Looking For The Best Ground Blind For Bowhunting? This Is Your Complete Guide! (2019)

Looking for the best ground blind for bowhunting? You need to consider factors like the hunting terrain, as well as the blind’s durability, concealment, and portability.

Read this article for more tips on choosing the right one, as well as reviews of the best products available on the market today!

Barronett Blinds Grounder 350 - Editor’s Choice for Best Product

Pentagon Hunting Blind from Barronett Blinds -Runner up/ alternative pick

Ameristep Care-Taker Hub Blind- Best Ground Hunting Blind for Limited Budget

Primos Double Bull Deluxe- Highest Quality Product with high Price

Barronett Blinds Grounder 250 - Best Ground Blind for Practicality

Best Ground Blind

Barronett Blinds Grounder 350 Hub Blind, Woodland Camo
Barronett Blinds Pentagon Hunting Blind
Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind, Realtree XtraPrimos Double Bull Deluxe Ground Blind, Truth CamoBarronett Blinds Grounder 250 2 Person Hub Blind, Woodland Camo

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The Five Best Ground Blinds For Bowhunting

To help you on your hunt (pun intended) for your ground blind, here are five of the best reviewed and rated products that I recommend. All have advantages and disadvantages.

Later, I will also be telling you the criteria I used in choosing these five as the best ground blinds for bowhunting.

1. Barronett Blinds Grounder 350 - Editor’s Choice for Best Product

Barronett Blinds Grounder 350 Hub Blind



rating reviews



$132.68 (last update: 2017-09-15).


  • 80" tall at the center to allow standing shots
  • 70" x 70" footprint provides plenty of room for gear
  • 90" across from hub to hub for tons of elbowroom
  • Ample room for up to three hunters
  • Weighs only 19 lbs for easy transportation

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The best part about this ground blind is the tall center and large room inside. This allows you to stand for shots and provides storage room for hunting gear. Hunt with two other hunting buddies and all of you will still fit with an ample and comfortable elbow room.

Also, this product weighs only 19 pounds, which allows you to carry it easily when changing spots. Setting and take down also take little time and effort. Moreover, the whole folds to fit the backpack that it comes with, enhancing its portability.

The many large windows made with replaceable shoot-through mesh are also camouflaged and offer a wide range of view. However, they are a bit high, so it is more advisable to shoot while standing for better aim.

The product is also strong, sturdy, and stable enough to handle strong winds. However, the fabric needs a little TLC to prolong the color and strength.


  • Allows you to stand and sit
  • Large area and a capacity of 3 persons
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Numerous, replaceable, large windows you can shoot through
  • Durable


  • Windows are a little too high to shoot while sitting
  • Issues with fading or tearing of the fabric without proper care and maintenance

2.Pentagon Hunting Blind from Barronett Blinds -Runner up/ alternative pick

Barronett Blinds Pentagon Hunting Blind

Amazon's customer

rating & reviews​



$199.74 (last update: 2017-09-15).


  • 41.5 ft² footprint offers more room for up to four hunters and their gear
  • 96" across from hub to corner providing plenty of elbowroom
  • 9 large windows create a panoramic view and diverse shooting angles
  • Weighs 20 lbs for easy transportation
  • Stands 72" tall at the center

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Another great product is this next blind from Barronett. It features a large footprint to accommodate 3 to 4 people, including storage room for hunting or camera gears. The huge space also allows for position adjustments and enough elbow room.

It also boasts an exclusive blood-trail Backwoods camouflage pattern that’s hyper-realistic and large-scale, providing maximum concealment. It also has a tall center that allows for standing shots.

The product is very lightweight and portable at only 20 pounds. The large, low-dipping windows provide a panoramic view for a variety of shooting angles. Each window is also made with replaceable and removable shoot-through camouflaged mesh.

The windows can be closed and opened easily with noise-free fasteners, elastic hoops connected to a toggle button and no Velcro or zippers to prevent yours from being detected.

The framework is built with heavy duty metal hubs and fiberglass poles, ensuring strength and durability. The outer cover is also waterproof and can withstand rainy weather or snow.

The blind comes with tie-down ropes and ground stakes to reduce noise and keep it stable and steady on the ground even with heavy winds.


