needs:-

  • The height of the bipod

There’s a rifle bipod for almost every type of outdoor setting or marksman available in a range of heights and sizes.

The length or height of a bipod ranges from a minimum of 6 inches to a maximum of 6 feet.

So, you’ve near endless options to select a product based on your height, convenient shooting positions, and the type of terrain or terrains you frequent.

  • Is the height adjustable?

You’ll be required to shoot from multiple positions and fire from different ranges; sometimes the target might just be 4-5 inches away or at times the object or subject could be at least a mile away.

It is during such situations when a flexible model with adjustable height will serve the purpose.

  • It is static or swiveling?

If you’re focusing on gunning down a gazelle or an impala, you’ll have to be very stealthy and nimble-footed. Surely, using a rifle bipod during such shooting occasions can impede mobility.

However, a swivel bipod that lets you point the firearm up/ down or sideways while lying prone or standing offers more leeway than a static model in terms of accuracy.

  • Can the pan-and-tilt mechanism be controlled?

The best rifle bipod that you eventually buy will be equipped with a tension rod for fine-tuning the bipod’s pivot for adjusting its pan-and-tilt mechanism.

How flexibly and effectively you can adjust the apparatus’s rotary action can make a huge difference to the degree of precision with which you shoot.

  • An all-terrain bipod or just a hard-terrain one

Majority of manufacturers design the equipment in a manner so that it is more suitable for using in rocky, jagged or mountainous terrains.

These types of landscapes or territories known as ‘hard terrains’ can get muddy and slushy during the rainy season making the terra-firma soft.

A rifle bipod built for setting up in hard terrains might topple or cave-in when you try to install it on softer grounds, thereby jeopardizing your accuracy.

Always look for a bipod that can be stably installed on a wide range of terrains.

Our Top 5 Bipod Recommendations

The Features Of A Rifle Bipod That Come In Handy

Finding your best rifle bipod could indeed be a tall order given that the market is replete with low quality, substandard products.

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So, while you’re browsing the net or visiting an outlet, establish the product’s efficacy based on the ensuing quality parameters:

1. Durable And Resilient

Ensure that the framework base of the product has been crafted out of treated aluminum alloy (used for making fuselages of aircraft) or toughened industrial-grade steel.

At the same time, the outer surface should have an anodized coating that makes the product rustproof or corrosion-resistant.

2. Offers Ease Of Use

Ease of use implies that the device remains steady on a flat or jagged surface or atop a shooting table, and the weapon mounts easily and stays firmly in place.

Additionally, ease of use is evaluated by being able to modify the bipod’s height, taking advantage of swiveling mechanism, disengaging the rifle quickly, and conveniently carrying and stowing the equipment.

3. Rock-Solid Support

​A bipod’s efficiency or usefulness is best measured by the steadiness with which it can be positioned on a surface.

Alternatively, the ease with which you mount the firearm so that it stays firmly in place is another yardstick for gauging its stability and sturdiness.

The greater the support provided by the bipod, the better will be the accuracy of the shots fired.

​4. Across-The-Board Flexibility-Across

​The-board flexibility means the bipod offers excellent consistency when it is pivoted sideways or upwards/downwards.

Our Top 5 Bipod Recommendations

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

UTG Rubber Armored Full Metal QD Bipod, Height 6.0”-8.5”

The Rubber Armored Full metal QD Bipod from UTG is a performance-oriented firearm mounting and stabilizing a piece of equipment.

The bipod has been constructed out of the best grade of metallic material making it incredibly hardwearing.

At the same time, the oxidized coating on the exterior surface makes the device rust-resistant.

The twin legs have a layering of toughened rubberized material which cushions the bipod from sudden impacts, falls, and scratches as well as lets you handle the product comfortably.

The dual mounting mode (takes both ‘Picatinny rail’ and ‘Weaver rail’ swivel stud adapters) facilitates comfortable mounting of rifles without having to compromise firmness.

