5 Best Hunting Destinations in the World

Hunting has been a source of sustenance for human survival since the dawn of time. Humans have been indulging in this activity for food when it was not readily available as it is today. There are many ways with which people hunt their game, such as with guns or with a crossbow.

Even if you prefer to hunt with a crossbow or not, you should definitely try Barnett crossbows for a great hunting experience. There are still places where hunting is being done for food and is considered one of the most famous sports in the world. If you are looking for places which are popular hunting destinations, have a look at the following list.

  1. Alberta, Canada

There are some vast and beautiful landscapes where you can hunt and fish. If you are a fan of bucks and ducks, you should probably visit Alberta in Canada. You can find mallard, white-fronted goose, wigeon, green-winged teal, pintail, Canada goose, light goose and white-tailed deer in the plains of Canada. You will find that the skies here are full of ducks and geese. If you go further north to Yukon, you will be able to find seal and Arctic fox too.

  1. Córdoba, Argentina

This place is again good for birds of all kind, and the world’s most regulated hunting industries are also in here. Dove, duck, capybara, pigeon, you name it. There are also blackbuck antelope, stag, puma and water buffalo in this area. There will be many chances for you as almost 50 million doves are flying around in the skies in this region. The calm and serene atmosphere offers you a great chance to just focus on the hunt.

  1. South Island, New Zealand

If you want to hunt some big animals like the red stag, elk, chamois, whitetail, wild boar, goat, water buffalo, and all kinds of deer, you go to New Zealand. You can hunt all the largest stags here, and great mountain animals are roaming around. You can also hunt the small game like ducks, pukeko, pigeons, quail, black swan, geese, rabbits, hares, and possums.

  1. Florida

Osceola turkeys are considered as one the most difficult games to catch, and there are plenty of them in Florida, so you are bound to catch one. They live in subtropical swamp lands, and you will see most of them in between January and March. There are farms where you can pay for access. Otherwise, there are public hunting places available too.

  1. Tanzania

Tanzania is located in East Africa and is referred to as the African Hunter’s Paradise. There are many game reserves that you will find in this place. Many people consider this as the ultimate hunting destination where you can find game including lions, buffalos, and other exotic animals like the Lesser Kunduk, Sitatunga, and Gerenuk. You can find some huge rhinos in Gombe Stream National Park and Mkomazi Game.

Hunting in these destinations will be another experience for you because these places are specifically famous for this sport.

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