  • Large area fits 3 to 4 people plus their gear while also providing sufficient elbow room.
  • Great for group hunts requiring many gear and equipment
  • Realistic camouflage pattern for maximum concealment
  • Allows for standing shots
  • Portable and lightweight
  • 9 wide-view windows with noise free fasteners and no zippers or Velcro
  • Replaceable camouflaged shoot-through mesh
  • Durable frame and construction
  • Weather- and waterproof


  • Windows are a little too high, and the cover materials are a bit lacking
  • Tendency to leak under rainy weather

3. Ameristep Care-Taker Hub Blind- Best Ground Hunting Blind for Limited Budget

Ameristep Care Taker Hub Blind-Realtree Xtra

Amazon's customer 





$88.11 (last update: 2018-08-20).


  • 69" Shooting Widt x 66" Tall
  • Shoot-Through Mesh with Gun Port
  • Durashell Plus
  • Shadow Guard
  • Insect Resistant

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If you’re on a tight budget, this hunting blind is not only the most affordable among all products on this list but is also packed with features like three corner ports, one in the middle and two at the sides for aiming and shooting.

The large windows come with canvas screen covers and removable shoot-through mesh. The cover can also be closed and opened with a silent toggle. However, the window screen has Velcro, which can produce sound when removing it.

The blind material is generally waterproof, although small holes in the fabric can leak from the seams during heavy rainfall.The sturdy construction of this blind allows it to stay put and stable during strong winds.

However, the fabric is at risk of tearing, wearing out or fading in color.Space inside is large enough to comfortably fit two people and their gear without sacrificing enough elbowroom and legroom for stretching, aiming or changing position.

This product also allows standing while shooting for hunters of average height.The quick and easy takedown and setup allow for portability and changing of hunting spots. It is also small and lightweight at only 6 by 42 inches and 13.5 pounds.

It fits in a backpack that it comes with the package for easy transport.Moreover, this product boasts of a black carbon interior coating that prevents light penetration to conceal shadows and mask human scent.

It even blends with the outdoors terrain and foliage with its exterior Realtree Xtra camouflage pattern.The Durashell Plus fabric also resists insects, weather, water, and wear and tear.


  • 9 windows provide a nice viewing angle
  • Hides shadows and movements
  • Exterior enhances invisibility
  • Comfortable for two people
  • Insect, weather, water, wear and tear- resistant fabric
  • Extremely lightweight and portable


  • Could use a better quality of stitching
  • Directions manual are not very clear and may require you to watch instructional videos

4. Primos Double Bull Deluxe- Highest Quality Product with high Price

Primos Double Bull Deluxe Ground Blind

Amazon's customer 

rating & reviews​



$299.99 (last update: 2018-08-20).


  • Hub to hub: 77 inch
  • Floor space: 60" x 60"
  • Zipperless double-wide door for silent entry & exit
  • 180deg full-front view with silent slide window closures
  • Legendary double bull materials & construction

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With its patented double bull hub system, this blind is made for easy takedown and assembly. It also comfortably fits two people, leaving extra space for gear and elbow room.

The interior is roomy enough to allow stretching and position changes for comfort and better aim.Although on the heavy side at 27 pounds which makes transport slightly challenging, the shoulder straps that come with the backpack make it easier.

The double-wide and zipperless door allow silent exit and entry. This, along with the silent slide window closures, allows a vast wide-angle view and avoids detection.The windows can be adjusted using a locking mechanism.

They are two windows that are mesh covered, making them suitable for bowhunting. Two uncovered windows can be used as shotgun ports, and the main triangular roof window gives a full view of the surroundings.

The package also includes stakes and anchors with few spares for firm anchorage on the ground even with strong winds.The external camouflage pattern and dark interior lining enhance concealment from the target animal.

The heavy duty cotton and polyester canvas material also display durability and longevity with proper care. The product also comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Patented double bull hub system
  • Fits two people with more than enough legroom and elbow room
  • Shoulder straps for transport
  • Wide, zipper-less door
  • Six functional windows
  • Noiseless window closure
  • Stakes for Anchorage
  • Good concealment
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Heavier for transport
  • Silent but not waterproof
  • Hub system can be tricky to master

5. Barronett Blinds Grounder 250 - Best Ground Blind for Practicality

Barronett Blinds Grounder 250 2 Person

Amazon's customer 

review & rating



$109.89 (last update: 2017-09-15).


