Finding The Best Gun Grease All You Need To Know (2018)

If you have a gun that you use routinely, then nobody would know better than you that you’d have to maintain the firearm in order to use it whenever you wish to.

In other words, you’ll have to clean and lubricate the weapon on a routine basis to keep it handy.

So, it all boils down to applying a quality gun grease on some specific components of the gun to expedite smooth and perfect movement.

Now, how’d you go about choosing the best gun grease?

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What Is The Importance Of Selecting The Best Gun Grease?

Needless to say, if you neglect cleaning the gun from time to time, there’s always the possibility of the weapon getting jammed or misfiring or not working at all.

It doesn’t need to be stressed that a gun that misfires can pose risks, thereby endangering your life and everybody else’s in the firing range.

To reiterate, massaging key parts of the firearm will ensure that the components function smoothly at all times, which eventually entails that you’ll be able to use the weapon to the best of your advantage.

When you lubricate or grease the gun’s internal components or parts, you make sure that these cogs don’t rub or move in opposition to each other which can make the revolver dysfunctional.

Now, a great majority of people holding the license to use a pistol or handgun are not sure whether grease or oil is more effective as a lubricant.

Towards this end, grease is more efficient than oil in that the application of the former leads to smoother and swifter opposing movements of the metallic parts.

Bear in mind that the prevailing weather can have an impact on the effectiveness of the grease or oil’s ability to improve the gun’s sliding or firing action.

So, take this aspect into consideration before you choose a particular brand of grease for your gun.

An assortment of brands is available each claiming to be the best amongst the lot. You can opt for multiple products or select one that serves the functions of two or three at the same time depending upon your needs and requirements.

Make a list of five to six grease brands and check out the worthiness of each based on the following quality parameters:

Our Top 5 Gun Grease Recommendations

1.Cleaning Qualities

Every time you take a shot, gases and residues get deposited on the slide and the barrel of the gun that accumulate over time.

These deposits that generally comprise carbon, salts, lead dust, and copper, need to be removed as early as possible to keep the weapon working effectively.

Not all greases are capable of getting rid of the different kinds of deposits and therefore you should look for a gun grease brand that contains the appropriate solvents which can help eliminating the buildup.

2.Safeguarding Properties

Regardless of the brand of gun you own, it surely comes with a body and some components that have been shaped out of metal.

​Metallic parts have a tendency of corroding or rusting with the passage of time. A quality grease or lubricant forms a protective layer that safeguards the gun from getting corroded or rusted.

3.Lubricating Properties

Any superior quality of grease should be able to perform the most basic function (the reason why you buy it in the first place) efficiently that is to lubricate or oil the sliding parts so as to minimize friction and abrasion.

​At the same time, the greasing should enable the components to tolerate the intense heat produced when you fire a shot.


Modern-day firearms are constructed using a variety of materials including polymers and plastics that allow the users to use the guns efficiently and comfortably.

Therefore, you should pick up a gun grease brand that can be applied safely to all kinds of components and with equal effect.

​Since grease tends to have a denser texture compared to oil, the former works out to be more effective in promoting hassle-free sliding of the components against each other.

​Most guns have a sliding technique or mechanism that makes the slide shift to its rearmost position when you get ready to pull the trigger (in order to fire a shot).

​Following the firing of the shot, spring tension causes the slide to go back to its original position.

​The constant movement or shifting of the slide forward and backward causes heavy friction ultimately leading to attrition of the parts.

​Cleansing and lubricating the gun periodically followed by a mild grease coating keeps the gun’s sliding function intact in the long term.

​The best gun grease also ensures that you are able to use the pistol in all weather conditions, including humid or parched weather.

​It is very easy to get carried away by aggressive marketing and the gaudy packaging with the result that the product doesn’t deliver according to your expectations.

​Nevertheless, the process of selecting the best gun grease doesn’t have to be rocket science.