The clip-on lever catch built into the mounting base can firmly lock any firearm’s caliber (either Picatinny or weaver-rail) thus adding to the steadiness of mount.

The twin legs have a layering of toughened rubberized material which cushions the bipod from sudden impacts, falls, and scratches as well as lets you handle the product comfortably.

The dual mounting mode (takes both ‘Picatinny rail’ and ‘Weaver rail’ swivel stud adapters) facilitates comfortable mounting of rifles without having to compromise firmness.

The clip-on lever catch built into the mounting base can firmly lock any firearm’s caliber (either Picatinny or weaver-rail) thus adding to the steadiness of mount.


  • Entire body constructed out of heavyweight metal which makes the bipod durable and resilient.
  • Swivel stud bracket included for mounting weapons compatible with Picatinny or Weaver rails
  • Interactive detachable lever lock for quick and stable installation of firearm as well as unbolting
  • Each leg has 5 notches for adjusting height (from 6.0”-8.5”) as per one’s convenient shooting position
  • Rubberized feet for enhanced grip


  • Contrary to what the manufacturer claims, the swivel mount doesn’t pan sideways.
  • There is no tension adjustment spring on the legs for modifying resistance.
  • Not designed for use by experienced shooters and hunters.

Tactical Bipod Sale,Swingga Tactical Bipod For Shooting Airsoft Rifle Gun Sniper, Rubber Stand

If you’re looking for a stable mounting device for your sharpshooting or hunting rifle, you can bank on the Swingga tactical bipod.

The legs of the bipod are reinforced with a rubberized base for steady positioning on a flat or uneven surface.

The panning function enables the shooter to move his firearm sideways in a horizontal sweep for aiming precisely on a moving target.

Constructed from toughened aluminum and steel, the bipod is incredibly robust and lightweight as well as highly resistant to wear-and-tear.

A swivel mounting adaptor is supplied with the bipod that can be fixed on the pivot. Once the weaver rail (swivel stud) or Picatinny rail stud locks into position, you can place any rifle for accomplishing one accurate shot after another.

The exclusive ‘posi-lock’ mechanism keeps the stud mount firmly in place and the legs can be extended or shortened as per your optimum shooting height.

Legs of this best rifle bipod can be folded down for lugging and storage convenience.


  • Robust construction: scaffolding made of industrial-grade steel and aluminum
  • Swivel adapter mount provided: comfortable mounting of firearms with Picatinny or weaver rail mount mechanisms
  • Posit-lock feature for locking mount thereby helping to shoot with precision
  • Extensible legs facilitate customized shooting positions
  • Rubberized feet check slippage
  • Collapsible legs for comfortable carrying


  • The O-rings that should help in stabilizing the legs are not effective
  • Several customers have complained that the stud mount remains wobbly and loose even after tightening the screw

Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6-9 inch Bipod

Harris Engineering has established and entrenched its goodwill in the rifle bipods industry as tactical operators and hunters swear by its products.

Each and every one of its two-legged support for firearms can easily make the grade for being the best rifle bipod including the S-BRM Hinged Base 6-9 inch bipod.

This is one bipod which is very lightweight weighing just about 10.4 ounces and the legs can be compacted down easily for comfortable carrying and putting away.

There are notches or indentations on the legs that allow the shooter to adjust the bipod’s height where the pivot mount is at a distance of 6”-9” from the ground.

The accompanying swivel stud mount facilitates panning of the rifle from side to side as well as tilt it 45° upwards or downwards to optimize shooting accuracy, especially on uneven terrains.

Spring tension rods on both arms help in adjusting the swivel friction.


  •  Extraordinarily sturdy built: crafted with superior grade of metallic materials
  • Extremely lightweight and compact: easy to carry and store
  • Spring load levers for fast deployment and stable positioning
  • Features pan-and-tilt pivot action
  • Height adjustable from 6”-9” thereby minimizing tremors
  • Convenient adjustment: first by pressing the knob and thereafter via the notches


  • Many shooters will feel the absence of a pod-lock that would’ve helped in securing the swivel stud mount.
  • Many shooters will find the indentations on the legs inconvenient to use
  • Cannot be connected without the sling attachment of the rifle
  • Height adjustment positions not suitable for aiming and shooting in prone positions

Tactical Bipod Sale, Swingga Tactical Bipod For Shooting Airsoft Rifle Gun Sniper, Rubber Stand

The tactical bipod from Swingga is one of the hardiest two-legged stand attachments that you can use on a variety of soft and hard terrains.

