5 Strong And Attractive Hunting Dog Training Collars:All You Need To Know

In case you have a pet dog that simply doesn’t respond to your training commands, then you may have to opt for a dog collar.

Now, your choice of a remote training collar for your dog will obviously depend upon the nature of instructions you want your dog to abide.

Are you looking to train your dog to obey basic commands or instructions (like not barking or yelping incessantly at strangers)? Or are you thinking of imparting advanced training, for instance, coaching to hunt small games like wild fowls or rabbits?

If you wish to train your dog for hunting in the open countryside or in the woods close to your home, then there are quality hunting dog training collars you can choose from.

5 Of The Best Hunting Dog Collars Reviewed

You can be spoilt for choice when you’re looking for the best hunting dog training collars because there are different types or categories to choose from.

Remote-controlled collars for training dogs to hunt are categorized on the basis of breed, the kind of game to be chased, long-range or short-range hounding, and tracking.

Once you’ve decided the category, you’ll be able to fine-tune your search and focus entirely on the specific sort or grouping you’ve selected.

This review will critically analyze the top hunting dog training collars in 4 distinct categories-collar for duck or small game hunting’, ‘upland hunting collar’, ‘long-range or hound-training collar’, and ‘tracking collar’.

Best Dog Collar for Small Game Hunting-SportDOG Wetland Hunter 1825

If you want your retriever or pointer to pick up the nitty-gritty of duck, teal or wild fowl hunting, then you’ll have to settle for an electronic shock collar that is hardy, waterproof, and camouflaging.

The SportDOG Wetland Hunter 1825 ticks all the boxes as topnotch collar when it comes to rehearsing your pet canine for duck or waterfowl hunting.

This electronic collar offers you up to 8 distinct static stimulation levels that you can preset at high, medium, and low. Additionally, you can choose from continuous or momentary stimulation corrections.

On the other hand, tone and vibration control modes add flexibility to your training program. The transmitter is active within a radius of 1 mile all around and can be customized to control up to 6 canines.

The collar is fully waterproof up to a maximum depth of 25 feet.


  • Sheathing in ‘Realtree Max-5 camouflage finish’ disguises it perfectly
  • The Realtree Advantage Max-5 Camo Finish also makes it thoroughly waterproof (up to a water depth of 25 feet)
  • Active within a 1mile circumference
  • Can be made to work simultaneously with 6 dog collars
  • The user has the option to select from 8 integrated static stimulation levels with continuous or momentary stimulation corrections
  • Tone/vibration modes also available


  • Can be difficult to manage 6 dogs simultaneously
  • A tad expensive

Best Upland Hunting Dog Collar-Dogtra 2500 T&B Trainer & Beeper

The Dogtra 2500 T&B Trainer & Beeper comes in perfectly handy when you’re instructing your Labrador or Dalmatian to effectively track and grab prairie chicken, grey partridge, pheasant, grouse or woodcock.

The 2500 T&B Trainer & Beeper by Dogtra has been specifically designed to monitor activities and movements of dogs when they’re being trained for upland game hunting.

This collar comes with an inbuilt beeper which reduces heftiness and offers your dog freedom of movement.

The beeper is active in a range of 400 yards and you have the option of selecting from low/high volumes of beeps at three distinct levels for ‘locate only’, ‘point’ and ‘run/point’ modes.

You’ve 127 different nick/momentary as well as continuous stimulation correction levels to choose from and a rheostat dial lets you adjust the stimulation on a gradual basis.

The transmitter’s LCD screen displaying the remaining battery charge and the level of intensity (stimulation) is good for using in low light conditions.

The package includes a lanyard, belt clip, and Li-Po batteries.


  • 127 levels of gradual or integrated stimulation levels to opt from
  • Continuous and momentary stimulation correction options
  • Thoroughly waterproof within a 1-mile range
  • Beeper is active in a 400-yard radius
  • Running mode/pointing mode/locating mode with respect to activating beeper
  • LCD screen
  • Two-year warranty and limited lifetime guarantee


  • Can have problem with location tone adjustment which gets somewhat loud when the dog is close by
  • Battery life disintegrates a little too fast

Long-Range Hunting Collar-Garmin Pro Trashbreaker System

Hounds instinctively come to your mind when or whenever you think of hunting with dogs.

You can nurture and train a Bluetick, greyhound, foxhound, and an American Coon hound to become a tenacious hunting dog because of the breed’s towering stamina, indefatigable energy, and acute scent-picking ability.

Since hounds are in their elements when they hunt in packs, you’d be better of selecting a remote-controlled collar that works best when working with multiple dogs.

At the same time, the collar should also work equally well when training a single hound.

The Garmin Pro Trashbreaker System is one brand that seems to perfectly fit the bill when it comes to coaching your Plott or beagle to chase rabbits or quails.

The stimulation selection which offers 6 distinct levels to choose from is mounted at the top along with tone selection option.

The transmitter is outfitted with beacon-style LED lights letting you track the canine when hunting in the evening or under dim light conditions.

The ergonomic design of the transmitter enables you to fit it easily into your palm of your left hand and control the switches at the same time.


  • Rugged construction
  • Single hand control
  • Works up to a maximum range of 4 miles
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Waterproof design
  • 6 continuous stimulation correction levels
  • Tone control option
  • Can be used to train and control up to 9 dogs


  • Handling equipment will be complex when training multiple dogs
  • Very costly compared to other similar products

Best Tracking Collar-Border Patrol TC1-GPS Portable Dog Fence/Remote Trainer

The TC1 Border Patrol, Remote Trainer with GPS by Dog Expedition is allegedly the best amongst the lot of hunting dog training collars that your money can buy.

The TC1 is a versatile collar that can be used to train the canine to work as a border dog, for accompanying on hiking or camping trips, and of course for hunting.

It is a dog collar that works perfectly for short-range tracking ranging from 15 to 800 yards.


  • Compatible with GPS tracking technology
  • Delayed stimulation/vibration/beep warning zone notification modes
  • 50-distinct stimulation levels
  • Fully water-resistant collar and handheld unit
  • Collar can be customized to work with a maximum of 5 dogs


  • The device may not work effectively in different containment areas
  • Relatively expensive


So, there you’ve it, the best hunting dog training collars in 4 different areas of game hunting.

As mentioned above, your final choice will depend upon the area or nature of game hunting you wish to impart to your dog.

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