  • Weighs only 16 lbs for easy transportation
  • 67" tall at the center
  • 59" x 59" footprint
  • 75" across from hub to hub
  • 2-person capacity

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What makes this last ground blind very practical is its reliability, light-weightedness, large interior, and value at its price. Hunters appreciate the extra elbow room and storage space that it provides.

Setup is also so easy and only takes a few minutes. It has a full-length corner door and large windows with zippers. The windows are replaceable, made with shoot-through camouflage mesh covers, and adjustable into various configurations.

It also offers a great deal of concealment through the exclusive BloodTrail Woodlands camouflaged pattern from Barronett that blends with the surroundings. This allows you to stay unnoticed by your prey even when they are already at close shooting proximity.

This blind only weighs about 16 pounds but is also 67” high at the middle. 75” wide, and has a 49” by 59” footprint area. It is made with durable synthetic cloth or vinyl material.

The purchase also includes a carrying bag that enhances the set’s portability. It also comes with stakes and tie downs for anchorage, although some customers experienced shipment issues with these items being lost.


  • Good quality zippers
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Provides comfortable room for two persons
  • Lightweight
  • Durable material


  • Printed pattern and color fades under sunlight
  • Velcro enclosure produces too much noise

Benefits of the Best Ground Blind for Bowhunting

​Ground blinds are a huge development in the hunting practice. In the early days, hunters would have to stay up on trees or hidden behind bushes, unable to move, stretch, or sneeze for long hours. They were also exposed to the natural elements.

Thankfully, the use of ground blinds has changed these.

Specifically, the benefits of ground blinds include:

  • Hiding hunters’ movements, smell, and noise from targets
  • Allows movement within hiding structures for comfort
  • Can be carefully and thoughtfully located for easier hunting
  • Lets you conveniently transport your hiding spot when changing position
  • Tent-like design provides shelter and protection
  • Easier to handle and much safer than tree stands
  • Protects from harsh weather and other natural conditions

Factors To Consider When Buying A Hunting Blind

Just like in any purchase, there are some important things that you must consider before buying a ground blind. Here are the criteria I used in choosing the five products in this list.

1. Concealment

Concealment is not just keeping you hidden from view, but also hiding your movements, shadows, and scent to avoid warding off your prey. It is important for your hunting setup to blend with the environment.

2. Design

The design or pattern of your blind should conform to the terrain where you usually hunt. The lightness or darkness, and the colors of the exterior determine how much your shelter will blend in.Aside from color, hub designs are also more durable and easier to assemble, although adds bulk and weight to the blind. Windows that serve as shooting and viewing ports should also be accessible and numerous.

3. Shelter And Protection

Choose water-resistant or waterproof materials to keep you dry. Temperature control will also enhance your comfort in any type of weather. Make sure the materials can also adapt to changing the weather and harsh winds.

4. Portability

A ground blind’s portability is one of its most important attributes. Make sure that you can move and transport it easily. Choose something that is not too heavy or too bulky since you’ll most likely have to move constantly. Ideally, ground blinds should be around 20 pounds or less for easy carrying.

5. Strength And Durability

Another important factor is the strength and durability of blind’s material and construction. You wouldn’t want to spend hard-earned money on something flimsy and low quality.Choose a ground blind with durable materials and an internal frame that’s sturdy. This will also determine how long your blind will last you.

6. Size, Weight, And Capacity

Ask yourself if you usually hunt alone or with somebody else. If you hunt in a group, pick a ground blind that can accommodate you and your hunting buddies.

Keep in mind, however, that larger blinds are more expensive. If you hunt alone, you can use the extra space for cameras, stools, other hunting gears, or for moving around and stretching.

The weight, on the other hand, determines if your blind is easy to carry and bring to sites where you need to trek or hike, or when you have to switch location. It’s best to choose a lightweight blind to save your effort and energy.

Capacity not only depends on the number of people that can fit in a blind but also for extra storage space and room for positioning to aim. A larger room also means more comfort.

7. Setup

Choose a blind that is easy to setup and takes down. This will save you some time that you could use in preparing your gear or actually be hunting.

For tips on how to set up your ground blind, watch this video:


In conclusion, the clear winner for the best ground blind for bowhunting is the Barronett Blinds Grounder 350. It is lightweight, spacious, durable, has a large capacity, provides sufficient concealment, easy to set up, and comes at a reasonable price.

Although there are a few setbacks regarding the fabric and window height, proper care and maintenance will prolong its service, and you will still be getting a great, reliable product.


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