40 Tips To Scent Control: All You Need To Know

Scent control is a vital element for a successful hunt. Some animal, like wolves, has an acute sense of smell that they can even detect the human cancerous area, and deer smelling capacity by far surpasses the dog.

Here Are Some Typical Tips On Scent Control

Tips To Control Scent On Body

  • We cannot completely eliminate our human scent, but control it by scent free products and keep your hunting clothes and equipment separate from any source of smell, can help.
  • If you can, avoid all commercial cleaning products. Bath with hot water only for at least month before the hunt.
  • You can use a mixture of peroxide and baking soda to wash your teeth.
  • An apple, a pineapple.. will do you good when your breath become worse while hunting.
  • If you need your hair conditioned, vinegar will be a good substitute for aromatic conditioner.
  • You can also use a scent free product for a better outcome, especially if you have only several days to change your cleaning habit before the hunting season comes. They include: bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant.
  • Clean yourself before you go outside for the hunt. Use a clean towel, and apply an extra scent free deodorant spray after the shower.

Tips To Control Scent On Clothes

  • You can find scent-free products in a local store as well as a hunting shop. These scent-free products are for aroma allergic people will do a great job as the specialized one.
  • Use scent free detergent to wash your clothes without adding some unnatural fragrances.
  • You can also use a mixture of soda and borax to wash your clothes. Use cold water for blood and protein stain, vinegar for the mildew smell.
  • Avoid using washing machine and dryer to eliminate their smell. Wash your clothes by hand and air dries them.
  • Keep your clothes dried in a distant area from any source of smell like kitchen, garage.. Choose a site that a clean wind blows. Once your hunting clothes dry, keep it separate from your everyday clothes.
  • Keep all your hunting clothes, boots, and equipment in airtight plastic bags or boxes. Only take them out and put them on when you arrive the hunting site.

Tips To Control Scent On Gear

  • Take some dry leaves from your hunting area, especially the strong aromatic ones and put it in the containers that keeps your hunting gears.
  • It’s likely that you put your equipment (gun, stand, blind..) in the garage, storage.. To give up the smell of things nearby in that space, you should wash your items with scent free soap or a mixture of soda and water, then dry them up in the air, one or two days before the hunt.
  • You also need to make sure your boots are clean and emit no special smell. Use a mixture of soda and water to wash them outside. Dry it up inside and outside carefully with a hair drier.
  • After washing your boots, spray them inside and outside before putting them on. Also spray down your gear before you head to the field.
  • Rubber boots are better than leather ones, cause leather boots tend to hold scent.
  • Scent eliminating clothes is a bit expensive, but very beneficial. You should invest in the scent control base layer to protect your skin scent from coming off. A full scent elimination suit is very helpful.
  • Dry your hunting clothes after every hunt, especially with carbon clothes, to reactivate it. Keep them in dry places, airtight container. Carbon will be soon saturated with odor molecules if left opened.
  • Ahead cover also helps eliminate the smell escaping from your breath and your head. Use the one that covers your head, neck and mouth.
  • Unless it’s very cold outside that you will not perspire at all, do not wear your underwear from home.
  • Never wear your hunting clothes or boots in a vehicle, change it when you arrive the site, and before you leave it.
  • If you have to wear your hunting clothes in a vehicle, use a large cloth to cover your seat and spray it down.

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Tips Control Scent On Food

  • Avoid strong smell food the day before the hunt, like alcohol, spicy food, strong seasoned food, tobacco.. This is what the aboriginal people do. Our secreting products will tell what we ate the day before, especially our breath and sweat.
  • Some hunters come so far to avoid eating meat for a month before the hunt. It is challenging but the outcome is great.
  • Bring a snack with you, not a full lunch. And do not smoke or chewing tobacco while you are on the field.
  • Keep your food in a well- sealed box. Eat your meal in the car, with your rubber gloves on. Wear rubber gloves while working in your car.
  • A dose of 100-200g per day of chlorophyllin copper complex table can help control human odor like breath, foot, perspiration..

Tips Control Scent When You Hunting 

  • Use deodorant spray on the field to eliminate the smell of your breath and sweat. Use it for your head, hands and breath. These products help remove bacteria and other odors detectable to animals.
  • Bring a bottle of scent eliminating spray with you. Use it occasionally on the way from your vehicle to your site, and reapply it when you are on the stand or when you perspire.
  • Use cover spray like earth scent for your body will enhance the covering effect.
  • You can also use buck urine for boot heels.
  • In hot days, a product made of active carbon will work better than any deodorant spray.
  • Baking soda is a cheap and effective scent eliminator, which is the main ingredient in most scent eliminating product.
  • No matter how hard you try, you will still be detected by an acute deer or wolf. So, always remember to go downwind.
  • Do not cross the animal trail unless you have to.The animals will leave their area when they detect human and danger.
  • Walk through water or mud will cover the smell from your boots.
  • Be a Zen hunter. Keep your mind at peace. Anxiety will create pheromones and give off an unmistakable human smell.
  • Give yourself a plenty of time to move quietly and slowly enough so that you won’t sweat.


​Let these preparing processes become your habit and second nature, so that it will be less complicated than it may seem. It will increase your chance of being undetected and get any mature, experienced animal you want.

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