A Guide To Getting The Best Archery Glove (2019)

With a lot of dedication, we present to you the best archery gloves after a long research so as to give you the best products for you bow hunting activity. They were chosen based on their best performance, features, and reviews from the market. Enjoy the post.

If you have ever tried archery, you can agree with me that sometimes it can be pretty tough, just like any sport or activity.

Holding the bow in a wrong way, any improper grip or things like poor fitting equipment – all can lead to poor archery performance. However, there is a way to overcome all these problems and challenges.

Remember practice makes perfect – and it is a good practice that makes ideal for your information.

To anyone who has tried bow hunting, it is not only a safe and exciting activity. But it is also idea for the hunters under the age of gun hunting, and they want to learn and understand more when it comes to putting the food on the table.

One of the biggest aids that I have gotten is using the bow hunting gloves, or what are nowadays called the archery gloves.

The major advantage of these gloves include:

  • Guaranteed protection, especially for your hands while gripping the bow
  • They keep the hands warm
  • They block a lot of your scent way from the animals and preys you are hunting. This is exciting

Bow hunting is not only fun and stimulating, but also, you must make sure that you are entirely covered when you are hunting with a bow. Have the right gear and the right knowledge.

You might start asking yourself many questions on the ways to be covered, and especially when it comes to choosing the best archery gloves.

Do not worry, because I have your hands fully covered.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

What Should You Look For When Choosing The Archery Gloves?

There are different gloves, all perfect and attractive and from various good and famous companies around the world. But, you still have to be careful when selecting your choice.

Sometimes you have gone to the archery shops or any other store, or you have reviewed the archery gloves and almost chose the right one for you.

When you were making your choice, I hope you considered some factors. However, in case there are difficulties in selecting the right glove for hunting, here are the essential features to rely upon:

Durability – having archery gloves that will stand up is the best option that the buyer will never regret on choosing.

If you are not able to pull back the bow, then it like you are not going to get anything. Also, you have to make sure that the bow string you are using is not going to tear through the gloves.

So as to consider the qualities of any glove, durability is a must-considered-feature, and it brings us to the next essential point.

Materials – having a high-quality, heavy-duty material is another thing that is highly recommended and will leave you smiling all day long.

I am certain you will be disappointed when it comes to times that you find yourself searching for a pair of gloves just because the ones you had were made from a cheap material that broke within few undefined time.

By this fact, spend a bit of your time analyzing the materials used for the gloves you want to select, and in case you notice anything fishy, please do not hesitate, but make the right choice, even if it is choosing another glove.

Design – you also need to go for the good design that will cover all of your fingers on the hand, but also the design must provide you with the right look and feel.

There are times that it will be cold outside there, but make sure are protected with the right gloves with the right design.

Features – some of the gloves you will find in the market have extra features that you will like.

However, in case there are features that you wanted which are not available in the gloves you have selected, there is still time to change your mind, so relax.

Just do not make the purchase but look for more options and get the right gloves will all the features you want.

In case you are not lucky, then you have lower a bit your ‘standard’ and select the ones with almost the same features you had wanted.

Form-fitting – the gloves you want to purchase should be fitting your hands. You need to be sure that you are not going to hang off of them, or these gloves will not push your fingertips down as well.

When you do not have the fitting archery gloves, sure you will not be able to shoot well and even hit your target because your fingers are not working properly inside the gloves.

What Are The Best Archery Gloves So Far?

I hope you never forgot to practice and practice and practice before you consider to buy gloves for bow hunting. Unfortunately, an extended archery practice will wear and tear the archer’s body.

Therefore you have to develop the manual release or a mechanical release. Manual release means that you hold the bowstring with the three fingers directly, then pull you pull the string back with the fingers.

The mechanical version is now the use of archery gloves, for a better protection of your fingers and of your body.

A manual release surely is risky and can cause a lot of damage to the fingertips, both when it comes to holding the bowstring under tension, and when snapping the bowstring as the arrow is firing.

So consider an archery glove by all means. The best archery gloves so far include the following. Let’s start off!

Damascus DWC Archery Shooting Glove

Damascus remains to be big names in the archery products. The Damascus DWC Archery glove is a black leather glove which is bulky and looks tactical, and for sure it offers excellent protection.

In material, it is made of thick leather, which means that it will provide your hands with a lot of guarantees in the first place.

​However, remember that leather materials are not breathable. Hence it may get sticky in case your hands wet very first under such conditions.

So consider this feature as well.

​The best and exciting thing with this glove is that it covers the entire back of the hand and even the whole palm side and back side of your fingers.

​Therefore, the gloves is wonderfully an excellent choice for the archers who shoots a lot with the bow.

I like 

  • It is available in all the four sizes that you will consider for fitting. For instance, it is available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.
  • It is a durable glove
  • The glove can be worn on either of the hands. There is no special glove for the right or the left hands in this case. It is interesting! And this takes us to the next glove.

I don't like

  • The thick leather is not breathable

Primos Stretch-fit Gloves

When you are searching for a high and beautifully fitting gloves for bow hunting, then the Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves remain to be one of the most recommended ones for bow hunting on the market as per now.