Fabricated from hardened aluminum and steel, this bipod can easily withstand inclement weather as well as routine wear-and-tear.

The anodized coating on the external surface of the support shields it from corrosion.

A swivel mount adapter has been provided for placing a rifle or submachine gun having a Picatinny or Weaver rail mount system.

Another distinctive feature is the pod-lock functionality that secures the stud mount from tipping and falling over. The legs of the bipod can be raised or lowered conveniently so that center of the axle is 10 to 11.5 inches from the ground.

The bases of the legs have a tough rubbery material that furnishes solid traction on any kind of surface and prevents the device from slipping.

The ergonomic design of the legs ensures that they fold comfortably enabling the hunter to carry the contrivance as well store it safely.


  • Heavy duty construction: fabricated from processed aluminum and steel
  • Mounting stud adaptor for positioning rifles with Picatinny and swivel stud systems
  • Posit-lock for securing mount in order to prevent it from falling
  • Extendable arms featuring spring loading mechanism
  • Rubberized leg base to prevent slippage and enhance traction
  • Foldable legs for facilitating convenient lugging and storage
  • Adjustable at heights ranging from 10-15 inches


  • The legs are not telescoping and hence cannot be extended, unlike what has been claimed by the manufacturer
  • Many customers have reported that the legs are not collapsible
  • The built-in hardware may not be compatible with rifles having a standardized sling lock

Tactical Rifle Bipod Quicklock EZ Pivot & PAN QD 9" - 13": Picatinny Mount, Quick Action, Extendable, Folding, with Sling-attached Hole.

Champion hunters and world-class shooters invariably need a big bipod whose swivel mount height can be adjusted to 12 inches and beyond: a requirement that cannot be fulfilled by standard two-legged attachments.

This is where the TipTop Tactical Rifle Bipod comes in perfectly handy as its legs can be adjusted to sit at a height of 9” to 13” from the ground.

Such sweeping leeway for modifying the height enables the shooter to aim for an impeccably accurate shot while game hunting or during a tactical shooting competition.

It is ideal for using in jagged mountainous terrains, desert areas, and swampy grounds as it allows the rifle to be inclined up to 38° and panned horizontally up to 74°.

The rifle can be swiftly locked in as well as disengaged without having to use a stud mount adaptor, thanks to the innovative, built-in Picatinny mount.

Spring tension levers on the legs permit adjustment of friction which makes the bipod rock-steady for shooting the target.


  • Hardwearing metallic construction makes the bipod long lasting
  • Black anodized coating for preventing corrosion and minimizing reflection
  • Rubberized feet enhances footing and checks slippage
  • Height can be adjusted from 9-13 inches: perfect for seated or prone positions
  • Legs fold and align with the firearm: convenient for hauling and storing
  • Telescoping legs for fast installation


  • Not designed for mounting rifles with a weaver rail mount system
  • The legs do not have notches but a thumb screw for adjusting height: this arrangement many shooters might find inconvenient when it comes to judging the convenient shooting position


​Wrapping up the review, it can be convincingly said that the best rifle bipod is the one that is super convenient to use.

The reviewed bipods from renowned manufacturers including Harris Engineering, Swingga, Tiptop, and UTG enable easy mounting and detachment of the gun, height adjustment, and stabilizing it on any surface or terrain.

If you’re looking for a robust bipod that allows you to select appropriate shooting positions on different terrains, then go for the TipTop bipod, though it’s a tad pricey.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking of settling for a product (without too many bells and whistles) for using on specific terrains, then go for the Harris Engineering or Swingga models.

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