Beginner Guide For Hunting Rabbit :All You Need To Know

With so many graphic based games in the world, people are still drifting towards hunting. Why? Hunting is famous among people of all ages because it provides with the real experience of thrill and excitement.

You can actually undergo real time battle and make the most of your leisure timing.In graphic based games, all you do is to assume yourself being a part of the game but you never are; hunting lets you experience, how it feels to be on battle ground.

Rabbit happens to be one of the most popular hunting preys not only because it is available in abundant amount but also because environmentalist are not looking forward to protecting it near future.

By aiming and hunting rabbit, you are avoiding a lot of legal hassles and making the best use of provided opportunity.

Here We Are Going To Guide Beginners With A Step-By-Step Paradigm For Hunting Rabbits


Rabbits are smarter than we think. They know that you are here to kill them hence they try to run away but you can trap those using illusions.

Yes! One of the easiest ways of trapping rabbits is creating leapfrogging, where you create a plantation and leave that area to go and locate another rabbit hideout.

While you are away rabbits are going to come and try to eat those plants, which serves you with the opportunity of hunting 

Know The Area

The first step towards hunting rabbits successfully is to know the place you are going for hunting.

You will have to find out the number of rabbits you are going to find there and plan accordingly. Look for hideouts, plan your position and devise your strategy.

Shotguns For Hunting

Shotguns are best for rabbit hunting: Rabbits are fast and really swift with jumping; you are going to find it really difficult to find them through the eyepiece, better be ready with a less heavy gun to shoot them.

Shotguns are the best option available. You can use these guns wisely for hitting rabbits with great ease.

Use Smart Tactics

You cannot hunt rabbits just the way you hunt guinea pigs; you need to be a bit smarter and a bit more professional.

Bring in as many proven tactics as you can and make its best use. Do not let the rabbit slip out of your hands; create multiple obstacles that prevent rabbit from running swiftly, develop fake plantations and try to grab him in it.

One of the smartest things you can do to trap a rabbit is to make a team of hunters and hunt from varied directions but in this case you will have to see that the hunter does not ends up hitting the person on the other end.

Make proper use of gun safety measures and hit the target at the right place. There’s going to be some tough terrains but overcome them with your smart tactics.

Icy Weather Hot Rabbit Hunting

Cold weather makes rabbits vulnerable. Naturally, rabbits are not equipped with the best insulating furs; their fur is just a protective layer but not very thick hence when it gets cold, they are forced to move out and look for a warmer shelter, which turns them into easy preys.

Make the most of the cold weather and attack those rabbits. Do not let them find new shelter and slip into; make use of a short gun and hit them the instant you spot them.

When it rains or gets really chilly, wear your protective clothes and look for rabbits in your backyard or in parks.

Do not be really hopeful in public parks better go for forest nearing parks and get lucky.

Watch Over Your Shoulder

You need to be really attentive because fast rabbits can make you repent later. Keep yourself safe and guarded while looking for these rabbits.

As humans, our capability of running and jumping is lesser when compared to these rabbits hence we need to be careful.

Hunting Rabbits


Rabbit hunting has grown popular only after bans over bear hunting were imposed. People enjoy rabbit hunting more than hunting any other animal because rabbits provide a great challenge.

Their swift running capability puts human under pressure and increases the pleasure of winning.

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