​You’ll just have to ascertain that the grease insulates the metal from oxidative residues and corrosion; promote interfacing between and amongst parts without causing attrition or shaving, and checks gunpowder from eroding the metallic components.

Reviewing the 5 Best Gun Grease Online

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Aeroshell 33 MS Grease Kit Best Gun Grease, MIL-G-21164D

The 33MS Grease Kit comes with a tin of 33 MS grease as part of the package (you also get a pair of gloves, 1 acid brush, and a certified MIL-G-21164D).

You need only a small portion of the 33MS lubricant to keep the sliding parts of your gun in perfect working order.

The EP (extreme pressure) grease makes the most of the time-honored lithium complex technique associated with AeroShell Grease 33, to work its wonders.

Reinforced with molybdenum disulphide (5%), the AeroShell 33MS gun grease from Armory labs maintains the functionality of your Colt gun or Winchester rifle for years.

Since you’d need only a very tiny amount each time you grease the gun parts, the product not only helps you save money but also keeps your weapon ready to use, always.

I like

  • You’d need to use a very small quantity of the grease each time which implies that the tin lasts for a long period of time.
  • The lubricating action is effective in that the grease checks the upper (usually made of aluminum) from getting wedged on the barrel (generally made from tempered steel) due to generation of excessive heat resulting from habitual use
  • The grease also checks the erosion of threads caused by a mix of adhesion and friction between sliding parts owing to insufficient lubrication.
  • The inclusion of molybdenum disulphide imparts to it 33MS quality making it a high-quality grease.

I don't like

  • The ¼ ounce may not be sufficient for heavy gun users compelling them to buy more frequently, thus negating the money-saving benefit.
  • The weather conditions might affect the quality of the product.

2.Best Professional Research Grade Molybdenum Disulphide Dry Powder Lubricant by MoPo

The Molybdenum Disulphide Dry Powder Lubricant by MoPo is another performance-oriented grease brand that can be put to multifarious uses including of course keeping the gun components well-oiled.

The molybdenum disulphide in the grease foils friction that results when parts of the slide system move against each other, to a great extent.

The compound also checks and lowers abrasion and attrition in triggers and magazines.

The powder form ensures that dust or grime doesn’t settle on the components following application.

The applicator tip makes sure that you can control the application, thus preventing wastage and the tip can be kept sealed when not in use.

I like

  • The dry powder type grease finds multifarious applications including use as an automotive engine oil, rubber lube, metal lube, and so on.
  • Helps clear mold, moss formation, and mildew from equipment that haven’t been used for a long time.
  • Despite being powdery, the product is not hygroscopic unlike powdery graphite.
  • Prevents dust formation as well.
  • The molybdenum disulphide in the product relieves you from the need of having to use oil every time before greasing.
  • Retains its quality in the long run as the grease doesn’t become runny owing to temperature fluctuations or solidify with passage of time.
  • Remains sterile when applied on aluminum surfaces instead of reacting.

I don't like

  • The powder is somewhat clumpy instead of having a fine consistency (so you need to shake the dispenser thoroughly before application).
  • The molybdenum disulphide is not as concentrated as advertised.
  • If you don’t take the necessary precautions, the grease can get messy.

3.Tetra Gun 004B1I Gun Grease 1-Ounce Blister

The 004B1I gun grease from Tetra is incredibly easy to use or apply which makes it an excellent product.

The grease which comes in a tube is whitish when it is squeezed out but turns following colorless application.

The grease acts as a protective layer that checks corrosion and minimizes friction between and amongst the gun parts sliding into each other.

One of the most noteworthy and usable features of this grease is that it’s non-sticky thereby resisting the attraction and deposition of dirt or grime on the sliding surface or on the components.

Other significant features include its ability to hold on to its consistency regardless of variations in temperature and weather and not becoming leaky like oil.