For the starter or even an expert bow hunter, with these gloves, you are assured of durability and protection that you will expect for a long-lasting bow hunting fun.

The gloves have a camo look, and you will never be worried about sticking out within the woods and trees.

The products have been tested and designed for harsh conditions of bow hunting.

Hence they have been formulated to ensure that to benefit more from the gloves when it comes to your hunting adventures.

In case you had a question on size, the Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves come in different sizes, just like the Damascus gloves.

So, a hunter can choose the pair of gloves that fits him the best, before the head out the woods for bow hunting activities.

Choosing these gloves means a lot to a hunter. With Primos Gloves, the archer is assured of a better hunting, with dry hands all through the hunting adventures, and also an entirely covered hands protection.

Therefore, you need not worry.

Lastly, Primos Company remains to be one of the most talked about gloves. As well as loved brands of many hunters when it comes to safe and high-quality gloves for archery.

So would you consider giving them a try?

I like 

  • They have a nice lightweight feel, and the fit at the wrist is excellent
  •  Extreme convenience and you can use cell phone when you have them on
  • Shooting becomes comfortable with the gloves on
  • They are durable
  • They fit just right as you expect them to do
  • For cold, they are super warm

I don't like 

  • The leather material used for making this gloves is still on question
  •  The glove works best for the starters only

Neet Suede Shooting Glove – LG

The Neet Suede glove has an adjustable loop that fits around the wrist or the forearm below the wrist.

The loop may just be adjustable with a small buckle or Velcro if you can get one. The same loop has a material covering that covers the back of the hand that connects it to the fingers.

To some archery gloves, you will find that an entire material comprising of the first three fingers, while other may just have a small strand.

Neet Company, for your information, is a well-known manufacturer of archery gloves.

The most popular model that has been in the market and still retains great previews in the Neet Suede Shooting gloves.

For sure, it is a perfect glove with a classic design.

I like

  • It is softer on the hands and does not even stick as much more so when the hands are covered in the sweat
  •  The glove is sensitive, and the archer can feel the bowstring better than other synthetic or leather gloves
  • The glove has an excellent prettying design. The Velcro loop attaches it to the forearm just right below the wrist. In the back of the hand, there is a thin strand of synthetic material, making the glove breathable.
  • It is available in all sizes, and fortunately, it tends to run a little smaller as compared to other brands.
  • It can be won on either of the hands

I don't like

  • It might be challenging in case the gloves do not cover the entire fingers
  • Risky to use them when the gloves’ Velcro loop cuts off

OMP Mountain Leather Shooting Glove

Identified as handcrafted from premium Cowhide, the OMP Mountain Leather Shooting Glove naturally features a three-finger design, reinforced tips and a Velcro strap which is adjustable. The adjustable strap provides the comfortable snug fit.

The glove’s sleek design is another added advantage when it comes to sensitivity. The design allows for improved sensitivity, and ensure there is a smooth-release.

So far, the OMS glove remains to be the best premium cowhide leather glove with enhanced features for every buyer.

Not to forget, this glove comes in all the sizes, so you are not restrained from getting it because of your small or extra-large finger sizes.

I like

  • The glove’s performance is undoubtedly
  • Caters for people with small hands who have explored the market but cannot find their right sizes
  • It fits well
  • The leather is soft, super and comfortable to wear – feels like a second skin

I don't like

  •  In case you buy the ones with thick leathers, they might never be comfortable but unbreathable
  • Only works well with the loop. When the loop loosens, you are in trouble

Negatively, the finger paddings are thin, and the strap of the leather across the palm may be unusual and uncomfortable as well

Vbiger Military Tactical Gloves

The Military tactical gloves also do it better when it comes to hunting, though they are fingerless.

The tightness of the back of the gloves is adjustable to allow it fit closer to the hands, which is also more comfortable and safer.

The material used for making the gloves is a synthetic leather, which is durable and wear resistant, and an ideal choice for many challenging operations.

In the part of gloves’ palm and the fingers, you will notice that there are liners made of the pup, hence increasing the wear resistance and adds some protection of the hands.

Also, the gloves are made of a microfiber fabric, which makes them not to wet the hands of sweat as others may do.

The full finger design for the glove is another added advantage, making it offer a maximum sensitivity and durability.

Other features may include: the thickening back and finger joint, which is attractive, handsome and of a better protection.

The nylon cord on the waist for convenience and the double-layer back which adjusts to sizes you want.

I like

  • The thickening back is secure
  • Made of microfiber fabric – less sweat
  • Has full finger design – maximum sensitivity
  • Durable of course
  • Resistant to wears because of liners

I don't like

  •  Not so protective because it does not cover all fingers
  • If not tightened well, it might not work for you


​It is one thing to have archery gloves, and it is another thing to have the best, high-quality, affordable, durable and comfortable archery gloves.

So when choosing the best selection of gloves for your bow hunting activity, put into consideration all the best features we have discussed.

Additionally, though we have analyzed different gloves, there might be still other more best brands out in the market.

But be sure that they meet the required “merits” in this case. I am confident that you are now equipped to select the best archery glove. All the best in your selection!

If you like this post , and would like to know more about hunting gear. Please give us the feedback in comment box below .Share if you think this post is useful. Until next time , Enjoy!

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