I like

  • The high-quality lubricant safeguards your gun from rusting or corrosion that might put the weapon out of use.
  • Can be used efficiently in all weather conditions.
  • Prevents and checks buildup of dust, metallic particles, and other impurities.
  • Helps in getting rid of all types of gaseous and metallic deposits resulting from long-term usage of the weapon.
  • Friction and wear-and-tear of the parts moving against each other is thwarted to a great extent.
  • The grease has a fluoropolymer base which enables the lubricant to penetrate deep within thereby flushing out buildup or deposits which could clog the components.

I don't like

  • The grease has a terribly foul odor that might work as a deterrent for many gun users.
  • May not retain its consistency in the long term.

4.Slip2000 60341 EWG Extreme Weapons Grease Lube 4-Ounce

The Slip2000 60341 EWG Extreme Weapons Grease Lube 4-ounce has been particularly created to use as a high-grade lube for a range of firearms, including pistols, rifles, machine guns, and automatic handguns.

The grease has been specially treated and formulated which allows it to dissipate the extreme heat buildup, reduce wear and tear or attrition.

The properties of this EWL grease are almost identical to that of the Slip2000’s EWL but the former tends to be much denser.

The product is completely odorless and retains its texture even in extremes of temperature.

For instance, it doesn’t become blocky when the temperature plummets to as low as -100˚F or reaches an extreme high of 750˚F.

For you it means, the lube will not solidify or become gravy streaking into unwanted areas.

I like

  • Staying power of the lubricant is at least 5 times more in comparison to other grease brands.
  • Offers supreme protection against corrosion.
  • Checks the unwanted deposition of grime, dirt or sand thereby keeping the gun workable in all weather conditions.
  • It is not flammable, unlike a petroleum byproduct, and therefore totally safe for applying on a range of surfaces including plastic, wooden or metallic.
  • Brings down the time taken to clean by up to 50% as the grease checks build up of lead, plastic, copper, and carbon particles.
  • Doesn’t contain PTFE or Teflon which renders it thoroughly non-sticky.

I don't like

  • Can become messy if you don’t use it cautiously.
  • A tad costly when compared with the prices of other similar products.

5.Hoppe’s No.9 Gun Grease, 1-3/4 oz. Tube

In case you don’t use your firearm frequently, the Hoppe’s No.9 Gun Grease is an excellent choice when it comes to maintaining the smoothness of the gun’s slide during the idle period.

You’d surely want your gun to function smoothly when you bring it out from its storage place and that is where the No.9 Gun Grease by Hoppe’s comes to your aid.

You’d simply have to smear only a small amount of the grease on the slide and the sliding components to not only keep the parts working perfectly but also to thwart rusting and offer protection from the elements.

​Once you complete your shooting session, offer your guns a break and have them smeared with the No.9 Gun Grease by Hoppe’s.

On the other hand, if a prolonged period of disuse has jammed the parts, making it strenuous for you to take a shot, go ahead and stroke the gun’s slide with a couple of droplets from the grease.

In no time, you’ll be ready for taking a perfect shot.

I like

  • Ideally formulated for lubricating firearms that haven’t been used for a long time.
  • Provides thorough protection from rust.
  • Prevents buildup or accumulation of particles of carbon, copper, lead, and other elements.
  • Preserves the functionality of parts by keeping them well oiled especially when the firearm is kept away not to be used again anytime soon.
  • Consistency of the product makes it liquefy with heat but doesn’t get runny which implies that the grease is highly viscous.

I don't like

  • May not work on some specific gun or rifle makes.


​Though there are numerous other brands of gun grease available both online and offline, the five products listed and reviewed above work wonders.

That implies you can go for any one of the brands assessed above.

However, if you’ve to choose the best gun grease from amongst the lot, settle for the Slip2000 60341 EWG Extreme Weapons Grease Lube 4-Ounce or the Best Professional Research Grade Molybdenum Disulphide Dry Powder Lubricant by MoPo.

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